Success rate clomid

Success rate clomid

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Does anyone know the success rate of infertility treated with clomid+metformin?

I have been ttc with pcos for over 19 months. I have been taking metformin, and now my dr is going to start me on clomid also. Do any of you know the success rate of clomid? Also how likely are you to have twins or higher?

It got us twins. Good Luck.

What is the success rate with clomid?

TTC 10 months and haven’t had a period in 60 days my doctor gave me something to start my period and next the generic brand of clomid i was so excited today when she told me i didnt really pay attention or ask questions i just wanted to take the pill! what is the success rate?

ttc for 10 months also. Just started clomid today in conjunction with another pill (I forget what) My doctor said that clomid helps you to ovulate and one could potentially get pregnant within the week of taking it. Unlikely but possible. He said that he will be doing weekly blood tests for the next six weeks and within that time i should be pregnant or if not pregnant, ovulation at least detected. . .It is possible to have a period without ovulating. To get pregnant all hormones must be insync with one another and so clomid also helps to regulate ovulation and hormones.
eat healthy, don’t have any bad habits and stay away from others with bad habits and you should have a good chance of conceiving once you begin to ovulate.

What is the success rate of clomid”?

I have an rx for clomid. Does anyone know how well it works?

I used clomid after 4 years of trying and I am currently 4 months pregnant. Alot of my friends have used it also and it worked for them also. Knowing your medical history your doctor could give you a self percentage. My doctor gave me a 95% chance of conceiving the first 4 months that I took it. I got pregnant the 1st try. I also checked my cervix.

I hope that all is well on your journey…..

What is the Success Rate of 100mg Clomid and IUI?

This is my second cycle of IUI. The doctor uped my dosage to 100 mg of Clomid

Clomid give a person about a 20-30% chance of getting pregnant each cycle (about the same as a healthy couple). Most people don’t realize but IUI only gives a person about a 5-10% increase chance of pregnancy. That is why it can take more than one cycle to get pregnant.

Best wishes!

Success rate of CLOMID on women with PCOS?

What is the success rate of clomid on women with pcos (any other medication advice)

Some doctors won’t give a woman clomid if her BMI is too high. They refuse because there have been some studies that its less effective on women with high BMIs.
And of course, PCOS often goes hand-in-hand with insulin resistance and/or weight gain.
If you have PCOS, they should test for insulin resistance and give you Metformin to help control that/help you lose weight. Its often prescrived along with Clomid for women with PCOS because there have been some indications that the two working together help more. Some studies have shown thats not necessarily true so you have to take it with a grain of salt either way.

I will say that my BMI would have put me WAY beyond the threshold and Clomid worked just fine for me on 50mg. Got me ovulating and I just ovulated for the first time without it. So I may have just needed a nudge to get things going.

I’ve read that 80% of women will ovulate on Clomid (they start you at the lower dose, then increase it if you don’t ovulate so maybe thats where the 40% comes from).

IUI and clomid success rate in first cycle?

I’m 27 years old and have been trying to conceive for a year now. I have irregular periods all my life and the chance that i really don’t even ovulate. After speaking to my gyno she had me go see a fertility specialist, since i really want a baby soon he is having me go through IUI and clomid. I took Provera to induce my period and now I’m taking clomid. I’m wondering if there is anyone who has had IUI done and was sucessfull in the first cycle? Since I’m in late 20’s would my success rate be higher? I don’t have any known problems, I don’t even know if I have PCOS cause the doctor never mentioned, he just said my tests came out fine. I would love to hear soem or your stories and also is the IUI painful or does it feel liek a PAP test?

I had an IUI last month and unfortunately it did not take. This month after they checked my ovaries with an Ultrasound they found a cyst which is common when taking Clomid as it can overstimulate the ovaries so I was told that I would have to try on my own this month without meds and if next month my period comes and the cyst is still there I will have to go on the pill for 1 month to balance my hormones. I was told by my RE that it usually takes 2-3 goes for an IUI to take but many do get pregnant the first time. The IUI for me was uncomfortable and is similar to a PAP, it was difficult for my RE to insert the syringe for the IUI something to do with the opening being difficult to reach so it took longer than usual and I could feel the syringe going through the cervical opening. After wards I had to lie there for 15-20 mins which felt like forever and I did have cramps throughout the day. My RE advised to take Tylenol before the procedure next time. Good Luck!

Is there a better success rate using clomid days 3-7 or 5-9??!!!!?

Im about to start my second round of clomid and PRAYING it works this month. I took it days 5-9 last month, i talked to my doctor and he said i could try either one. What did you use… any success?????!! Thanks so much for answering!

i’ve had two rounds of clomid, the first on days 3-7 and the second round on days 5-9. i conceived both times, however both ended in miscarriages. i don’t think there is much difference in the days as long as they are taken consecutively.

If your cycles are regular does clomid have a higher success rate?

I have pcos, have been on metformin 2000mg a day for almost a year, just had a laparoscopy for ovarian drilling last month. I usually only have a period once every 4 months but I think the met is regulating them a little. Now that iam getting back on track will the clomid have a better chance of working? iam starting back up tomorrow on them 🙂 Thanks. I would love any success stories

I don’t really know. However the link below has the clomid success rates. Also you should know that metformin increases you chance of getting pregnant while you are on the two together. Good luck!…

Clomid first round and success rate?

Hi..So my ob/gyn put me on clomid for the first time and after that me and my husband tried for a baby…after many early pregnancy like symptoms I got my periods 5days late…I just wanted to ask what is the success rate for clomid?? Thanks and lots of baby dust !!!

Ovualtion rates with Clomid are generally very good. Between 70% and 90% of women using Clomid will ovulate within the first three cycles. Although the pregnancy success rates of Clomid will vary according to a variety of factors, on average, about 40% of women will be able to successfully conceive within the first three months of using Clomid. The live birth rate for women using Clomid is estimated to be between 30% and 60%.

Not too bad considering a “normal” couple has only about a 25% chance of conceiving per month.

Also, you won’t know if your cycles have become regular until a few (I would guess 6 months) of monitoring to chart their reaction to the drug.

Good luck!

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