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i have buy stromectol to combat lice, but im afraid to take because i dont now if this gonna work?

I have had to deal with lice years ago and even though the medication was free I never used them. So many chemicals in them that they can’t be good for your scalp and hair.
Ask your mum/sister/girlfriend to take them all out with a knit comb, you a man so your hairs not half as bad as what a womens would be. You can also buy a knit comb out that electrocutes the lice’s/knits and is not harmful to the hair.
There are also natural remedies to deal with lice I remember I did read there was a natural way of getting rid of them making your own natural ointment up. Check on the internet!
Or better still get your hair cut short, most will fall out and the rest will be even easier to get out. I know its drastic but its safer and your hair will grow back.
All chemicals do work, it just if you catch it again how many times will you put chemicals on your hair.