What clomid does

What clomid does

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What does progesterone level mean after taking clomid?

I am on my first round of clomid taken between days 5-9. Had a progesterone level drawn on day #24 and it came back as 20.7. My MD is on vacation. What does this mean. My periods have been irregular the past 3 months so I’m not sure when I am due could this level indicate anything about pregnancy?

Around day 21-25 (approximately 7-9 days after ovulation), come in for blood test for progesterone (this gives vital information regarding your ability to ovulate)

The starting dose should be 50 mg. daily for 5 days, increasing to 100,150 or even 200 mg if ovulation does not occur. Some patients will require increased amounts of clomiphene and/or addition of other medications to clomiphene to induce regular ovulations.

Progesterone is an ovarian hormone secreted by the corpus luteum after ovulation. This hormone helps maintain the endometrial lining which is crucial for implantation of the embryo. Furthermore, it is vital in sustaining the early pregnancy for the first 7-9 weeks of gestation.

Reference ranges are:

Follicular phase
0.5 – 2.4 ng/mL

Luteal phase
2.4 – 20.7 ng/mL

>13.0 ng/mL

If clomid does not work, what is the next step?

My doctor mentioned injections.
I have been TTC # 1 for a while and was wondering what happens next if clomid does not work. I am in Spain, so the medical system is not great at communicating! They just do it!

If clomid does not work (on cycle 4) we will take a break off TTC for a few months but then start trying again.

The drug Letrozole (Femara) works for some women who don’t respond well to clomid. I am currently on letrozole cycle #1 so it’s too early to tell if it is going to work but I hope so! Taking a break sounds good too to relieve the stress of conceiving. Alot of babies are conceived on breaks! Also, acupuncture may be helpful to balance your overall system.

I am suppose to start Clomid this cycle & forgot what day to start pill #1. Does anyone know what day I start?

I got my AF today and need to start my first round of Clomid. I forgot what day the Dr told me to take the pill. Does anyone know?

It should say it on the bottle if not you can call your doctor tomorrow to find out for sure.It depends on your cycles everyone starts it on different days.The days of when women start them are cycle day 2to5,3to7,and 5to9.I started mine on cycle day 3 and took the last pill on cycle day 7 but my doctor told me that if I wasn’t able to start it on cycle day 3 for some reason that I can start them on cycle day 4 or 5 but no later then cycle day 5.Good luck and tons of baby dust to you!

How does Clomid work for infertility problems or other methods???

Hello Ive been trying to conceive for the past year and no luck!!! Im getting very depressed! How does that Clomid medecine work?? And what are the other methods that are used for theses cases??? Please help!

if youve been trying for a year you need to go to the dr, they will probably prescribe clomid as a first method of trying. clomid stimulates the brain to produce the hormone that stimulates the ovaries to produce mature eggs. i have been on clomid 3 months, hopefully i am pregnant, i have to wait till next week to test. i tell you what it is frusterating when you want something so bad and it doesn’t come easily. i wish you the best!

How long does it typically take to get pregnant once on Clomid?

Im starting Clomid soon…my doctor and I think that I might already be ovulating, but we aren’t sure because I am not getting my periods when I should. I have been TTC for about one year. Also, what are the odds of having twins while on Clomid? I think it would be awesome!!

It depends on you and your timing but I have heard clomid is very effective for people who have trouble ovulating, I didn’t think it was used for people who had irregular periods, just to help them ovulate as I am about to try it also.
The odds of someone conceiving twins on clomid is 7 out of 100

Good luck

Does clomid make your cycle close to 28 days becuase it makes you ovulate?

This is my first round on clomid, and i know what it’s supposed to do, but im unsure that if you normally have irregualr cycles will clomid make them closer to 28 days since its supposed to make you ovulate?

Negative. I am on clomid and have yet to have a 28 day cycle it is kind of fusturating because you don’t know when you exactly ovulating. The clomid is supposed to make you ovulate earlier because it is making your body produce more FSH in the beginning to release an egg. Last month on my first month of clomid I had 37 days and this month I am on day 32 so I should have ovulated near CD 25 but I had a Negative OPK all last week. So I am not really sure if I have even ovulated today I am going for my progesterone test which I am pretty sure I have progesterone in my body because I have had 8 days on temps over 98.0 something but I only started checking them 8 days ago so it could be more I suppose.

I had an us . I have 2 mature eggs after using clomid and lots of follicles. What does this mean?

I had an ultrasound yesterday. She told me had 2 mature eggs that measured over an inch. I also had lots of follics. I was on clomid 50mg. Does this mean that both eggs will drop and I could conceive twins? oh my last child with out any help was a twin, but didn’t make it , desolved.

you could have twins but there is still a lot of things that go on during conception and when you think about it it really is a miracle any one gets pg. just have sex and hope for a baby

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