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Can I take Diabecon, Arjuna, speman/Confido, tentex forte/royal (of Himalaya) at one time?

Diabecon, Arjuna, speman/Confido, tentex forte/royal (of Himalaya Healthcare) are herbal products and it comes under ayurveda. Can I take vita ex gold plus along with the four above?

Well, you can but you may not know how each one is working. Take one at a time for a 3 week period and see how it reacts with your body. Write your results down for further reference. Proceed to the next one and record results. Use the ones that were effect and discard the ones that were not. Don’t waste money on something that doesn’t work. Then combine them together.

Anyone heard of himalaya speman for sperm?

anyone heard of it or tried it and did it work

i think it is sperman from himalaya. my gynae recommended my hubby to take it to increase the sperm count. you can find it in the pharmacies or maybe himalaya brand shop or order it from the net.

well, good luck!

do uou think speman capsules helps to improve semen volume???????

himalaya herbals

Survey says no. a lot of reports point towards Quantum Pills, but keep in mind that there is a difference between semen and sperm.

Think of it like this, sperm is a passenger on the bus, semen is the bus. You can make the bus “bigger”, but not necessarily increase the passengers on it

Are all these herbal remedies legitimate when it comes to increaseing sperm counts or semenal fluid?

products like SEMENEX, HERBAL CURE’S SPEMAN…etc, just do a search in Google for “how do i increase my sperm count” and a number of related sites pop up. they all claim to be natural and all herbal. Cant seem to find any negative press about them.

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where in southern california can my boyfriend find a clinic where they can help him b able to have kids?

he says that he is low sperm count. we got these meds that is called speman is that safe to use.

i heard to bring up sperm count use selenium, and zinc, never heard of speman, but about a clinic, i dont have ins, so i called the local pregnancy resource center and they gave us a number for a place that helps at affordable prices, you should try that, good luck and baby dust to all of us