When do you ovulate after clomid

When do you ovulate after clomid

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When should you ovulate,after you take clomid? is it the normal days 10-14?

I am going to visit my mom for a week,on my 14th day. My husband is’nt going with me. I didn’t know if maybe I would have already ovulated by that time. I would hate to be 700 miles away when I do.

Clomiphene citrate comes in 50-mg tablets that are taken on days 5-9 of your cycle or, less typically, on days 4-8 or 3-7. There is some preliminary research that indicates that an earlier start date may result in more pregnancies, but most gynecologists continue to prescribe it for days 5-9. One recent study (Biljan et al, cited below) actually tried prescribing Clomid on cycle days 1-5. While none of the participants in their day 5-9 group resulted in pregnancy, 24 percent of the women who took Clomid on days 1-5 were able to conceive.

Daily doses range from 50 mg to 200 mg. A few doctors will prescribe as much 250 mg per day, but this is rare and goes against manufacturer’s suggestions. The Merck Manual, a reputable sourcebook for health care professionals, suggests no more than 150 mg per day.

This should give you more insight. They say you should ovulate at the same time though. I took clomid one time 8 months age and I’m due in 8 weeks. my sister also took one dose and just had a baby boy! So unless you are really ready, with no doubts don’t take it,

Good luck on your baby making adventure!!!! Wish you the best!!

When did you ovulate after taking Clomid?

I would like some “real” feedback to this question, since I feel I got inaccuarate information from my doctor. I know most sites claim you will ovulate 5-9 days after taking your last pill, but I would like to hear first-hand experiences. My doctor prescribed 100mg of clomid on cycle days 5-9 with the knowledge I was going to be out of town, without my husband, cycle days 15-18. My doctor said I should be fine and will not miss ovulation with my husband. Does she know something I don’t? I usually ovulate later in my cycle, but thought the clomid would speed this process up.

I took Clomid this cycle on days 3-7 and ovulated on cd 15. I ovulate on my own and my dr gave it to me because my husband has a low sperm count and he thinks Clomid will make me ovulate more eggs, giving hubby’s sperm more to target. With out Clomid I ovulate anywhere from cd 12-16, so taking Clomid did not extend my cycle, nor make it shorter, as I am very regular with out it. If you’re anything like me and ovulate 8 days after your last pill, you may miss your chances to have sex the day before and the day of ovulation. My best advice is just to have sex once a day before going out of town and hope for the best, but if I were you, I might find a new dr that is willing to be more concerned and proactive with your infertility issues.

Good luck and baby dust 🙂

Edit: Be sure to use opk’s or a fertility monitor to track ovulation. Do you chart your temps to confirm ovulation? you must do something to keep track because you may ovulate as early as 5 days after your last pill, and therefore not miss any chances:) I use a fertility monitor to be sure we cover all of our bases. Lots of luck 🙂

When am i suppose to ovulate after taking the clomid pill?

ok..i am taking clomid and i am on my second cycle, my first cycle i don’t think i did it right, (i mean all of the calculations) i don’t have a regular period, actually I just had mine last month for the first time in 4 years, so my dr. has me on metformin and clomid, i thought i ovulated on the 6th of last month but he had me take a blood test to check out for progesterone or something. anyway when he got my test results it said i ovulated on the 16th but i thought i had already ovulated.So here is my question, when am i suppose to calculate my ovulation dates. after my period or after the last day of my clomid pill an for how many days? Thank You

most woman will ovulate about 5-8 days after their last clomid pill.

are you using ovulation tests?

http://www.babycreation.com these are good and cheap

do you mean 3-7, it’s only given for 5 days.. You will likely ovulate on cd16-cd18… cd1 is the day of your first period.

When do you start ovulating after you start taking Clomid 50 mg?

I took my last clomid 50 mg pill Wednesday? When is the possibility I start ovulating? When should my husband and I start having intercourse and how often? Any help will be grateful.

If you’re like me, you won’t ovulate.

I took Clomid at the beginning of this cycle (again!) and I’m now 12 weeks into my cycle!

Go in and ask your doctor to do an ultrasound to determine whether you’re ovulating, but start having intercourse now, because sperms can live inside you for a while. Do it every day for 5 days and then every second day for another 4. Should be well covered then, That’s what I was told.

Baby dust!

How long after the 5 days of clomid do you start ovulation tests?

well today my doc thought it would be cool to give me provara and clomid for 10 days I need to take it then I need to take clomid after I stop bleeding but how long untill you ovulate after the 5 pills? when should I take the ovulation test?

I started taking mine the day after I took the last clomid pill. I didn’t want to miss the LH surge that signals ovulation. My ovulation test showed positive 3 days later.

What days did you have your progesterone levels checked on clomid?

I have had bloods done to check if I am ovulating after taking clomid, day 18 progesterone level results were 2.9-no ovulation, day 21 were 12.9 so still not ovulating. My gyn has advised me to take another blood test on day 27 as clomid can make u ovulate later. Last month I ovulated on day 21. Have you been tested on day 27? or when is the latest you ovulated on clomid?

When I was on Clomid, I was always tested on day 21.

Is it possible to ovulate right after taking Clomid?

I took my last dose of Clomid (100 mg) yesterday. I noticed some CM, but it wasn’t egg white CM … just kind of gel like. Last month I started on 50 mg of Clomid but did not have a “good enough” ovulation, but I have NO IDEA as to when I ovulated. I had no signs … and if I did … I didn’t notice them. I have a feeling I am ovulating at an odd time of the month. How can I tell how long my luteal phase is? Also, I have PCOS. Can this affect when you ovulate?

I suppose it’s possible to ovulate right after taking clomid, but if I were you I’d use an ovulation predictor test to pinpoint your most fertile days of the month. You want to maximize those months you’re taking clomid and give yourself the best chance of getting pregnant!

How soon after taking clomid did you ovulate? Did you achieve pregnancy?

I’ve heard that you ovulate anywhere from 5-9 days after taking it. I was hoping I could hear some real experiences though rather then just text book statistics.
What days did you take it? (I am supposed to take it 2-6) what is the difference between the different protocols? I am guessing that if I take it days 2-6 I will ovulate by Day 15 (or sooner).
When including your experience please mention if there was anything else involved that could have effected your ovulation day.

took me 2 months, but i also had the shots too

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