Xanax pictures?

Xanax pictures?

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What is the name for generic xanax.?

Is there any websites that anyone knows of that has pictures of the generic xanax?

ALPRAZOLAM is the generic name for xanax.

Arrested for Xanax why can they be purchased on line legally and rights were not read is that legal?

My daughter who is 18 and from texas was arrested last Thursday for possesion of a controlled substance, xanax (zanex) less than 18 grams a class A misdemeanor 1.) I was wondering why they can be legally purchased over the internet without a prescription for the exact same thing she had in her possesion?
2.) there were 2 other boys that were arrested that was with her for unpaid traffic tickets as well and the driver of the car was not arrested. None of them were read their rights at anytime. They were all three questioned as to whom they were purchased from and my daughter was stripped searched as well. They were allowed no phone calls until they were booked in questioned,searched, printed, pictured etc 6 hours later. Is that legal for them to do?

The previous two answers were correct, but let me add something here:

“reading your rights” is required before questioning, BUT, if they do not wish to use the results of the questions against you later, then they can question all they want. In asking routine questions such as name, address, etc, they don’t even need to worry about it. In asking where she purchased the drugs, they aren’t necessarily going to use that information against her. They may be more interested in busting the seller.

You need to consult an attorney who is experienced in criminal law in your jurisdiction, and/or in your daughter’s jurisdiction. They can assist you in making sure that the police followed the correct procedures, and that the evidence (if any) is properly admitted, etc. For a referral, consult your local or state bar association.

i am on .5mg xanax and 150mg effexor.will this harm my baby if i fall pregnant.?

i want to fall pregnant but have a panic disorder. i am on .5mg xanax 3 times a day and 150mg of effexor a day. Will this harm my baby if i fall pregnant. I have done some research but cannot get a real picture of what can happen or if anything will happen to the baby. Desperate to have a little girl.

I do not think you are supposed to take Xanax while pregnant I take the same dose, also clonazepam which is in the same family and had to stop when I was pregnant. The effexor I am not sure about, I know there are certain anti-depressants you can take while pregnant.

You need to talk to your Dr. not do your own research, sometimes the benefits outweigh the risks depending on your condition.

And while you say you are desperate for a little girl, sorry it doesn’t work that way, you take what you get.

Has anyone ever seen white xanax?

There white and say xanax 1.0, but I keep searching online for them and all im coming up with is the xanax 1.0 that are light blue. The pills I have look exactly like those but are white. You think there legit?

–Im prescribed Xanax but ran out so had to borrow some, just making sure there what there supposed to be. I did a google search on them and I think I found a picture of them, but this was a long time ago, and cant find them again. And informative information appreciated. I dont need to know xanax are bad and addictive and so on. Already know the down fact about them but I rather have the down side affects then deal with panic attacks.


I’m not sure. The xanax that I’m familiar with is the .25 and .5s and those are orange.

Psychology, please help. It’s easy to understand, first part is question then underneath are answers. help pls

Dissociation or a split in awareness is an experience commonly associated with
hypnotic induction
amphetamine intoxication
withdrawal symptoms
relaxation training
The reduction in the body’s response to a drug which may accompany drug use is called
According to psychodynamic psychologists, the unconscious
processes information of which you are unaware
includes unacceptable feelings, wishes, and thoughts
is characterized by a loss of responsiveness to the environment
is synonymous with the preconscious
develops after the ego and superego
After her bridal shower, a young woman dreamed that she was dining with her parents when a young guy grabbed her wallet containing her driver’s license, credit cards, cash, and family pictures. She awoke in a cold sweat. After discussing the dream with a friend, she realized that she felt anxious about losing her identity in her approaching marriage. The explanation of her dream represents the
manifest content
latent content
activation-synthesis theory
cognitive analysis
Drugs with names like Xanax, Halcion, and Valium are
alcohol based
Of the following, which does you hypothalamus regulate over the course of 24 hours? I. body temperature, II. Hormonal levels, III. Memory of the day’s events.
I only
II only
III only
I and II only
I, II, and III
Which of the following is a circadian rhythm?
The ebb and flow of an individual’s emotions during a 24-hour period
Jet lag experienced after an airline flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo
A cycle of biological functioning that lasts about 25 hours
The series of four stages that people go through during a normal night’s sleep
The systematic alternation between alpha waves and delta waves during sleep
Nicotine is classified as a
Perhaps the best known hallucinogen is
Alcohol is classified as a
“Humans developed a unique waking-sleep cycle that maximized our chances of survival,” is a statement most typical of
developmental psychologists
physiological psychologists
evolutionary psychologists
Which of the following is most likely to occur as a consequence of hypnosis?
increase in strength to superhuman levels
loss of bodily and mental control
genuine regression to earlier age levels
altered sensory experiences
increased clarity and accuracy of memory
Zen Buddhists and others practicing meditation are better able than most other people to stimulate their
sympathetic nervous systems
parasympathetic nervous systems
somatic nervous systems
Of the following, which psychoactive drugs shares the most similar effects on the brain?
REM sleep, generally an “active” state of sleep, is accompanied by which of the following paradoxes?
Slowed heart rate
Slowed respiration rate
Lowered blood pressure
Paralyzed muscle tone
Reduced eye movements
Which of the following will NOT increase behavioral and mental activity?
Nightmares most frequently occur during
stage 1
stage 2
stage 3
stage 4
Which stage of sleep typically has spindles?
During paradoxical sleep, muscles seem paralyzed and
eyes dart about in various directions
breathing is slow and shallow
night terrors are likely
sleepwalking occurs
the sleeper is easily awakened
Night terrors most often occur during
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
is characterized by brain wave patterns similar to sleep
is an altered state characterized by narrowed attention and increased openness to suggestion.
is a sleep state in which the subjects are partially aware of their actions and able to perform many activities not normally carried out during sleep
is considered by most scientists as a trance-like state where hypnotists have complete control over individuals
was introduced by the Austrian physician, Karl Zener
When a person is shut off from the world such that he or she cannot even tell what time it is by light or dark, their sleep-waking cycle
stays at about 24 hours.
shortens to an average of about 20 hours.
lengthens to an average of about 25 hours.
becomes completely disrupted
shortens to 12 hours
As you are reading this question, you are probably not thinking about what you ate for lunch. The memory of what you ate for lunch is most likely in your
sensory memory
Which stage of sleep is characterized by brain waves with spindles and K-complexes?
stage 1
stage 2
stage 3
stage 4
A person who has trouble getting to sleep is said to suffer from
sleep apnea
night terrors
Hypnosis is best characterized as a state that
gives the hypnotist complete control over the thoughts and emotions of the person undergoing hypnosi
induces heightened suggestibility in the hypnotized individual
is similar to the condition produced by excessive alcohol consumption
is similar to obsessive-compulsive disorder
is similar to the REM stage of sleep
The chief characteristic of hypnosis is
heightened arousal
increased suggestibility
enhanced creativity
increased awareness
increased clairvoyance
According to Freud, dreams are very often a means of
wish fulfillment.
solving daytime problems.
telling oneself what’s missing in one’s life.
categorizing one’s experience
organizing random neural brain activity
Freud believed that, in order to protect sleep and prevent the arousal of conscience, the content of our dreams is
Research suggests that the two most basic states of sleep are
alpha sleep and beta sleep.
light sleep and deep sleep.
alpha and delta sleep
REM sleep and non-REM sleep.
REM sleep and paradoxical sleep
A sudden, irresistible urge to sleep, which lasts a few minutes to half an hour during the daytime, is called
sleep apnea
sleepwalking disorder
Physical cravings for a drug and unpleasant reactions when the drug is withheld are signs of
drug tolerance
psychological dependence
emotional dependence
physical addiction
mental dissociation
In small quantities, alcohol can be mistaken for a stimulant because it
inhibits control of emotions
stimulates the sympathetic nervous system
speeds up respiration and heart beat
induces sleep
affects the cerebellum
Which has enabled psychologist to learn the most about sleep processes over the last 50 years?
CT scans

do you own homework.

Bipolar people, help me!?

I was diagnosed with OCD, and Bipolar 1 at the beginning of this year. I am 19 years old. I have NEVER had acne or any kind of face problems in my LIFE, until I started using Lamictal. I didn’t put the pieces together until now, but for months I’ve been getting itchier and itchier and my face is getting bumpy. I does look like acne. I thought about it, and I noticed that it started around the same time I started Lamictal. I am also on Prozac, Klonopin, Seroquel, and Xanax for panic attacks. I read that infrequent side effects of seroquel, lamictal, and prozac involve acne. I also read that there is a rash called SJS that you can get from Lamictal. I don’t think that my face is as severe as the pictures I’ve seen, but the ‘acne’ is getting worse, and I’ve done countless things [proactiv, murad, soaps and water, organic face washes] with no results. It stays the same, and slowly gets worse. If you’ve been on these pills, and experienced this, please tell me what you did to stop it. thnx

I just wanted to let you know that one of the side effects of Seroquel is terrible nightmares. I had to take Imipramine to stop them.

Seroquel also causes skin disorders. That’s the only med I’m familiar with.

My boyfriend takes Lamictal and he gets big red zits on his face. I never put the 2 together, but that may be the cause of his skin problem.

Apparently, I suck as a bride.?

My fiance and I are not seeing eye-to-eye on our wedding. I want something private, personal, subdued. He wants a big, lavish show. I picture immediate family, candle light, cocktails, something “loungy” or “swanky”, he pictures white, bright colors, every single person we’re related to, kid friendly. I tend to be somewhat shy, he’s more gregarious. So these settings mirror each of our personalities.

This is our day, and I want to honor the things most important to him, without losing those that are most important to me. Finding middle ground is so difficult! His mom feels like he does, my parents (being as supportive as they are), are open to anything. My parents will be paying for the wedding completely, but we do not view that as an excuse to strictly control the wedding planning. But, when one person wants small, and the other person wants big, the first person automatically loses. Because the person who wants everyone there, souldn’t have to sacriface missing their company. It is thought of as easier for the person who wanted a small wedding to suck it up and deal with the herds of people.

It’s a strange feeling when you realize you’re a disappointing bride. People expect that you’re floating around on this cloud of “gimmie this, I want that, flowers, colors, centerpieces”. When you have enough money to do it all, and instead you want something simple and small, people look at you like you’re cheating them out of something.

Basically, I want something so quiet and personal to avoid whats happening right now, which is losing sight of the purpose of our wedding. I definitely feel like I’m being sucked down a drain with a massive, overwhelming, stressful wedding at the end of it. I guess I’m just sad that it’s already happening. Any suggestions on how to make this less stressful? Besides xanax.

Both of you need to sit down together and compromise on something you both will be happy with. You will have to compromise on even bigger things once you are married and the wedding planning is just practice for that. There is middle ground but you have to work at finding it and it sounds like you’re ready to give up right now because it isn’t jumping out at you when you want it to. Things really are not as polar opposite extreme as you want to believe.

Really though, it doesn’t matter what other people think or do. They don’t matter. They won’t be attending your wedding so block out their opinions. Even the parents’ decisions don’t matter at this point. It’s not about what they want. You two need to figure out what works best for both of you and go from there. If, even after sitting down to have a mature conversation on what you want and what you don’t that you still butt heads, then sit back and ask yourself if you really want to marry someone who is that much different from you and unwilling to compromise even a little bit.

Life isn’t always fair and alot of the time you have to go outside your comfort zone. If it is truly stressing you out this much, you need to take a break from it for a bit and then come back and tackle it or else you need to figure out if this is the right person for you.

Good luck.

What’s wrong with me?

I was hoping that maybe someone on here could help me. I’ve been struggling with these issues for a few years now and it’s beginning to take a big toll on my life. I’m 19 and a sophomore in college and since i was about 15/16 i began to change. It started out with a very bad major depression that lasted about three months when i was 16 and i had really no idea why. Then i was back to “normal” for a while, I started becoming more social, going to parties, drinking then a few months later i became depressed again. this time i developed severe social anxiety that was crippling my life and my grades. Then when i came out of this second depressive episode the social anxiety went away and i went back to being a social butterfly. When I turned 18 is when i really began with the paranoia, i always think my friends/classmates are talking about me and i think that people i know are trying to take pictures of me doing embarrassing stuff. Sometimes when i’m walking around campus and people look at me i assume they all know something about me and it was leaked around to the entire school. As i entered college is when the insomnia also really hit me. I would not sleep at all and have class all day, even right now i have not slept at all and have class in a couple of hours. A couple months into my first semester i once again fell into a depression for no reason and once again isolated my self. Then the following semester i felt like i was on top of the world and i was pretty much the coolest kid on campus and everyone looked at me like i was a god. I started smoking pot, using pills and blowing cocaine. The drugs just kind of help my situation, when im down i use coke and when im too hyper i use downer like xanax. I feel like I really can’t control myself anymore, the other day i had so many thoughts racing that i was doing a million things at once and i notice that when im in one of my hyper moods ill talk very fast with a lot not making any sense. The other day I was in a parking garage going down hill and just for the thrill and risk of it i accelerated down without my hand on the streering wheel and almost blew out my tires and crashed. I don’t know what to do, im scared to tell my parents how i feel because i know they wouldnt react well. I just dont know whats wrong with me. Any ideas on how to help me would be really appreciated.

I strongly believe your hyper moods is characteristic of a manic mood. This changes the diagnosis of Majr Depression to Bipolar I disorder. I advise that you go talk to your parents and have consult with a physician. Don’t blame yourself if you get to be like this. Experts claim, there is a neuro-biochemical abnormality that occurs in the brain. A good mood stabilizer may help a lot.

Which forms of cancer are associated with cherry angiomas?

For years I’ve had these tiny little pinprick dots on my arms, just about 1 mm each, but lately I’ve been noticing more and more. I don’t know what they are, since I looked at pictures online and they don’t fit the criteria for petechiae or angiomas, but cherry angiomas are what look the most like them. I may have around 100 of these tiny things. They don’t ulcerate, they don’t blemish, and all of them are bright red. I go to the gym regularly and strain my muscles every now and then. I heard that Hodgkin’s lymphoma, disseminated melanoma, multiple myeloma, and lymphatic leukemia can cause such things to appear. What else could? Is this all in my head? I had a normal urinalysis and WBC count so I can rule out leukemia and myeloma. I also saw a dermatologist and she saw no suspicious mole. Here are some of my symptoms –
Feeling of incomplete defecation
Lower abdominal discomfort
I noticed red streaks on my stool yesterday, though today everything was fine
Mild intermittent night sweats

No fever, no swollen lymph nodes/spleen, my abdomen felt perfect according to my Dr., I seem to feel much better when I’m active, and I can sleep fine

I’m going to the health center tomorrow to urge for a referal to a gastroenterologist about the red streaks

I’ve been under a ton of anxiety for about a month and a half, I’ve been taking Celexa for a week, Xanax for two, and I’ve been taking some multivitamins.

Why do they have to be associated with any cancer?
I think you need more time for your meds to kick in as they do not appear to be working yet.

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