Unprescribed clomid

Unprescribed clomid

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Unprescribed clomid?!?

ok i really want to go onto clomid i know it should be monitered by a doctor BUT i have s een it on the internet and tbh my doctor is RUBBISH! He does not understand how much my partner and i want a baby with his fave quote being ‘ dont worry it will happen’ and as many of you know its the lat thing you want to hear.

on what days of your cycle should you take clomid and how much?

i know its really rsky but can anyone else see any other options for me other than changing my doctors!

TTC for 18months

OMG, do I understand how you feel, most doctors (especially if your under 35) don’t even want to TALK about fertility drugs (even if you have been trying for a year or more) helping you to conceive (some people don’t understand this but I do)

Several doctors won’t even approach the subject with my husband or I (we are in our 20’s, I have irregular menstrual cycles, don’t know if I ovulate or not) I considered ordering Clomid over the internet and “self-medicating” as it were, but decided against it.

I read somewhere (will try to find the article) that out of the people who don’t conceive their first year of trying, something like 80% conceive in the secound year. That has been my home, chin up, don’t do anything dangerous that will affect your health, or the health of your future baby.

Unprescribed clomid?

I’m not taking it before you ask.. but does anyone know anyone whos taken it?

Yes I bought clomid online but I wouldnt recommend it as you will not know how many eggs will release so there is a high chance of multiples. Also because of hyper stimulation. However, I decided to just take a chance. I took 50mg a few months ago and I ovulated which I usually don’t due to pcos. I took it again this month and im on cd12 and getting backache and cramps so hoping it is ovulation pain. If you do take it make sure you start on a lower dose like of 50mg.

Can I increase my chance of multiples if I take unprescribed CLOMID?

Has anyone done this or know anyone who has? I am asking for my cousin not me.

You should tell your cousin to talk to a doctor before taking Clomid. Although it slightly increases the probability for multiples it can also decrease your chance for conceiving as it decreases fertile cervical mucus and can decrease the endomitrial lining. Not all women will respond to Clomid and it can has some pretty nasty side-effects (trust me, I’ve been on it before) so I’d say the risks outweigh the benefits. Please convey this information to your cousin and tell her to talk to her doctor.

How likely is it for me to conceive multiples while taking unprescribed clomid if I am already fertile?

I want to take clomid to increase my chances of conceiving multiples. I ovulate normally. I have no problems conceiving naturally. Its just that I want twins.Please keep all negative comments to yourself. If you don’t have anything positive to say or any valuable info for me please bypass this question…………….thank u

The oddds of multiples on Clomid is pretty low — about 10% IIRC.

The odds of doing yourself some serious damage by taking a powerful medication without medical monitoring is much higher.

And you ARE aware that twins are more likely to be premature, die in infancy, have serious health problems, and have many other negative outcomes, right? Why would you “want” this for your children?

Has anyone taken unprescribed clomid and got pregnant?

I took clomid and got pregnant however it was medically prescribed. Please be very careful with self medicating as you never really know what you are buying. I am sure if you feel it necessary to take clomid your gp will either prescribe it for you or refer you to a gynecologist whom should prescribe it for you if need be.. If your gp feels it to early to refer tell him/her you will pay for a private consultation and they will soon refer you. hope this helps. x

Taking unprescribed clomid?

My partner and I have been TTC for 10 months now.
I’ve done a lot of research on Clomid and have heard it is the best fertility drug on the market.
I’ve been to see a few doctors and they all say they cannot prescribe this medication unless we have been TTC for 18+ months where we live.
So I have purchased some on a secure and trustworthy online website with good feedback.
I’m not allergic to anything, I’ve been on various anti-biotics and painkillers and been fine on them all.
My periods are not that regular (can range from 28 to 40 days) and I’ve heard Clomid is good for that also.
I know that days 3-7 or 5-9 is the best time to take it.
Will I be OK taking this medication?

Clomid is one of the best and safest drugs for people who have ovulation difficulties and Pcos and some other disorders. If you are a healthy fertile woman taking clomid you could end up getting pregnant with 3+ babies (do you want triplets or more, even quads or Quints?) which is a strain when it happens under normal circumstances. Depending on how old you are (obviously not getting close or past 30) is why there are guidelines in place to do with fertility drugs.
That said, depending on where you live there is also different guidelines about how you are monitored while using clomid anyway. I get an ultrasound every 14 days while ttc and a blood test around days 21 to see how everything went. Most other countries and doctors only do the blood test, which you don’t seem to monitored as closely as we are here in Aus.
If you aren’t allergic to anything i will list the side effects.
Common: hot flushes, belly discomfort and bloating.
Unusual: One in 200 chance of birth defect (similar to normal risk)
Severe but rare: (stop medication and consult a doctor) Blurred vision, yellow skin (jaundiced)
use in caution with ovarian cysts
Multiply pregnancies (twins, triplets, quads etc) possible
Must only be used in carefully selected patients.

DO NOT TAKE IF suffering from liver disease, abnormal bleeding from the uterus.

OVERDOSE May increase risk of foetal abnormality if taken during pregnancy. Otherwise no serious side effects likely.

OTHER INFO Stimulates ovulation in infertile women, but several eggs may be released, resulting in multiple pregnancies. Has revolutionised the lives of many infertile couples since first introduced in the 1970’s

No matter what any of us say to you on here I have no doubt in my mind that if you are set on doing it you will regardless. It is a concern because you obviously don’t know if you have anykind of infertility, which is what this drug is intended for.

Go back to your doctor and tell them your concerns and that your period is VERY irregular and maybe they might sympathise. I’m seriously not comfortable with people in general taking this medication without Doctors care.

P.s. In severe cases clomid can lead to hyperstimulation of your ovaries and you can release 10+ eggs and your ovaries get all swollen and sore. if you stop taking the drug it should revert back to normal in time, but if you aren’t monitored you wont know it has happened 🙁

What is the chances of taking Clomid, unprescribed?

I’ve been TTC for about 11 months and nothing. I am having sex on the right days, taking vitamins etc, using preseed. You name it I’m doing it. My husband is leaving for Iraq in Sept so we only have two more chances. I have an appt on July 28th but with all of the tests hes going to have to run, I might miss my first chance. Do you think I could take Clomid, unprescribed? I mean what if me and my husband are alright and I took Clomid anyhow. Would taking it decrease my chances of conception if all is well with us? I know its wrong but I don’t want to wait for my doctor. We wan’t to get pregnant before he leaves. Please no smart remarks! Im still going 2 my doctors, I just want something for the first month. If I wait for my doc, it will be too late the 1st time around.

Can taking Clomid, unprescribed decrease my chances of conceiving if both of us check out good? And any side effects known that will happen if we are alright?


Clomid is not a magic pill for conceiving. It helps correct specific things that can prevent pregnancy. Your dosage and the days you take it on can only be determined by a doctor testing to see what is going on with your body. Taking a dose that is too weak or too strong, or on the wrong days of your cycle, can mess your cycle up and do more to prevent pregnancy than it does to help. It can also have an effect on the next cycle.

I would try for the next two months and see what the doctor says when you go to your appointment. If there is a medical problem, you can try to get it worked out for when your husband returns home. I would not recommend taking the Clomid without a doctors input.

I wish you the best, and thank your husband for me:D

Unprescribed Clomid 9dpo?

Well I am now 9dpo. My dh and i have been ttc for 9 months, BFN every month “obviously” This month we decided to take Clomid, I even tried the eggwhite trick for the lack or cervical mucas. I had some cramping and spotting at 7dpo but tested this morning bfn still too early i think going to wait til sunday to test Easter 🙂 Cant get a bfn on easter right? lol I have a had a killer headache for about 4 days i got up once last night to pee. never happened before, my nipples are larger and darker, but I just hope this isnt side affects of the clomid, I have also had LOTS of cm. Also when I was pregnant with my daughter I hated wearing clothes lol and today I realized I stayed inside with bra and panties on i know tmi but i think its a symptom. Well what do ya’ll think do you think it sounds promising i dont want to see another bfn. I have a 25 day cycle and ovulated on the 11th.

Well i know a woman that was prescribed clomid by her gyn and was told to take it cd 5 -9 and then use OPK until it reads positive and have sex every other day for 5 days after. She did not get monitored during that cycle and they did achieve pregnancy.

Me, personally, I would rather be monitored because you dont know how your body is going to react. If you didnt need them in the first place, it may stimulate too many follicles and then you face the possibility of hyperstimulating.

Good luck to you!

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