What time of day should i take clomid

What time of day should i take clomid

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What time of the day should one take Clomid?

My doc asked me to take it on day 5 thru’ 9.

What time of the day is best to take Clomid?
And is there anything I can do to reduce the side-effects?

I took the first round of clomid 50 mg during the day and I still had hot flashes and mood swings. I also took clomid 100 mg late at night and I still woke up in the middle of the night sweating a lot and I still had mood swings. I think it depends on the person so take it whenever you feel most comfortable.

What time of the day should i take my clomid?

I am starting clomid for the first time next week. (days 5-9) I have early ovulation problems. Ive heard alot about the symptoms of clomid. I just want to know whens the best time of day to take it and what was some symptoms you’ve had??

I take it at night before I go to sleep. That way you sleep through most of the side effects. The side effects for me were hot flashes, migraines, depression and anxiety. The depression and anxiety only lasted while I was taking the tablets though (about 5 days) but it’s a small price to pay if it’s going to work! Good luck on your trying to conceive journey. Lots of baby dust coming your way xxx

What’s a good time in the day to take my Clomid tablet?

…Im starting Clomid tomorrow for the first time, & Im just wondering what time I should take it every day? should I take it right on 12:00pm every day? I heard you should take Clomid the same time each day, but Im just wondering what time I should take it :)) …If you conceived on it, what time of the day were you taking it!?

Thanks so much.

It doesn’t matter what time of day you take clomid.

They tell you to take it at the same time each day so that it isn’t taken too early and causing toxicity.

It can be taken at any time – just remember to take it around that same time and not before the scheduled next dose – an hour or even two later doesn’t matter but it will if taken too soon

Should I take Clomid at a certain time of day?

I am supposed to start taking Clomid in 2 days, and was just thinking…is there a certain time of day I should take it? I was told to take it on days 5-9. My previous doctor who prescribed it to me was not very good, he did not even explain what Clomid does! Luckily I knew already, but that was when I decided to find a new doc. Now my current doctor has prescribed it to me also, and knows from my medical history that I have taken it before. He asked if I knew how to use it, and I told him yes, but didn’t think about asking if there was a certain time of day that I should take it. Before, I was taking it in the morning when I wake up…and the nurse also told me about a BD schedule, which I was not informed of from my previous doctor either, but now I don’t remember that either!! I know it’s something like abstaining from CD9-?? then BD every other day? I hope I made some sense here! Thanks for your help!

You can take it at any time you wish just make sure you take it at the same time each day. That is what is recommended. I took mine right before bed to help minimize side effects. Not sure it worked or not because I still got terrible hot flashes, cramping and mood swings. i took it days 5-9 and my doctor told me to bd every other day starting cd 10-25. I ovulated around cd 20 while on Clomid (I didn’t ovulate the first cycle on it though). Your doctor may have wanted you to abstain from cd 9-12 and then bd every day from day 12-15 and then every other day after that. I have I heard of that schedule before.

Best wishes with conceiving!!!

What time of the day should I take clomid?

With my 1st cycle I took it at night cause everyone on here said you get less side effects well it didn’t I had some troublesome side effects I had a very hard time going to sleep and staying a sleep it made me sick to my stomach, bad hot flashes,and bad moodiness I felt like a mad crazy person,so with my second cycle I took it at 7:00am I had less side effects the only side effect I had was hot flashes but only at night at bed time I keep a fan by my head to keep me cool and I had less moodiness I was very clam and relax but unfortunately I did not conceive and I missed the time to start my next cycle of clomid so now I have to wait for Dec to try again.Best of luck to you hope the clomid works for you!**~**~*BABY DUST TO YOU**~**~*

Clomid help? What time of day do you take it?

Okay, so I will be starting my first cycle of Clomid on day 5 of my next cycle. I’ve heard to take it at night to minimize side effects. Should I take it on the night of CD 5 or 4?

I agree with definately takin it at night and u take it the night of cd 5. if u plan to stay up late….still take it b4 midnight. good luck!!

Missed a day of taking clomid, now what?

I need real answers, nothing smart, please.

I missed taking my 3rd day of clomid pill, yesterday. I went ahead and took my pill today though. I generally ovulate on my own anyways, am just on this stuff so my body ovulates at the same time each month, but my question is…

Since I missed a day, will it make me more prone to a cyst? Or, screw this cycle up? Etc. Thanks!

And, since I missed a day, should I take it for the 8th day (my schedule was 3-7) or, since I missed it, just missed it?

If u missed it just leave it and dont take it on the 8th day. I guess its ok.

Which days of my cycle should I take the Clomid?

We have had previous problems conceiving and I’ve been on clomid before, so I’m familiar with the drug and it’s effects. My husband and I want to conceive twins because we are running out of time (biological clock ticking) to have two more children. This time I’ll be buying the Clomid online though, and will be taking 100 mgs a day. I know that it produces more eggs the earlier in the cycle it is taken, but I have a 32-35 day cycle. So, if I were to take it days 1-5, as I have heard some people do to increase the likelyhood of multiples, will it work, given the length of my natural cycle? Please, no “ask your doc” responses, as I’m doing this without his knowlege, and please no griping about that either… I just need advice ffrom those who know which days to take it on. Years ago I took it on 5-9, but my cycles were being induced then so I don’t think what I did before matters.

I take mine on day 3 -7, I have ovulated but no BFP yet. We are now using the hcg trigger shot w/ clomid. Also if u have used clomid b4 u know there’s a good chance it will dry u up, so order some preseed online too!!!
Good Luck and Baby Dust
p.s. if ur ordering it offline, then why don’t u just get 200mg’s? That would increase ur chances of multiple’s

I need answers this time, please! when should I ovulate on 50mg clomid days 3-7 & 2000mg metformin?

This month I took clomid days 3-7 instead of 5-9 like last month, thinking it would make me ovulate earlier. For the last 2 months I’ve ovulated the same day in my cycle. Today was supposed to be it (and I should have gotten a couple positive opks by now), but I still only have a faint test line on the opk! I’m so confused because the same faint line has been there day after day. ? I have a lot of watery cervical fluid but no positive opk yet.
I’m so confused…and we are supposed to do an IUI this month. last month we did an IUI after ovulation (too late) and it didn’t work. I don’t want to miss it this time!
Does anyone know what could be going on? Anyone have similar experiences while on clomid/ metformin? I took 50 mg clomid this month by the way (days 3-7).

your suppose to go to the doctors.. they can do an ultrasound on your ovaries and they normal tell you everything you need to know.. i took clomid for days 3-7 and ovulated around day 14 but didnt get pregnant so im doing cycle 2

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