Xanax no prescription needed?

Xanax no prescription needed?

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I lost my Xanax prescription bottle,will I need it to prove I am on it for a pre employment drug test?

I had my bottle on my dresser,I think it may have fell in the trash next to it without me knowing,and i took it out.If i have a drug test showing im positive for my Xanax medication,what process do they go through to prove i have a prescription? call the pharmacist,or have me bring my bottle in?

Just get a note from your physician. When you test positive, they will ask if you have been taking any drugs which might cause a positive result.

Can I get Xanax prescription filled in one state and the refill in a different state?

I am going on vacation and will need to get my Xanax refilled in a different state.

I am in Washington State now and would like to fill my Xanax prescription here, and then in a month get the refill in Oregon when I am on vacation.

Is there a pharmacy that allows this? I went to one pharmacy and she said that it could only be refilled at the Seattle location.

It depends on whether or not you are going to a chain pharmacy like CVS or just a local pharmacy. It all depends on state laws, i would recommend check with a pharmacist at a chain pharmacy, but if they say no, it’s probably a legality issue.

I am a college student and i am having drug problems(prescription) Xanax. I really need infromation?

I am addicted to Xanax.(I just took 8 milligramsand i still can not sleep… too many girls running through my head . I am addicted to cigarettes and takng centrix to help ease the addiction. I am an educated college student and i do realize i need help. Im afraid of the insomnia, i have not slept for 3 days. and this xanax is not working. It just makes me social. Im not at the point of no return but i really need help. I am turning to god. Which will help but. I am healthy but these drugs are ruining my life i can not even focus in school. Are there medications that will help me ease off the witdrawls from this becuase i don’t want to ruin my life. Please give me advice. And by the way i am a broke college student and i don’t know if i should tell me parents. Is there any charity that will help me get through this phase? If somoeone could really give me help i would appreciate it… i really need it before i endup like a bum in the streets. Im calling out to you guardian angels.

its simple.. you need to see a doctor… when you get dependent to drugs to keep you functional or asleep, you cant just stop at an instant. you need to taper the dose until you get used to without it; otherwise, you’ll get withdrawals. and there’s no better person who can tell you how to do that than a doctor.

once you have fixed that problem, then you can face your problems in school.

and yes, i believe you have to tell your parents. they will get mad, thats a normal reaction but they CAN help you.. they WILL..

i wish you luck! 😉

Can I bring a Xanax in my pocket for a overseas flight? I have no prescription but need it for the anxiety.?

No prescription, but want to take a Xanax for the return flight as well. However I am going through Mexico customs. Will I be searched? Can dogs smell it?

Any prescription medication you take on an overseas flight you must have a written prescription for or at the very least, a Doctor’s note.

If you are using someone else’s Xanax, then they may discard it when you go through customs in Mexico. And believe me, you don’t want to get into trouble in Mexico. Dog sniffer’s? Not sure if they can or can’t smell Xanax.

Just level with your doctor that you need something for the flight (most of us get the heebie-geebies when we fly) since you are prone to anxiety attacks. Should be no problem to prescribe you a mild dose
for the trip over and back. And be sure you have a written prescription on you so there is no question.

You have enough anxiety about the flight. No need for more anxiety about your medication.

Good luck and have a good time in Mexico!

Where can I find online 2 mg Xanax without a prescription shipped to Missouri?

I will not have health insurance for six months so cannot receive my regular prescriptions from my doctor without an astronomically priced office visit monthly. I simply need to get my 3-month prescription of 2 mg Xanax without all these never-ending hassles — someonewho is trustworthy, ships to Missouri, and accepts Discover card would be nice.

xanax being a controlled substance cannot be purchased in the USA without a prescription (legally). i can tell u from experience that alprazolam (generic xanax) is not expensive at all…probably no more that 20-30 dollars for a month supply at taking one a day. simply tell ur doctor that you will be without insurance for six monthes, and ask him to write you a prescription for xanax for six monthes supply. unfortunately, however, controlled prescription are only good for 6 monthes (atleast in the state of ohio) so you would need insurance ASAP after the 6 monthes.

Can you purchase Xanax OTC in Mexico or Canada with no prescription?

Xanax is called Tafil in Mexico, does anyone know if you can go across the border and get it over the counter or do you need a prescription? Thanks.

Probably not in Canada. I don’t know about Mexico. But it doesn’t matter, if you bring it into the U.S. it’s still a controlled substance and you’d better have a prescription for it or you are facing some serious charges.

I need to find out how to get a prescription online for xanax for an anxeity disorder. can anyone help?

I have panic attacks and I am looking for a way to either buy xanax online or get a prescription online. I have searched a lot of sites but I am scared to pay them and they end up being a scam, does anyone know of a reliable site? Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer this and God bless.

I have a friend with experience in this area. He is an Iraq war veteran and diagnosed with PTSD – given an ongoing prescription for Xanax. Since the pharmacy price was cost prohibitive for him he went online and found a site that sold him some. The site looked very legit, they answered questions for him before he ordered.

Long story short, when he received them and started taking he was violently ill (vomiting and headaches). He hasn’t taken them since. I would not recommend any web site to purchase medication unless you are absolutely assured they are affiliated with a genuine and documented brick and mortar pharmacy. The risks are too great.

I would suggest if you really need this drug (and I can understand – for some people xanax really improves quality of life) then seek out an understanding doctor and plead your case. There are doctors out there who are sympathetic to people with panic or anxiety disorders and who know the benefits of Xanax. My friend eventually found a patriotic doctor who gave him a generic Xanax prescription and he’s fine now.

Please understand that Alprazolam (Xanax) is addicting, and should you find yourself without access to them after taking for a while it will be a very bad experience.

do you need a prescription for xanax?

where can you get it if not?

In the US you need a prescription.

Do I need a prescription to order xanax (diazepam) online?

I get it here:

What do I need to tell a doctor in order to get a prescription for Xanax?

Tell the doctor that you are really motivated to become addicted to a habit forming drug for no real medical reason.

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