Chapter: Nootropics


AKA: Arcalion.

A compound similar to Hydergine, but stronger.

Effects: Promotes alertness, strengthens long-term memory, improves reaction time, fights fatigue, lowers anxiety, and improves resistance to stress.

Precautions: More than three 200 mg tablets a day may result in severe headaches.

Dosage: 400 mg/day with breakfast for 20 days.

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Questions and Answers



Can’t get off the sulbutiamine – arcalion?, My MD prescribed it when i was feeling a little low and tired, i took it for one month, it started to feel good after the 3rd day… i was taking it before exams and it helped me do really well..
But now i can’t stop poppin a couple of those orange pills every morning, it really has an influence on my mood and response time,
it makes me feel super!!
i read that it’s based on vitamin B, so it’s practically safe to take it for more than one month, maybe for a longer time, or isn’t it??

Hi Sulbutiamine is a precursor to thiamine, which is actually vitamin B1. Arcalion, which is its trade name, is indicated mostly in the treatment of asthenia, which can be caused by chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep disorders or other serious conditions affecting the heart, lungs and kidneys, all of which lead to a feeling of weakness without an actual loss of strength.

Whilst, Sulbutiamine has no known serious side effects apart from some allergic reactions and skin rashes in predominantly elderly patients, I wouldn’t advise you to take it for a lengthy period of time. This is to prevent development of resistance and dependence on the drug, and if that happens, you might soon find urself having to take more amounts of it to achieve the same level of strength. i think a month shouldnt be a big problem though.

Hope this helps. 😀