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How much does one pill of VICODIN ES cost?

if someone was to sell me 1 pill of vicodin ES in CA, how much would it cost?

It depends on what they charge!

How many tablets or prescriptions of Vicodin ES does it take to form addiction traits?

I’m sort of wary about the amount of pills a certain dental office that I work at gives (24) and the refills (usually 1) after procedures that deem narcotic pain killers, because we seem to have a high amount of drug seekers. I am wondering if we are possibly the cause, or just a good outlet for people to find what they are looking for.

p.s. vicodin addiction = pathetic 🙁 sorry, get help! We’re trying to change things so we can’t help you get your drugs anymore.

24 pills and one refill is not going to addict a person who is in pain and unless the person is already an addict I think you should not worry about this as people who have dental problems really do get in a lot of pain and need painkillers.

Can coming off of vicodin ES make you become emotional and unstable?

I have been taking vidcodin ES for a few months now. I was wondering it coming off of this drug can make you emotional and unstable.

if so, anyone have a link to where it shows that?

Yes, it can. It is highly addictive, and you can become addicted in a three month time period. I am looking for a link for you right now.

What are common reasons for prescribing vicodin es?

I realize it is a pain medication, but what do people tell their doctors to obtain it?

now why would i tell you how to obtain drugs illegally

I was prescribed vicodin ES every 6 hours for low back pain and it is loosing effectiveness.?

The doctor refuses to prescribe anything stronger.My quality of live is decreasing due to extreme pain .I have brought this up several times but it does no good . I am in physical therepy and I suffer during the treatment.Anu suggestions on how to get stronger meds ?

try to get refered to pain management

How many milligrams of hydrocodone are contained in each Vicodin ES tablet?

Depends on the pill. U can get 5 mg, 7.5, and 10. Usually docs only perscribe the 5’s unless it is a serious injury. And it’s not 750 mgs or 500 mgs but simply .7mgs or .5 mgs.

People: please dont list wikipedia as a source. The info. can easliy be wrong

Why do a few of my doctors look at me wierd and say “your taking Ultram ER and Vicodin ES?

I take them for pain. Does one make the other useless or something?

You don’t give any background about what condition you are taking these meds for but, I am guessing you have a chronic pain condition such as arthritis or fibromyalgia.

The Ultram ER is an extended release med, meaning that it dissolves slowly in your system to give you pain relief all day.

The Vicodin ES is a shorter acting med intended to give you a stronger faster dose of pain relief.

The typical use of these two meds would be to take the Ultram ER every day and the Vicodin ES only when you have breakthrough pain.

You cannot take Vicodin long term because it is a narcotic, is addictive, and contains tylenol which is toxic to your liver.

Ultram is not a narcotic and is not addictive.

How many vicodin es in 1 day?

I’ve been on vicodin for 6 months and now I have been prescribed vic es, is 8 in 1 day too many? It seems that whenever I take any I don’t feel the effects at all anymore including the lessoning of pain. So is 8 in 1 day ok?

Usually Vicodin ES is 7.5 hydrocodone. 7.5mg of narcotic 500mg of tylenol. I’ve taken thousands of them over many years for a spine injury

8 would put you right at the max for the tylenol. It’s best to trust info like you are asking to you doctor, pharmacy, or this link

here’s the actual link straight to hydrocodone…

Right after having a spine operation I was taking 8, 10/500 hydrocodone a day but that was for only a few days. My normal dose for the past several years has been 4 a day as needed

I would call your pharmacy or your doctors service and have him call you back. It’s far better to be safe than sorry.

EDIT: and ES does NOT mean 750 mg. of tylenol. That why I gave you the link,,,just because of false info like that!

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