Xanax withdrawal?

Xanax withdrawal?

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Xanax withdrawal?

I take xanax usually twice a week at 2 mg/day. last weekend I had a death in the family and I took 2.5-3 mg a day for four days straight. I am now experiencing what seems to be withdrawal symptoms. I took .5 to try and wean off of it. Should I continue to take small dosages untill I feel better (.5 or .25)? How long will these withdrawel symptoms last? Anything I can take over the counter that will help with these symptoms? Thanks

You can’t withdraw from something you aren’t addicted to and that short term of a dose didn’t addict you, something else is going on here. Either you are still experiencing a lot of anxiety or your assessment of how much you are really taking is inaccurate.

xanax withdrawal?

I get occasional mild (very mild) panic attacks and i take .25mg of xanax for it. I usually never need it more than once or twice a week .I had not taken it in a while and last night i felt like my entire body was trembling and my heart was racing a bit(not caffeine). i took the xanax and within one hour i was fine. could that have been xanax withdrawal or was i just shakey? any advice

You were probably having an anxiety attack. Taking 0.25 mg of Xanax twice a week is not enough to become physical addicted to it (which is a very good thing!).

My suggestion is to continue to take the Xanax as little as possible, only when you really need it, and try to find a long-term treatment for your anxiety (possible stress therapy or other non-addictive medications).

Best wishes and good luck!

Xanax Withdrawal ?

I’m on my third day on Xanax ( 0.25 mg ) and the doctor prescribed me to take it 3 times a day , today I felt really dizzy after taking my second pill , I was wondering is this a side effect and I am thinking of stopping them , will there be any withdrawal symptoms if I stop ?

I don’t suggest you continue taking this drug.
Xanax is the most potent and known as being the most addictive of all the benzos, so use with caution if there’s any chance you need to take this med daily or have the slightest hint of substance abuse.

Xanax also has the worst side effect profile of the benzos, it could mess with your sleep, mess with your hormones, mess with your weight and just mess with you in general.

What is your #1 worst symptom from a Xanax/Klonopin withdrawal?

I know there are many symptoms but what is your worst symptom that paralyzes you?…For me, it is not being able to sleep. Once my natural sleep comes back, then all the other symptoms falls into place. Anybody agree?

One way to overcome that is to take benadryl every second night for a few days.

Can detox or withdrawal from Xanax kill a person?

I know someone who has had a problem with Xanax for a long time and she recently died suddenly. I haven’t spoken with her family yet but I am curious as to much her addiction contributed to her death.

It might have, but I doubt it.
In drugs like heroin and cocaine, I know if somebody taking high doses quits cold turkey the shock it has on the body can kill them.
But with Xanax, or Alprazolam which is a triazolobenzodiazepine, it’s very unlikely she would have died from withdrawls.

taking xanax for four days withdrawal symptoms?

Hello I’ve been taking xanax for four days once a day a night with the lowest dosage (.25) and I want to stop taking it. Will I experience withdrawal symptoms if I stop it even though I’m only taking it for a couple of days?

not likely, at that small a dose you shouldn’t have any trouble stopping it.

xanax withdrawal and hydrocodone?

I quit taking xanax cold turkey 6 days ago. I’m still having withdrawal symptoms. I took 250 mg of hydrocodone 3 hours ago to help with my headache. (It’s from an old subscription.) Now I’m not feeling so great. Paranoid, and my chest feels a little heavy. Is this anything to worry about?

Im in the process of withdrawing from hydrocodone so be careful please. it is terrible. but yes hydrocodone makes your chest heavy but youll be fine. just try not to switch addictions from one to the other. im taking as little as possibly of klonopin to help my withdraws. i didnt go to the doc but all my research says thats what i should do. Make sure you take lots of vitamins too. Also at walmart i found this stuff in the supplement section called nerve tonic (by Heartland). I didnt think it would work but it totally does and it all natural and pretty cheap.

Can Xanax help with Paxil CR withdrawal symptoms?

I take 37.5 mg Paxil CR–could taking Xanax help with the withdrawals of stopping Paxil?

Taking Xanax might cause more problems as some people do abuse and I used to be one of them. Ask your doc for the best option. Not cool to fool around with meds.

zoloft and xanax withdrawal?

How long can withdarawal symptoms last? I’ve been off the xanax for about 2 mos and the zoloft about a month and i still feel strange in my head. Is it normal to still feel withdrawal symptoms after this long?

yes……the xanax withdrawal can last that long. at least you only feel “
strange” … somepeople have xanax/klonopin withdrawal symptoms for years. i only had symptoms for about 3 weeks, thankfully. however, the zoloft withdrawal can last longer. if you were depressed before you took it, you might end up becoming depressed again. but research shows that in some people (not all people) SSRIs like Zoloft can cause long term changes in the brain, particularly causing long term deficits in dopamine levels in the brain, causing sexual dysfunction even after the meds have been discontinued.

Has anyone been through benzodiazipine (Xanax, Klonopin, Valium) withdrawal? How did you cope?

I’m still coping from Klonopin withdrawal after twenty five years on the drug. It is rough. Anyone else have experience with this?

It is EXTREMELY important that you drink a ton of water to flush your system and force yourself to go on long walks or exercise to avoid the/cope with the anxiety. Been there done thaaat. It will subside dont give up you or whom ever can do it. Mind over matter. You do the drugs don’t ever let them do you or else you’ve got problem to seek help for. GOOD LUCK!!!!

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