When do i start taking my clomid

When do i start taking my clomid

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When do i start taking clomid?

i havent had a period in almost 5 months after stopping birth control pills. now i’ve been prescribed provera for 7 days then i should start clomid, my question is when do i EXACTLY start it? is it after i finish my sevven day provera or when i start my bleeding?.. and if i got a bleeding b4 i finish provera should i just stop and shift to clomid… so confused, 1st timer and ttc, thanks in advance

You need to conform this with your doctor, rather than asking online, because there are 3 main schedules for Clomid and it’s impossible to know which one you should be on without talking to your doctor. It will either be CD5-9, CD3-7 or CD1-5 (and I recently heard of a CD4-8 sequence too). Normally you use the Provera to trigger your period, then counting the first day of full flow bleeding as CD1, you start the Clomid after that. Be sure to check this because you do NOT want to be taking both at the same time without expert advice!!!

When do I start counting the day i start my periord because I’m fixing to start taking clomid?

Do I start counting the day I start spotting or the day I start bleeding heavy? Thanks

you need to start counting the very first day you have started spotting then count to your 11 day the should be the day you have inter course with your husband then after that you have to do it every other day so you can catch the egg hope the helps. so do it on the 11day the 13, 15, 17, 19, 21,23, 25, 27 ok so good luck..

When should I start taking Clomid? (when I get my prescription)?

I am confused with clomid and when to take it. Do I take it on the 3rd day of my oeriod or 5th day? Please only reply if you have taken it before. Thank you for your advice!

Typically CLomid is prescribed for day 5-9 of cycle, although there have been research studies about using Clomid on day 3-7 or 4-8. Some of these studies are trying to prove that the earlier dates are better. It has not been proven yet though to my knowledge. I would check with your MD as to when he/she wants you to take the medication because if he/she wants to draw a progesterone level, the last dose of Clomid is important.

Clomid question when do I actually start taking it?

My doc has prescribed clomid to me, and he said that i must take it on cycle day 1. I just wanted to know do i have to take clomid when my period starts or can i take it anytime?

You want to take it on the first day of your period as recommended by your doctor, but time of day should not matter. Just make sure that you take it around the same time each day. A lot of women take it at night as they feel that it reduces some of the side effects because they are sleeping through it.

Good luck and baby dust!

When do you start taking clomid?

I have herd you start taking it the first day of your period is that true or not cuz i am supposed to be on it but i have already started my period and she hasnt started me with it yet

Well I took Clomid for three cycles and I always took it on CD3-7. But I also had to take it a second round each cycle on CD12-16. My fertility issue is PCOS and annovulation.

I also know that some people take it on CD5-9. I have never seen anyone start on CD1 though. Good Luck!!! I hope you get your BFP soon!

When should I stop taking Vitex if I am going to be starting Clomid soon?

So I am currently taking Vitex, and I have been for about the last 11 weeks to regulate my cycles. My cycles are very long, but have been getting shorter since on Vitex. I have an appointment next week with my OBGYN and I’ll start taking taking Clomid after I get my next period which should be sometime towards the end of next week. So I will probably start my first cycle of Clomid the following week.

My main question is:
When should I stop taking Vitex because I know that I can not take them both at the same time or they will cancel eachother out, and the Clomid will not work.

Has anyone used this combintation before? Also, how were your experiences with Clomid? How long did it take you to get pregnant?

Thanks Everyone!

You should ask your Dr about when you should stop taking the Vitex.

What does 3-7 CD mean when you are going to start taking the clomid?

I am going to start taking the clomid and I was told to start taking it on the 5th day of my cycle for five days. Now I am confused. Also, what are the normal side effects?

CD3-7 means starting it on the third day of your cycle until the 7th, counting the first day of full flow as CD1. If your doctor said to start on CD5 then you’ll continue until CD10; where did you hear/see CD3-7? On the package? There are several methods of taking Clomid and CD5-10 is the least ‘invasive’ to your system (some people do CD1-5 if they needs a serious ‘jump-start’).

Some people have no side effects. Lucky them. Others have migraines or nausea, which ranges from slight to extreme and debilitating. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but try to take it easy for those 5 days. The good thing is, on CD11 you’ll feel perfectly alright again!

Hi i am a little confused i start taking clomid this saturday but i dont know when it is that i start trying?

to conceive, i dont get regular periods and my period was induced by provera i have been diagnosed with pcos and after 5yrs i finally have found a doctor willing to help me that is not really negative… confusing but not negative…. i am starting clomid this saturday and dont know when i am most fertile do i start trying right away on the clomid what is the best thing to do?all help and any help is greatlly appreciated… thanks

I was told to start having sex every other day the day my period ended when taking clomid. Or when not actually. Every other day allows the mans sperm to get stronger.

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