What do xanax bars look like?

What do xanax bars look like?

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what do xanax bars look like?

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Like that, but a little more narrow.

what does xanax look like

I just found a blue pill in my house, trying to decipher what is is. I used to take the xanax bars where there were 4 different pieces. This one is sort of oblong and has A-007 5 on it. Help please.

It’s an Abilify, which is, basically, a schizophrenia pill.

Does anyone know id this pill is Xanax?

I have a pill, its a green bar (looks like Xanax) scored twice (it is divided into 3 segments) with the engraving “E 06f” I was wondering, is this Alprazolam?

Never heard of a green xanax, and most bars are separated by 4. From what I have read alprozam comes in white, blue and peach. I am on .50 of aloprozam and they are a peach color. https://www.epocrates.com/pillimages/UPJ…

How long xanax stays in system?

So last wednesday i took half a xanax bar and i think i have to take a drug test tomorrow. im 5’9 and weigh about 135. I have a fairly fast metabolism. do my chances look good or what?

Last Wed? it’s out of your system, it’s short acting. what’s a xanax bar?

5 mg xanax?

my sons friend is a drug adict. we have been trying to stay away from him for about 6 months when we found out he was doing crack. he is on probation. he is 19 and we have known him since he was 11. I cannot talk to his mother because she doesn’t believe anyone (or just doesn’t care).
MY QUESTION; he has been taking theese pills that he says are 5mg xanax. i have been all over the web and cannot find any such a thing. the highest mg is 3. they look like white xanax bars (the shape and everything) only they are green. WHAT IS HE TAKING?

Xanax comes generic so may come in several sizes and colors. There is however no such thing as a 5 mg xanax; it is 0.5 mg; largest size is 2 mg for short-acting variety. It is available as a 3 mg sustained-release (Xanax XR) formulation.

My brother swallowed 12 BARS of Xanax. (Yes we took him to the ER) Will he be alright???

Please don’t go look on the internet. Only answer if you’ve seen someone take more than that and been ok.

it depends how long it has passed since hes taken it. if he has absorbed them all then he might be in trouble. me and a few friends used to take them and i know a friend that once took 10 mg of xanax but it didn’t put him in a coma because of his weight. if they are 1mg bars and hes over 170 he should be alright. if they are more than 1 mg each or hes under 150 then i would be very concerned. i hope ur bro is alright.

Whats the diffrence between Xanax and Xanax TS?

So i had been givin .5 mg of xanax and it worked great but i noticed it lasted no more then an hour so i read on the internet that there was a time release one so i asked my doctor and he sayed let me check and he looked in a book and sayed well there somthing called xanax TS so that must be the time release one so he perscribed me 2mg of it. so when i got home i decided to look it up on internet and i cant ANYTHING about XANAX TS. and the one that i was looking for in time release is called XANAX XR. so what is it that i have in my medicine cabinet?it looks like regular 2mg xanax bars but its kinda peachy colored i think(color blind) and has AP02 on one side and then just 3 indentations on the other side PLEASE answer this question its just eating me up inside cause i truly cannot find the answer to this on the web

I believe Xanax TS is the Canadian brand name for Xanax XR. Refer to your prescription bottle to ensure you indeed received Xanax TS or the equivalent generic. You can also call the pharmacy to ask them for more information on the prescription you received. If you are in the U.S. and your doctor wrote a prescription for Xanax TS, it’s quite possible the pharmacy gave you immediate-release Xanax. The prescription label will tell you what they gave you.

I’m not familiar with Xanax TS and don’t know if the tablets differ from those in the U.S., but Xanax XR is not scored (i.e. does not have indentations) as you mention–only immediate-release Xanax is scored. (See link below.)

Anyway, if your doctor is referencing a book and going with your suggestions, I hope he’s not a psychiatrist. It sounds to me like you really need to see a psychiatrist or a different doctor. The effects of Xanax wear off very quickly and with daily use, you will hardly notice any effects at all after about a week. The feeling you’re getting of the medicine “working” for an hour is the result of the 0.5mg hitting your body at once. With Xanax XR, the medicine is going to enter your bloodstream much more slowly and I’m almost certain you’re going to be under the impression it’s not working. Benzodiazapines are not meant for long-term use. Get help and best wishes. <333

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