The effects of vicodin

The effects of vicodin

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What are Vicodin effects, and Prozac withdrawl symptoms?

I want to take Vicodin during school.
I AM on prozac legally.
I have depression.
But I’m tired of prozac and want to get off
would there be any withdrawl symptoms?

What are the effects of Vicodin?
What happens?

I have done weed before so i kind of know but not really..

ANYTHING would be great.
Thanks in advance!

you can find that info at…
please be careful

What’s a natural remedy to counter the effects of Vicodin?

My grandma was feeling pain and took two pills of vicodin. Now her blood pressure is so high that she’s at risk of a stroke. She has a cruise tomorrow and doesn’t want to cancel. What can she do to lower her blood pressure and lessen the side effects of the vicodin?

I would skip the natural rememdy and take her to the doctor to get some medicine to lower her blood pressure. They can give her a shot to lower it fairly quickly. She can the take pills with her if they decide she needs them. The emergency room is always open. Besides it’s not a common side effect for Vicodin to do this unless she took more than her reccomend dose. It could truly be another health problem manifesting. Get her checked out. Cruise line doctors generally suck she does not want to be at sea and need help.

How long does it take for the effects of Vicodin to leave your system?

I took 1 pill at noon. I am trying to join my ice hockey team for a skate tonight at 8:20. I am just skating, not getting fully dressed. I am taking Vicodin because I cut my finger really badly last Sunday and I was perscribed it by the hospital.

The effects last 6-8 hours depending on your body weight. If you’re custom to taking them it could last shorter. You should be OK.

What are some negative effects of vicodin?

I’ve been binging on a friends vicodin for the last 3 days. Is this gonna have a negative effect on my health. Does it do brain damage or anything

This all depends, are you using the pills to get high or are you just in pain and intend to use as directed?

If you use as directed there aren’t many cons, constipation, sleepiness, lack of cordnation at most.

If you are using to get high the cons are, fatigue, lack of cordnation, constipation, may cause nausa, dizziness, and you feel very good.

What are the side effects of vicodin and how long do they last?

I took 2 vicodin 3 or 4 days ago. I puked had yellow skin and eyes and pin point pupils. I guess thats what they call an overdose haha. I still have trouble breathing and I’m nauseas alot. My sister said its probly from the vicodin but Idk if that makes any sense

As far as possible side effects of vicodin–the most common are feeling dizzy or lightheaded, sedation or fatigue, nausea/vomiting or upset stomach. You want to eat if you are going to take vicodin or any other narcotic pain reliever for that fact.
Vicodin is composed of acetaminophen which is tylenol and also hydrocodone. If you are taking too much of the vicodin and then adding additional tylneol for break through pain this can be very toxic to your liver. This should not be taken lightly.
As far as how long it stays in your system. The major effects should have dissipated by now, alll though as far as drug testing is concerned there is a possiblity it could be detected up to 6 days after usage. It also depends on how much you take and how often. If you are taking vicodin on a regular basis and now quit taking it suddenly, you may be experiencing withdrawal sysmptoms.
I am concerned that you said you skin appeared yellow. Are the whites of your eyes still yellow in tint. The change in your pupils is soemthing that does occur when taking a narcotic so that in itself is not our of the ordincary.
The bottom line is you should contact your doctor. They may want to order a blood count or check liver function tests to make sure everything is in check. I would definitely advise agaaisnt drinking any alcohol or taking any over the counter herbal supplemtns. Sometimes some fo the so called “natural” or “organic” herbal products can be contraindicated with prescritpion medications and can be detrimental depending upon your medical history.
You know what your history is–I don’t. If you took just 2 vicodin 72-96 hours ago you should still not be feeling this poorly.
So call your doctor and get a bit of a check up.
I hope you are feeling better soon–you only have one body—take care of it—cherish it and treat it with respect.


What are the effects of Vicodin taken to get high?

Like even if they “stopped” for a year or so, my friends claim to not remember words and ****.

But also like I don’t believe Vicodin can get one high because when I took it after a hand surgery of mine, two honestly just made me tired as hell and gave me awesome dreams, that’s it. How can it make you feel “amazing”?

i am sooo happy i have 45 pills of vicodin left after my acl reconstruction, well every time i take/took a vicodin, the “high” you experience isnt strong, it just feels good
i would fly through all my classes and find myself sitting at home, it relieved me from stress, and i just had a smoooooth day

Effects of Vicodin On people who use it but dont need?

I know some people who take vicodin regularly for no reason. I know that its addicting but what makes them want to take it in the first place? Does it make them high or something?

Vicodin contains hydrocodone which is a class of drugs called opiates. Opiates cause good feeling in most people (that’s why they are such good pain relievers). People who take it regularly without pain are addicted to the good feeling.

What are the short and long term effects of Vicodin?

Even minor side effects I would like to know as much as you can tell me!!! Both short and long term effects please.

Thank you in advance 🙂

as with any medicine that contains tylenol you want to be careful how long and when you use ths medication. you should never take with alcohol and never take for prolonged periods as it will have a negative affect on your liver. if it has to be taken for long periods of time i would recommend speaking with you doctor to get a medicine that doesn’t contain tylenol this will greatly reduce the effect the medicine will have on your liver

Does Flexeril have the same effects as Vicodin?

I have a prescription of 10MG Flexeril’s from knee surgery I had, an was wondering if it produced similar effects as Vicodin? Or what sort of effects it did produce? My doctor did not prescribe me Vicodin, so I am assuming the effects are just as strong, I am hoping… any help?

Flexeril is for muscle spasms, I have it. I don’t think it is as strong as Vicodin, but it does okay.

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