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how long i must take confido for good results and how many pills each a day?

i am having problem of low sex stamina and pre mature ejaculation…so i need a help..if confido can work out..if so then how many pills i must take per day and for how much time

The pills are going to give you something called designer urine.

Beyond that, not much else.

hai all. Does hymalay’s Confido capsules increases sperm count. and will it?

hai all. Does hymalay’s Confido capsules increases sperm count. and will it stop ejakulation in future? because it stops pre-mature ejakulation and noctural emmission. can a un-married men take this medicine? any body here please answer me.. thank you in advance.

Why do you want to take it in the first place?
It does nothing at all to begin with:hoax pills.

Can I take Diabecon, Arjuna, speman/Confido, tentex forte/royal (of Himalaya) at one time?

Diabecon, Arjuna, speman/Confido, tentex forte/royal (of Himalaya Healthcare) are herbal products and it comes under ayurveda. Can I take vita ex gold plus along with the four above?

Well, you can but you may not know how each one is working. Take one at a time for a 3 week period and see how it reacts with your body. Write your results down for further reference. Proceed to the next one and record results. Use the ones that were effect and discard the ones that were not. Don’t waste money on something that doesn’t work. Then combine them together.

Does Himalaya confido tablets have any side effects?? what shud be the dosage for a adult preson?

Confido is not known to have any side effects.

Dosage for a adult preson generally 1 tablet 1 hour before bedtime.

Please Help!!! Does ‘Confido‘ (Product for Pre-Mature Ejaculation By Himalaya Herbals) help to last longer?

Please help me to Control Pre-Matured Ejaculation, I Last very Fast In the Bed. Thanks

dont waste your hard earned money, they are all gimmicks

What is the correct Latin translation for “believe in yourself.”?

I’m looking at getting a tattoo in latin which says “believe in yourself.” Through using Latin translators online, I understand that there are alternate forms of the phrase. I am wondering which forms are most appropriate. A couple examples are as follows, they all technically mean the same thing, I guess.

Puto in Vestri,
Confido in Vestrum,
Autumo in Vestra

Any help would be awesome, I would like my tattoo too make sense!

In Classical Latin prose, the best options would be as follows. There are different shades of meaning but both of the suggested verbs can certainly be translated as “believe in”.

Tibi confide ~ have confidence in yourself
Tibi crede ~ trust your own convictions

In situations where you are not addressing a particular person (as in proverbs or maxims) the verbs can take a special form like this..

Tibi confidas
Tibi credas

what is my family crest motto trasnslated from english to latin: While acting uprightly I am confident?

I think the latin is: Rocte agons confido

Recte agens confido.

Does any body know the correct translation in Latin for ‘believe’?

I want a tattoo of the word ‘Believe’ in Latin, but when i research it i get 3 translations… Puto, Confido, and Autumo.
Which one is it? 🙂

You want the imperative form:

Crede! (addresses a single person)

Credite! (addresses more than one person)