Vicodin while breastfeeding

Vicodin while breastfeeding

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Ibuprofen and Vicodin while breastfeeding?

I’m taking Ibuprofen 800 mg every 6 hours if I need them for pain.

I’m also taking 1 vicodin every 4 hours. 2 if I’m really in pain.

The doctors gave me vicodin and told me I could take two if I really needed too. I didnt ask them about the Ibuprofen…

Both are fine while nursing! Don’t take the vicodin in LARGE dosses, but one or to is fine, that’s what they give lots of women for pain after delivery. 800mg of IB profin is also fine, my doctor encourages me to take that much for cramps and stuff cause it really does help and she is VERY aware that I am still nursing. 😉 hope this helped.

Taking vicodin while breastfeeding?

Its usually safe as long as you dont take more than prescribed

Vicodin safe while breastfeeding?

i am getting my wisdom teeth removed. my daughter is almost five months old. is vicodin okay to take??? what will happen to her if i take it? or is there a better pain medication to use???

good question lol i wondered this too…when i had my daughter, we were in the hospital and the nurse gave me a lecture about how i need to eat healthy foods and drink lots of juices while im breastfeeding…but then she gave me vicodin for the pain lol and i asked her “um…if all this “healthy” food is getting to my daughter…wont this narcotic also get to her” and she told me that only trace amounts of medicines go into your breast milk and basically its not enough to even do anything…my daughter was fine and yours will be too…and i was popping those things every 4 hours lol had an 8lb 8oz baby naturally and no episiotomy….ouch…good luck on your wisdom teeth! try to take it easy!

Anyone taken vicodin for pain while breastfeeding? If so, did you notice any negative effect on your infant?

I don’t need to know if it’s “ok”, I already was prescribed to take it, but I just wanted to know from someone whos experienced it, if there were any effects on your baby? I am in KILLER pain, and it’s the only thing that saves me right now, and even though i have been told its safe, I still get worried. Thanks

Vicodin is the one pain killer that is not passed through breast milk. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to the stuff, so I won’t be able to have it at all!

Is vicodin really safe while breastfeeding? And does anyone know at what dose?

Yes, it is frequently given to mothers who have cesarean sections. Vicodin is lactation risk category L3 and noted that newborns be observed for sedation, apnea and constipation. You should only take vicodin if it has been prescribed by your OBGYN and approved by your pediatrician. It is extremely important that you not sleep with your baby while taking vicodin and is advisable that you have someone else with you at all times.

I took vicodin when I had my wisdom teeth removed. My son was 4 months old and still exclusively breastfed. I did notice that he was kind of drowsy when I was taking it.

Can you take Vicodin and Soma while breastfeeding?

I’ve read mixed views on this subject and have found that it does pass through breast milk and results in your baby being sleepy but other than that; are there any other side effects? I have a herniated disc (before pregnancy) and also developed carpal tunnel on both wrists while I was pregnant and the pain has been getting worse. I haven’t been on any meds up until now but I need to alleviate the pain and have been thinking of going back on my meds. My daughter is 5 months old and I’ve been trying to wean her off of breast milk so that I can take my painkillers and get cortisone shots, etc. but I was wondering if I can still provide her some breast milk while I take Soma and Vicodin (granted that I’m not abusing them and taking no more than the prescribed 3x’s a day)???

The vicodin should be ok. my midwife had me on it after my son was born because of the pain I was in and I was breastfeeding. The somas im not sure about. Always talk to your doctor and let them know what’s going on.

Have you ever taken Vicodin and muscle relaxants while breastfeeding? They said it would be safe short term…?

Kellymom has Vicodin listed as Level 3 — There are no controlled studies in breastfeeding women, however the risk of untoward effects to a breastfed infant is possible; or, controlled studies show only minimal non-threatening adverse effects. Drugs should be given only if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the infant.

I use these two links,… and… to help me decide on whether or not I’m going to accept a doctor’s prescription or ask for a different one.

What kind of pain medication do they give you after giving birth while breastfeeding?

Do they give you vicodin or motrin? Or what else could they give you?

I had a c-section and was given Darvocet. It’s acetaminophen-based (like Tylenol) and is safe to take while breastfeeding. Good luck.

ETA: it’s worth mentioning that although REGULAR Tylenol is safe, T3 isn’t. The codeine in it can get into your milk and make baby very sleepy. It’s actually a SIDS risk.

Prescription pain pills while breastfeeding?

I have to get two wisdom teeth removed. They became infected during my pregnancy, and I’ve waited this long to have them removed so that I can get anesthesia during the procedure. I’ve been nursing two months, so I can pump and bottlefeed, but will I be able to breastfeed post-op while taking prescribed pain meds (I’m talking about vicodin or percocet, not tylenol). Thanks

Talk with your doctor or pediatrician in specific to see what they say. I had a c-section and was given vicoden and 800mg motrin while I was nursing(Both c’s, breastfed 2 different times). I was told that it was safe to nurse, that not enough medicine would pass through to harm the baby. Plus it is only for a short time. Only take what you need. You can also express milk after pumping and feed the baby pre-pumped and stored milk for a few days if that would make you feel better.

The doctors were very careful with any other medications I was given. I had to have a gastroscopy and was told not to breastfeed for 24-48 hours after that because of the drugs I was given. So make sure to check on the anesthesia that you’re given.

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