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How long should I use the terramycin ointment on my cat?

I purchased the Terramycin ointment for my cat’s eye drainage and cold. I can’t locate anywhere how long I am to continue to apply. I find where it says “2 to 4 times a day” but for how many days?

I’m shocked that the vet didn’t tell you exactly how much to use, how many times a day and for how long to use it. call the vet back and ask them usually it is for 10 days but the vet should be able to tell you because sometimes for bad infections they will be on longer since the vet saw your cat they can deterime that.

Will terramycin help get rid of herpes virus 1 in cats?

I believe my 2 cats have herpes virus 1, a friend said I should first try giving them Terramycin to clear their eyes up because it can also help the body fight of the virus. What should I do? P.S. I have 1 female& one male cat both adults& female is spayed.
Also one reason I may use terramycin is to clear up my cats eyes. But e does it help the cats body fight of herpes virus1?

Terramycin fights bacteria, not viruses..
However, terramycin may help prevent a secondary infection resulting from the sores caused by the herpes. I’ve used terramycin eye ointment with foster kittens with that before. It at least prevented it from getting worse.
Another thing you should try to get is Lysine which helps boost the immune system in a cat with a virus.

What are the side effects of Terramycin ointment for kittens?

My kitten had an infection in his eye, and my vet gave me Terramycin ointment to help with it.
What are the side effects of it? What should I look out for?

One of my cats is allergic to it. His eyes got worse and looked more inflamed, instead of improving over a couple of days. If you see that your kitten’s not showing signs of improvement after 2-3 days, have your vet re-check your kitten’s eyes. Call your vet on the 2nd day if you are concerned.

How long does Terramycin take to work in a dog?

I have been used this medication in my golden/aussie mix for four days now. He seems to have an eye infection or a form of canine pinkeye. We have applied it three times a day and it does not seem to be working. Have I not waited long enough for it to work? Or do I need to do something else?

try researching it and be sure to read the vet use of it OR you could do something a lot easier…you a) pick up the phone, b) dial the vet’s number, c) ask the question, d) thank the nice person on the other end, and finally e) hang up.

also have something call PATIENCE!

obviously you haven’t heard the old saying: “patience is a virtue” so try being virtuous!

Can a cat who has nursing kittens drink powdered Terramycin in her water?

She has six kittens. They are outside cats and I change their bedding everyday, but they are sneezing and have matted eyes. I have the cream to put in their eyes, but they are only a week old. Will it make her kittens better if she drinks the antibotic in water?

Only a vet will be able to tell, and if your vet didn’t know your cat was nursing when he prescribed the antibiotic, call him NOW! Some antibiotics could be bad for the kittens. If this is a antibiotic that was not prescribed for your cat, please don’t give it to them.

Kitty Colds are usually caused by a virus, and antibiotics won’t work. You will just be killing the good bacteria in the kittens stomach when the levels are just being established.

What is the average price of Terramycin ointment?

I heard it may be able to help my kitten, Midnight, who has eighter pink eye or an eye disease of another variety. I want to know the average price of it in Texas. I want Midnight to not become blind in one eye.

First of all, I hope you will be bringing her to the vet to have her eyes checked out. If he does prescribe terramycin ointment for your cat, I think it varies between $10.00 and $15.00. I got some from my vet last year and if I remember correctly, I paid about $15.00 for a small tube!

Where can I buy terramycin eye ointment for my cat in Canada?

Can I get it at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart or where else?
Any suggestions? I live near Hamilton.

well..i live in maine and my local pet store sells it… you should be able to get it at the vet too…

Can a human use Terramycin Ophthamlic ointment for swollen infected eye?

Can a human use Terramycin Ophthamlic ointment for swollen infected eye?
i heard it’s only for pets, is that true?

I believe you can. I have a tube of that ointment and it DOES not say that it is for pets.

how do i use terramycin on my cat?

my cat was recently prescribed Terramycin for an eye infection. i was led to believe they were drops, but when i opened the tube, it is a cream. i was told to put “two drops in her eye twice daily” but these arent drops. do i apply it directly to the eye? or over the lid with her eyes closed?

You apply a thin strip directly to the eye. The tip is beveled (turned in) so it won’t harm the eye. Hope your kitty gets better!

is it insane to put TERRAMYCIN cream on a new piercing?

igot the navel piercing two months ago, and it is not doing so well, it is scabby, and infected and not happy. i am in tokyo for two months, and someone looked up what i could do to fix it and recommended i buy this along with sea salt. the seal salt part ive heard of, but after googling the cream, im not so sure.
can you tell me?

Use only sea salt. Do NOT use terramycin cream, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, neopsorin, betadine, bactine, or any other type of ointment on the piercing! Those things will all do more harm than good and are not made to be used on piercings. Why would you use terramycin anyway? It’s used for eye problems. Anyway, mix up a sea salt solution twice a day and soak your piercing for 10 minutes. Use 1/8 of a teaspoon of sea salt and mix it up in a glass of warm water, place the cup over your bellybutton and lie back. Do that twice daily. If you can you might want to pick up a bottle of h2ocean. It’s a sea salt solution in a can. You can use it on the go. I suggest using it 3-4 times a day. You could also get a bottle of provon soap and wash your piercing one a day at the end of your shower. However if you can’t find provon anywhere don’t bother with dial or some other antibacterial soap. They’re good for washing your hands, but not piercings. They kill not only the bad bacteria, but the good bacteria as well. If your piercing doesn’t heal up within a week or two I suggest getting to a qualified piercer, if you can’t find one, go see a doctor. Also, do NOT remove the piercing if it is infected. Doing so will allow the holes to close up, trapping the infection inside, and forming an abscess.