Skipping my period on alesse

Skipping my period on alesse

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Is it possible to skip your period on Alesse?

I’m on Alesse 28 and tonight is when i’m supposed to start taking the green pills and I usually get my period on Sunday. Would it be possible for me to just start right into the next pack to skip my period? Has anyone tried this? I’ve read a few stories that people tried to do this and ended up having breakthrough bleeding for a looong time. Is it worth trying and is it safe? I’ve been on Alesse for 2 years and have never tried this before. It would be a one-time thing.

Yes i tried doing that and i had terrible i mean terrible breakthrough bleeding..and cramping..i was cramping sooo bad that i got sick a few times so i dont recommend it at all

Can I skip my period with Alesse?

I will be going on vacation in december with my boyfriend, if I continue to take the pill instead of skipping the 7 days (that I would usually do to get my period), can I skip it? Im taking Alesse.

You can usually do it with any bc pill. I don’t think it really matters but you could ask your doctor.


I’m on Alesse birth control and was wondering if it works to skip a period by skipping the placebo sugar pills and just going on to the next pack? My boyfriend lives pretty far away and is scheduled to be here when im supposed to have my period…obviously NOT ideal. So i’m hoping and praying that this works!!

It is probably ok to skip your period while on the Alesse due to the situation but I would recommend checking with your doctor as well to see what they say.

I’m on birth control Alesse, and i just finished the pills with the hormones in them. no period?

I’ve been taking Alesse for about 4 months now, i may have missed a pill once a month, but take it the next day at the usual time. Sunday August 3 was the last hormone pill. Now i’m on the pills without the hormone, it’s been 3 days now since i’ve been on the sugar pills (as i like to call them. little green things.) and i haven’t gotten my period yet. i have been having unprotected sex, but even months before that i’ve been having sex. I’ve gotten my period last month, but i’m starting to get worried because it’s been 3 days without having my period and normally it’s never late. Is it possible to skip a period while on birth control?

I’m getting really worried and not sure if i’m pregnant or not. I know it’s early since it’s only been 3 days after but it’s never happened before.

Please someone, i need to know if i’m just over thinking it or if there’s a chance i’m pregnant :(. I’m only 16. and my boyfriend is getting a little worried too. I just want to know if it’s possible to skip a period on Alesse or if it’s possible for your period to be late after 4 months on birth control.

Please help. 🙁

You period may come any time during the 7 day no-hormone period. You might be worrying prematurely…it may come withing the next 3-4 days, and in that case it’s still normal. If it doesn’t…then you might have some cause to worry…but I still believe that pregnancy is unlikely. In the future…make sure you do whatever possible not to miss any hormone pill doses…and carry them with you to take them as soon as possible in case you do forget. Finally, it is possible to skip a period — but it’s more likely that Alesse will just reduce your menstrual flow considerably, but not completely.

Taking the pill for 2 months straight to skip period?

Hi Everyone,

I’m going on vacation in a few weeks and would like to skip my period (I’m on alesse) never done it before…just had a few questions.

When you start taking the next pill pack (skipping the placebos) is there a chance of spotting at all? Also when I take that week off (to get my period) it usually comes that Wednesday…will it still come on the same day after taking the pill packs for 2 months straight?

You might have some spotting. It should show up the same day after taking the pill packs for 2 months straight.

Did skipping your period work for you the first month?

I want to skip my period this month, but I’ve heard some people say that it took a few packs of taking their HBC consistantly (no placebo week) to skip their period.

Oh, I’m on a monophasic pill, Aviane – generic for Alesse.

You should get the OK from your DOCTOR before trying to go against what your prescription tells you to do.

Even if you would try to skip your period the first month, you may still get it.

You need a few months for your body to regulate with your pills, so who knows what would happen.

Just take some tampons and don’t let your period run your life.

If cramps have already started, IMO its too late to try to skip it. Don’t even bother.

How can i skip my period while on alesse birth control?

im on alesse too, my doctor just told me that if i ever needed to (its not good for you…if you do it too much it can make your period stop and you will be infertile)…but he told me that you just take all the pinks and skip the green placebo pills and go straight to the next pack the day after you finish your last pink pill.

Skipped period with birth control pills, now have brown discharge?

I’ve been on the birth control pill (Alesse) for over a year now. Often when I skip my period by starting my new pack right away, I get a dark brown, sometimes bloody discharge for the whole month, and then it goes away with my next period. I’ve read that this is normal, but can someone tell me what it actually is and why it happens?? Also, are my chances of getting pregnant increased when this happens?

That brown discharge is just old blood and it occurs when one skips some of the pills because the body is trying to have an actual period.

When we force the body in to not having a period such as to try and treat a medical problem like in women with endometriosis the body is not sure what to do. So when this happens it can react by causing the brown spotting to occur. It’s like it is saying, “what are you doing to me when I need to have my period”.

As for the chances of pregnancy increasing because of this I don’t think so but I would recommend checking with your doctor as well to see what they say.

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