Xanax and alzheimers?

Xanax and alzheimers?

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what are the effects of xanax and Vicodin over an extended period of time?

my mother who has Alzheimers has been on these drugs for several years.

I am very surprised to see someone with alzheimers on this type of medicine and I would suggest getting another opinion from another doctor.

Vicodin is a pain reliever that may cause confusion and xanax is an anti anziety drug that most often will cause some memory problems.

In fact, this may be making things MUCH MUCH worse for her.

My dad is in 3rd stage alzheimers. He is home on pain meds and no IV. How long can he last without the iv .?

They sent my Dad home with hospice help and no IV which fed him in the hospital He has 3rd stage alzheimers and is 87. He will only drink a little water and a can of ensure and a little pudding and applesause. he is off all meds for diabetes and blood pressure and has a pacemaker. He weighs about 200 lbs.How long can he last without the iv and with such a little amount of nutrition and fluid.He is on pain meds and xanax. i dont want to start calling relatives and getting everyone more upset than they are but most family has to fly in. i am wondering what the time limit is for someone to pass under these circumstances. I will be the one who has to do all the arrangements and its very stressful.

Ugh. I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. And even worse, the fact that you have so much responsibility on your shoulders. That’s a lot to carry alone.

I don’t think anyone on here could answer that for sure. Doesn’t he have a Dr. that could better advise you? I would call the Dr. and get his opinion.

Sorry again for your situation.

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