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my dog chews her fur until her skin turns red(hot spots) what do i do?

She has no flees and she is on Science Diet sensitive Skin and also on skin and coat supplaments, and the vet cant figure out whats wrong with her she is a 7 year old smooth fox terrier.
any body know any remadies?

Give her an oatmeal bath. My rott had the same problem. He would chew the fur off of his feet and butt. My new vet told me that it was a mental thing and that he wasnt likely going to stop, but the oatmeal baths reduce the irritation that stems from it, and its safe for dogs.

Chewing gum + dogs?

just wondered if you have any tips for getting chewing gum out of a dogs coat? My short-haired mini dachshund has picked up some gum all over her back leg (why don’t people put it in the bin?!) It is stuck to her *skin* on the wrinkles on her leg and her hair is so short and dense I can’t cut it out. I have tried to comb it out and bathe her but it didn’t work and she cried and has started to bite at it. There must be a way to deal with this at home right? I just haven’t thought of it. Maybe something will dissolve it but not hurt her skin? Any help really appreciated, thanks.

Time….and tenderness. Peanut butter is a good way to get gum out of hair, but only when the hair isn’t attached to something that will want to eat the peanut butter. I have never encountered this problem, but I have a dachshund, and I know how gentle you have to be with them from the get-go, so, as long as it’s not ruining your furniture, and the dog isn’t totally going nuts with gum on it’s leg, remove the gum a little at a time, and good luck.

my dog chews up everything?

shadow our 6 yr old pain in the butt shitzu /poodle mix whome we rescued a few yrs ago froma kill shelter whom was prolly abused or not around lotta dogs and people cause he dont like other dogs and strangers barks way to much an ahs chased a mail man or two . done no harm but i know he could . has bit me and broke skin .
he has this issue we dont know why or how to stop him .
he CHEWS up our coats , blankets , clothes you name it he eats it . he was madd at me for n ot letten him outta the truck and right in front of me he chewed a hole in the sleeve of my carhart coat . he chews up every flippen new blanket we buy . …. why and how to stop him . hes been to the vet hes healthy . oh yea he attacked the vet mike has to hold him and muzzle .

Your dog sounds like he is extremly Bored! You also should get him into training because you have no control over him at this point.

What do you think about pig ears?

Are pigs ears a safe and healthy treat for dogs? I have a 4 month old pom and she can spend hours chewing one! I’ve read some bad things about them (they could carry salmonella bacteria) and good things (they won’t splinter/crack and they have a high fat content which promotes healthy skin & coat). My pom isn’t a fan of hooves and i know rawhide can be a dangerous choking hazard. What do you think? Do you give pig ears to your dog?

Well, you can’t make a silk purse out of one….No, just kidding! They are fine for dogs. Dogs/puppies have sharp teeth, and solid stomachs to digest bone and mineral materials. Yes, I give pig ears and raw hides to my chihuahua, Mr. Sprinkles. He is little, and can drag a very large bone under the couch, and enjoy it for a while!

My border collie/golden retriever cross has skin problems…?

My dog is going on three years old, and has always had dry, flaky skin. It seems to be getting worse as she gets older. I give her an expensive dog food formulated to help the skin and coat, an omega fatty acid oil supplement recommended by her vet, I brush her daily and bathe her with a gentle oatmeal shampoo once a month (recommended by a groomer). She has began chewing on herself mostly in the back legs and back area, to the point of creating sores, in the past month. I’ve been using a hot spot treatment with Bittran, but she still chews. I am concerned about the chance of infection, and feel bad for her since she must be miserable being so itchy. I use Frontline monthly on her, and she doesn’t have fleas. Is there anything else I can do to help her?

Sounds like a food allergy to me (and so much for hybrid vigor) Expensive doesnt’ mean anything even a good quality food may have something that the dog is sensitive too. (I mean milk is good for you but many are allergic to it.)

cut back to a home cooked ground beef, rice and stewed tomatoes (cooked until the rice is mush) and feed that and water and see if it starts to clear up.

OR – even better visit a vet who specializes in dog allergies or a hollistic vet.

My beagle mix seems to have itchy dry skin… Advice?

I have a beagle mix I believe the other half is collie, based on his coat, neck and facial structure.

He has always been very itchy. We had to get him a hydrocortosone shot in january when he was chewing the skin off his back legs. I got hydrocortoson spray, but he hates for me to spray it on him and it doesn’t last long. I’m not sure if it is his skin or an allergy. I dont believe it is fleas, because i never see fleas on him or in the bathtub when I give him baths.

He seems to extra itchy after a bath which makes me believe it is dry skin. I am using an oatmeal shampoo that doesnt seem to work. He itches all day. He makes his skin red with all the scratching. Anyone have any advice that has been thru this? I have never had a dog with a problem like this.

I was told to give him benadryl to see if it is an allergy, but i would have no idea how much to give him!

Please call your vet in regards to how much benadryl you can give your dog. Every dog varies in how much they can tolerate and there are only certain types of benadryl that can be safely used in dogs.

As for the itchy skin I would make another appointment with your vet. It sounds like, to me, that he needs another cortisone treatment and it might help him to go on an allergy food like Eukanuba Response FP or Hills z/d.

Also make sure that your dog is on a good quality flea treatment as even one flea bite can cause a massive itchy response in dogs with flea allergy dermatitis.

dobermans skin problem?

i have a 10 year old doberman pincher that chews on his back untill there is no hair and skin is a raw wound. he has done this for many years off and on. he has been to the vet about this and and the cysts.the vet said he really only removes cysts if there are alot of them.its getting that way..he has never had fleas and only has had a few ticks.i just switched his dog food to science diet brand dog food about a month ago.he hasnt chewed on his back since.just ones on his butt area.but that was a week after i switched foods.he also has cysts under his coat and doesnt really have a shiny looking for something to apply to his coat are give him internally that well help stop the cause of chewing on his coat and maybe help with the cysts and make his coat shiny?

Feed him a better food. Science diet is not good food at all. Our roughly 10 year old doberman used to have the same problem with hot spots and what not. We switched him to Wellness venison and potatoes (many dogs are allergic corn and wheat, both high in science diet) and he had a great coat. Now he is on a raw diet and doing similarly well.

You can look into food brands like wellness, orijen, innova, merricks, etc. Science diet is NOT good food regardless of what anyone says. Just read the ingredient label for yourself. Dogs do NOT need the majority of their diet to be corn.

For now, put a topical anti-itch cream on his wounds and if you need to, put an elizabethan cone collar on him so he can’t get to it, so that it can heal.

Is There a “Rogaine” for Dogs?

I’m clueless about most skin conditions on dogs, but I have a dog in my care right now that has a minor flea allergy. Minor as in its treatable. He has little to no hair on his lower back due to chewing it all off. We killed off the fleas and we’re bathing him in medicated shampoo for sensitive and dry skin to ease the itching.

Is there a faster way to get his coat to return?

He’s also “greasy” feeling. No matter HOW many baths he always feels oily. We aren’t drying out his skin via baths or using any topical products on him, and he’s (now) on Canidae ALS rather than Purina Dog Chow.

Can we make the hair grow faster and thicker (SAFELY) and how can we “degrease” him?

We have no idea if this is a natural breed trait (as we have NO clue what he is) or if he’s just icky.

I would cut back on the baths, get rid of the fleas, and keep the dog on the ALS. It’ll take several weeks for the skin to heal and the hair to come back.

Food is also the likley cause for the greasiness. Every dog I’ve met that is fed poor quality food has a greasy coat.

You could even upgrade the food to something better like Innova or Solid Gold, or even try a raw diet.

Having dealt with a flea allergy it can be a royal pain in the butt.

I see spaniel or setter types breeds.

What dog shampoo should I use?

My Belgian Malinois (Mal-in-wah) has really dry skin down her back and near her tail. She keeps itching and chewing at it and I don’t want her to get a “hot-spot”! I make sure I rinse all the soap out when I give her baths due to her sensitive skin. I have changed her dog food to Innova, which is supposed to be really holistic and healthy for your dog’s skin and coat. I was also recommended to put an oil in her food once a day to help. So I think my next step is to change her shampoo. Does anyone have any ideas on a really good moisturizing shampoo for dogs?

How often are you bathing her? Overbathing can lead to dry itchy skin. Dogs shouldn’t be bathed more than every couple of months unless obviously dirty, or recommended by a vet for a medical skin issue. Daily brushing will keep your dog clean in between baths.

My own bel mal is getting her third bath today in the year I’ve owned her. She wouldn’t be getting one today if she wasn’t showing this weekend.

I’d try an oatmeal shampoo, or one of the many professional grooming shampooes. Speak to a groomer about which one is best for your dog’s sensitive skin. They may seem spendy to buy, but remember they are concentrated, so that one gallon you buy, is going to go a really long way.

What dry food is best for my picky dog?

Hello… Okay, first, this may seem INCREDIBLY long, but most of this question is a description that I got online of different dog foods. I have some question-type things. Okay, so my almost 2 year old Cosheltie (collie-sheltie mix) has some weird problems, where, he, first, finds it dificult to chew adult dog kibble, hence, not eating dry food plain unless given as a treat. The only exception to that is our puppy’s puppy food, which he is fine eating(?)… I think that he needs smaller kibbles, but I don’t want to give him puppy food, so I decided on maybe trying a small breed formula adult food. Right now, he weighs 40ish pounds and is 20 inches tall. His second problem is that he gets indigestion and loose stools almost once a week. I think that COULD be because we give him a majority wet food, but I’m no veteranarian… Okay, anyway, I did some research, and got some good dry foods with, as the companies claim, small kibbles… Here they are, along with a breif description —>

1. Purina Moist n Meaty Lamb and Rice – Real meat—a wholesome, high-quality source of protein— is the #1 ingredient in every Purina Moist & Meaty flavor. As a main meal, special treat or added to dry food, Moist & Meaty is so complete and satisfying you’ll want to serve it every day. Plus, Moist & Meaty’s convenient easy-open single-serve pouch locks in freshness so every bite is tender and delicious.

2. PEDIGREE SMALL BREED ® Nutrition Mini Crunchy Bites – We’re for the little guys. The toy dogs and the terriers, the comedians and the aristocrats. The lively, lovable characters who fit so easily into our laps — and into our lives. Small breed dogs have big personalities, big hearts, and big egos. But, they have small mouths. Which is why we created this Small Breed Nutrition recipe just for them. Not only does it feature smaller, easier to crunch kibble, it has the great, meaty taste little dogs love.

3. Eukanuba Adult Medium Breed Small Bites Formula – There’s something nice about being in the middle; you’re not too large, or too small. Medium breed dogs need balanced nutrition. Eukanuba recognizes this and designed Eukanuba Medium Breed Adult Small Bite to provide high-quality, complete & balanced nutrition specially formulated with moderate protein and fat levels to maintain their long-term nutritional health. This food has a smaller kibble than our regular Medium Breed Adult for dogs that prefer a smaller kibble. Eukanuba Medium Breed Adult Small Bite also contains an optimal ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids to help your medium breed dog have healthy skin and a beautiful coat.

4. Purina Kibbles and Mini Chunks Beef Flavor Dry Dog Food – Complete and balanced nutrition doesn’t have to be boring- Purina Kibbles and Mini Chunks proves it. The big beefy flavor in every bite keeps your dog coming back for more. Crunchy kibbles are great for your dog’s healthy smile. And the moist, chewy chunks tempt your dog with great taste and tender texture. Your dog won’t know about the complete and balanced nutrition.Just how great Purina Kibbles and Mini Chunks tastes.

5. Purina Little Bites Dog Food – Whether your dog is big or small, there is no denying the big impact that he has had on your life. Your dog’s nutrition should support his good health—no matter what his size. That’s why Purina® Little Bites Dog Food is made with crunchy, bite-sized kibble packed with great taste and nutrition, for your dog’s long, healthy life. – Also for this, I am finding either Purina Little Bites or Purina Little Bits Indoor Complete, are these two the same? My dog loves the outdoors, but stays inside most of the day

Okay, So out of all these foods, which one could my dog like most if he likes Puppy Chow and Beneful for Puppies? Right now, he eats the Beneful Original formula… Ummm… What else should I tell you? I think thats all. Thank you so much for helping me and my dog(Riley)!! You are going to be so much of a help for us! I promise to pick a best answer!

I would not feed nay of that crap. They companies say it is good so you will buy it. If you look at the ingredients, you will find that they are mostly made of corn, wheat and by-products. Not things your dog should eat.

Try a food made out of meat. There are many that have a named meat (beef, lamb, chicken etc) at least 3 times in the top 5 ingredients.

Check out pick a 4-6 star food. Your dog will probably like it better and it will be better for him.