Drug Safety

For a better use of drugs during pregnancy and lactation

This site has enjoyed great success with physicians and other professionals involved in the care of pregnant and lactating patients. There are more than 1000 drugs listed in our catalog. The reviews are exhaustive, but pertinent to the management of pregnant and lactating patients who have already ingested a drug or who are in need of drug therapy where a cost-benefit analysis may be necessary for appropriate counseling.

There are seldom absolute answers to questions a woman may have when she ingests a drug while pregnant or nursing, since human experience is usually, of necessity, somewhat anecdotal. Even though a drug may not show a problem among a large group of exposed patients, one can never rule out individual susceptibility, making the dictum of not using drugs in pregnancy without good cause still important. The effect or lack of effect in animals does not necessarily translate to human risks or safety, resulting in the persistent need to consider both animal and human studies when counseling exposed patients or selecting appropriate drugs for use in pregnant and lactating patients.




Two basic situations are dealt with throughout this site: (a) risk potential to the fetus of maternal drugs ingested during the course of pregnancy and (b) risk potential to the infant of drugs taken by the mother while nursing.

The obvious solution to fetal and nursing infant risk avoidance is maternal abstinence. However, from a pragmatic standpoint, that would be impossible to implement. Another solution is to disseminate knowledge, in an authoritative manner, to all those involved in the pregnancy and breast feeding processes: physician, mother, midwife, nurse, father, and pharmacist.

This site helps to fill a communication and information gap. We have carefully evaluated the research literature, animal and human, applied and clinical. We have established a risk factor for each of the nearly 900 drugs, in keeping with the FDA guidelines, that may be administered during pregnancy and lactation. This will be changed as new labeling guidelines are promulgated. We believe that this site will be helpful to all concerned parties in developing the risk: benefit decision.

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