Xanax effect?

Xanax effect?

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If a mother is breastfeeding her new baby and is taking xanax does it effect the baby?

the baby is 3 months and her mother takes unprescribed xanax and has a long history for taking the drug does this have any effect on the baby since she is breastfeeding her

Yes it does!! Tell her to stop taking the drugs or talk to her doctor. Some of the drug can get into the milk and pass to the baby.

How long does it take for Xanax to take effect?

I took a .5 mg pill of Xanax at about 11:50 this morning, should I be feeling any different by now?

Maybe 30 min. The dose may be to small

What else give you the same effect as xanax?

I’ve been on 3mg’s of xanax for about 3 yrs. now,and am winging myself off of them VERY slowly.Are there anything natural i can take to get the same calm feeling as xanax provides?

Try Kava Kava – its natural and you dont have to wait months before it starts working
I have anxiety attacks and when i feel one comming i take it and it calms me down right away.

Does taking valium or xanax effect weight loss?

Ive just split up with my gf, shes now seeing someone else and im in pain, i need the drugs to sleep and just not think about it basically. Im trying my best to lose weight, eating healthily , running and doing weights. Please someone help me

I think your beautiful anyway you are, You don’t need a girl in your life you have me.
Don’t loose the booty I LOVE YOU!


Does eating on a slightly empty stomach make a difference in the effect of taking hydrocodone or xanax?

Does eating on a slightly empty stomach make a difference in the effect of taking hydrocodone or xanax? I am not talking about a completely empty stomach or is it better to be on a complete stomach or will it affect how long the medicine lasts or will it hurt your stomach or anything like that. Any help would be appreciated thanks

First of all, this is a very good question. The presence or absence of food in your stomach is usually a factor in any medication you take. When you get your prescriptions, you should be given an information sheet and the opportunity to speak with the pharmacist. These resources will suggest the best way to take your medications.

With hydrocodone, a narcotic pain and cough suppressant medication, some people experience nausea. It is therefore recommended that these people take this medication with food or milk to reduce the nausea. It is also important that you do not crush or chew this medication if it is dispensed in a capsule form.

Xanax (or alprazolam) may also be taken with food or milk if you experience any stomach upset. Xanax is dispensed in tablet form and may be crushed if you have difficulties swallowing.

Both meds can also be taken on an empty stomach if you do not experience any nausea or stomach upset.

Most importantly, both of these medicines have an increased risk of dependence. Be sure to take them exactly as prescribed and never take more than the dosages ordered by your doctor. Never combine either of these medications with alcohol and check with your doctor or pharmacist before combining these with other medications.

Finally, never drive after you have taken these medications. They both can cause significant drowsiness and reduce your alertness, reflexes, and judgment.

What is the effect of xanax being mixed with methadone?

would methadone be issued so that a person does not feel dependant on xanax anymore?

Methadone, is given to anyone that has an opium based dependency, Excluding xanax.. Moreover given by methadone clinics for oxy cotten addictions and other opium based. If you were to mix the two the only things you would have to worry about are
1 an overdose if the levels are high enough and…
2 A failed drug test, If that is an issue
Hope this helps you, and if you have other addictions, there are much better treatments out there than methadone.. Suboxone is currently being given and has a much better success rate.

how do benzos like xanax and librium effect running and lifting weights?

are you still able to be competitive in sports and lift weights and put stress on your body like running 4-5 miles?

are you more tired while doing this activities?

Xanac is a tranquilizer for anxiety relief. It is going to have a severe negative impact on your sports performance. I don’t know what librium is. Don’t take this stuff. You will feel a lot better if you don’t get your life messed up with substance abuse.

what are the effect of taking zoloft and xanax?

i started taking zoloft(25mg) for anxitey. now im taking a 100mg. my suggested i take xanax( not everyday) when every i have a sudden panic attack or get real nervous. while on the zoloft. waht are the effects of this and what are you’ll opinions and experinces taking these 2 medz together?

Hello! Zoloft belongs to a class of drugs called SSRIs which are believed by the medical establishment to be very effective at treating a common anxiety-depression mix.

The main side effects in men are loss of libido, sometimes erectile dysfunction, mild indigestion and constipation, sweatiness sometimes too.

Xanax is a tranquilizer drug that is best used in cases of acute anxiety and can have rapid effects in reducing anxiety when taken.

Both Zoloft and Xanax are believed to be safe taken together in appropriate dosage as specified by your doctor.

Additional factors that can increase anxiety in men (in particular) is a shortage of vitamin B12 and other B-complex vitamins – believed to play a role in nervous system function. Thus a daily dose of vitamin-B complex can help alongside the prescription medications – any GNC will carry such a product.

One of the challenges of Zoloft is not so much taking it but actually coming off the drug – your doctor can give you advice on this.

Are Buspirone bars generic for Xanax bars? Do they have the same effect as xanax bars?

Not generic, totally different make up. Xanax is a benzodiazapene (tranquilizer, mild muscle relaxer) and a controlled substance which can be addictive. Buspirone works with the serotonin and can take up to three weeks for relief. Bennies are immediate relief. They both are for GAD and can be used with other anti depressants. Bennies are usually prescribed first because they usually work better and quicker, then switched to Buspirone to avoid dependency.

What is “bars”, BTW? Ohhh. You from UK? I’ve never seen Buspirone, but Xanax is usually round or oval, so that threw me. Hope this helped!

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