Side effects of taking vicodin

Side effects of taking vicodin

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Side effects of taking Vicodin during intense exercise?

I’m running the LA Marathon in 2 weeks, been training for months, but have been having some minor to moderate knee pain during long distance runs. My personal trainer told me he’d give me a vicodin just in case during the run the pain becomes intense. I understand its illegal to take prescription drugs that are not prescribed for you. My goal is to complete the marathon, not a time goal.

It may help you damage your knee.
It will show up if your urine is tested.
It takes 45 minutes or so to work.

Swimmers are drug tested for events,
and if anyone sees you take anything on
the course it would increase your chance
for disqualification. I am not a runner.

I would have the trainer check my
shoes and gait, and possibly tape or
brace the knee to avoid the pain.

Vicodin will slow respiration and heart rate,
so unless you have issues with either
hydrocodone or acetaminophen, the
biggest health risk would be the potential
of damaging the knee by running hurt.
I would prefer to take banned substances
after the event rather than risk injury or

Ibuprofen is a very good anti inflammatory,
best taken with a little food and lots of
water during the training, but if the knee
balloons, try later. Also, rest and ice
before the event may be a good preparation.

You should not have any distance runs
in the final two weeks.
Good Luck!

Bad side effects of taking a vicodin or percoset?

If someone I know was prescribed one of these pills, and I took one for a screaming migraine without being prescribed any, could there be any bad side-effects, other than allergic reactions (which are out because I’m not allergic to either)

There would be a chance of constipation, a side effect many opiates have. One will not get you addicted, rather it would day about once a day of recreational use for withdrawal syptoms to occur. Don’t take more than 10 mgs of Hydrocodone, which is in Vicodin, or 10 milligrams of Oxycodone, which is in Percocet, at one time since you have no opiate tolerance. Make sure you don’t take more than 1000 mgs of acetaminophen, which is in both percocet and vicodin at one dose. Look up the pills if you plan to take more than one pill to determine the acetaminophen content. One alternative migraine medicine is consuming the seeds of morning glory plats, commonly found at lowes. It contains chemicals similar to LSD, which can GREATLY reduce migraine symptoms. Do a search for LSA along with the word migraine and you should find some good information.

What are bad side effects to taking Vicodin once a day?

My girlfriend recently told me that shes been taking 2 vicodin to make herself throw up for about 2 weeks now because she thinks shes fat. Once I talked her out of it, she convinced me that she had to finish off her last 6, one at a time so she doesnt go through major withdrawals and her mom doesnt notice.. But now shes down to her last 3, and she says she doesnt see the harm in doing it how she is now, one a day…. I know she shouldnt, and that its not good for her, but I need some facts or something, anything anybody can help me out here to get her off it… Besides it being super addicting.

ive been taking vicodin, percocet, oc’s and opanas everyday for about a month or so and it all started because i was trying to lose weight and it curbed my appitite.. i figured it was ok at first because i was only taking them when i got outta work at night so i didnt eat at night.. i began getting sick every morning and finally broke down yesterday when i was withdrawaling VERY badly!! on day two and feeling much better.. the symptoms of withdrawal are RLS (restless leg syndrome, mostly at night) throwing up constantly, cant keep food down, hot and cold flashes, headaches, runny/stuffy nose, and coughing…its not a fun thing to go through sence im quitting cold turkey and never looking back.. i didnt think i had a problem until it hit me yesterday.. quitting cold turkey and dealing with the withdrawals as they come without any help of any other drugs is the best i think that way when i think about pills i feel sick to my stomach and will never go back! please try to help her and maybe she can learn from my experience.. ive been there and didnt think it was a problem until it was too late.. i will pray for her and hope she gets better with your help.. she needs support from you and u need to be there for her during all of this or she will relapse.. good luck to you and your girlfriend

What are the side effects of taking viccodin?

Sometimes my friends and I abuse taking vicodin…we will take on average 4 viccodin 350mg pills in a night, 3x a week sometimes. What are the side effects of doing this??

You’ll feel drausey and tired. You may feel a little dizzy too. You’ll feel calm. Viccodin, like all opiates, is an extremely easy drug to overdose on. Be careful. I highly encourage you to find other means to achieve the feelings that Viccodin gives you. Good luck, but please stop taking them as soon as you can.

Are there any side effects of taking 50mg of zoloft and 2 vicodin?

I am on a prescription of 50mg Zoloft that I took at like 2:30 in the afternoon. I started getting a really bad head ache so I took 2 vicodin (the little blue ones) starting at 9 and spread out between 4 hours. Are there going to be any side effects I should really be worried about? Call me stupid but I’ve taken xanex and vicodin before and I called the doctor and they said it wouldn’t do anything because they are for 2 different purposes.

so let me get this straight… you’ve asked a qualified medical practitioner who said that it was OK but you now want the definitive answer from… who? A teenager on Y!A with no qualifications who *obviously* knows better than any doctor?

In this case it would appear that the adjective you used to describe yourself is entirely understated and inadequate.

With every drug comes a leaflet describing the side effects, dosage and what other drugs it shouldn’t be combined with. I suggest you read it. Preferably *before* taking the medicine.

EDIT: it’s not me who mixed two drugs without knowing what the possible consequences would be. You must go through every day being continually amazed that you’re still alive.

It’s not me who has ignored the information available with every drug and instead sought the advice of any unqualified person on here who cares to answer.

Just because two drugs are used to treat two different problems doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t interract causing unpleasant side-effects.

Vicodin side effects? Please Help.?

I just got my wisdom teeth removed about 2 days ago. They have me on Vicodin, and when I take it I seem to get really dizzy (or I’ll go in between relaxed, and about to have an enormous panic attack or something), and I actually feel like I’m doped up more than at ease. I also have hypothyroidism (88 mcg synthroid), and wonder if that can play any part of my symptoms. I’m wondering if these are common, or if I should tell my doctor I need something else for pain management. I’m not sure if other people have some nasty side effects from taking these, I try not to take anything in my life, even advil if I have a head-ache, and now that I’m taking all these meds, I’m wondering if there going overdrive since I have no tolerance. Thanks.

You can call the dentist and have them put you on something else.Dizziness can be caused by vicodin and can be one of the side effects.

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