Xanax and alcohol?

Xanax and alcohol?

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What is the difference between Xanax and Xanax ER + alcohol?

I know ur not supposed to drink on xanax at all, but I plan on having a glass of wine with my dinner tonight, and I wanted to know if Xanax ER is anymore dangerous to mix with a little bit of alcohol, over regular xanax?

Xanax ER is an extended release form of alprazolam (xanax), which means the entire dose does not reach maximum concentration quickly then decline based on the metabolic and distribution half-life of the drug. Instead, it maintains a more steady state and longer lasting effective dose over time. So, it doesn’t matter if you are taking xanax or xanax ER, neither should be combined with alcohol. That being said, if you have one glass of wine (e.g., 4-5 ounces) and you drink it very slowly (over 30-45 minutes or so), most of it will be eliminated by first pass metabolism, meaning very little if any alcohol will actually be in your circulation to interact with xanax. How do you know if you are drinking it slowly enough? If you feel ANY effect of the wine, you are drinking it faster than it is being metabolized so that means if your brain feels it, it will be there to interact with xanax. Why take the risk? Take one or the other.

Is it okay to take xanax and alcohol?

I take xanax regular for my anxiety but i was wonder if it was ok to take it with alcohol, cause from the warning label it just says it “May increases the effects of alcohol”. My friends ask me to go out drinking with them and i feel bad turning them down.

Please do not drink alcohol you know better. My aunt died two years ago because alcohol. She’s only 43.

How long after drinking alcohol can I take a .25 xanax?

I drank earlier today and haven’t had a drink in roughly 3-4 hours. I am experiencing severe anxiety right now and would like to take a .25 xanax but know all the dangers involved with mixing alcohol and xanax. Is it safe to take a .25 dose this long after consuming my last drink?

It’s okay to take one if you’re not driving. .25 isn’t all that strong, but you should still not be behind the wheel in case there’s still alcohol in your system. You didn’t say how much you drank 3-4 hours ago, and the liver only metabolizes so much per hour 🙂

Is there any problem with taking Xanax after drinking alcohol?

Is there any problem with taking Xanax after drinking alcohol, or drinking alcohol after taking Xanax?

Xanax and alcohol together is enough to cause alcoholic hepatitis, peripheral neuropathy, cereballar degeneration, brain atropy, and stroke. All in all, taking xanax and drinking alcohol in order to get rid of depression and panic attacks is not a good idea. So, never ever think of mixing xanax with alcohol to deal with depression. It won’t enhance the effect but will probably play with your life!

Why is drinking alcohol while prescribed xanax dangerous?

The information that the pharmacy gives you with the prescription warns against consuming alcohol while you are using prescribed xanax. What specifically is so dangerous about it? What precisely happens on a medical level?

Because there is a drug interaction with the Alchohol that may damage your liver or other major organs. I am pretty sure you want to follow that advise soundly.

What quantities of Xanax and Alcohol should you take for a good night out?

side note: i have a fairly high tolerance to benzos.

please nobody telling me that you shouldn’t mix the two i am responsible enough not to kill myself hence why i am trying to get this information in the first place.

None. Mixing sedatives, anxiolytics or hypnotics with alcohol can cause potentially fatal respiratory depression.

How addictive is xanax? How dangerous is it to mix xanax with alcohol, vicadin and or ambien?

Xanax is very addictive. And I can tell you from experience that it really isn’t even fun to be on, so if someone is taking it often, it probably isn’t for a good time as much as it is for there body’s NEED for it.

Xanax + alcohol = very dangerous. Xanax has a chemical reaction with alcohol, and if you mix them, you can overdose EASY. I couldn’t really tell you how it reacts with vicadin or ambien…

Longterm or excessive Xanax use is devastating to the brain. Xanax is prescribed to people with anxiety issues. The whole point of the drug is to increase a natural chemical found in the brain that calms the person.

So, when you take too much of the drug, you get too much of this chemical in your brain, and it makes you EXTREMELY relaxed, constantly. That doesn’t sound bad does it? It makes you incapable of caring. It makes you so “relaxed” that you don’t mind the drool hanging off of your face. It makes you retarded.

Can you overdose on xanax and alcohol and die?

My best friend just died recently. People think she overdosed on xanax. When I talked to her that evening she said she had one football (1mg) pill and some whiskey. She never woke up the next day. What happened? I can’t sleep at night not knowing why she is gone..

Xanax and alcohol are a very bad combination. I’ve dealt with a good friend taking them while consuming alcohol… she would blackout and drive, she had $1,000s of dollars stolen from her, and also had items stolen from her apartment. It’s a very scary combination.

No one but a coriner can really determine the cause of death… Although, from researching what a leathal combination xanax and alchohol can be it wouldn’t suprise me if it unforantely was the reason she passed away. Though, I do have to say my friend has taken a whole bottle of pills with alcohol and fornately it didn’t take her life. There might have been some underlying causes.

I will pray for you and your friend. I am so very sorry to hear about your loss, but just know that you’re best friend is looking down and watching over you. I know it’s hard, but rather than dwelling on what might have happened try to focus on the great memories you shared… it’ll help you move forward, but she’ll still be close to you.

I took a xanax on Saturday night and drank alcohol too. I have a drug test will I pass??????

I took a 2 mg xanax on Saturday night and drank probably 6 beers and have a drug test on Tuesday night. I was wondering if I will pass for the xanax and the alcohol. They test for everything and I know they test for benzos and they do a ETG test that tests 80 hours back for alcohol. If I drink a lot of water, do you think I will pass?

you will be positive for the xanax.. you should know that….

Is it safe to take Xanax then drink alcohol?

I have a fear of flying and was prescribed alprazolam but I am thinking I might like to have a drink once I get to the airport or on the plane also. I am flying from Japan to California and I want to stay as relaxed as possible. I usually take something to help me sleep but my gp said I couldn’t take the Xanax and a sleeping aid.

no its not safe one or the other and i know bc my mom takes the alprazalam i think so no not safe with drinking i do hope ur flight goes well for you and you feel ok on the way good luck!

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