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saw palmetto?

My Doctor recomended saw palmetto for mild prostate problem. How much should a person take? Are there any best types. Is there a preferable time of day to take it? Any other saw palmetto information. I am 53 years old.

There is evidence that saw palmetto can reduce symptoms of an enlarged prostate. However, in 2006 a large study of 225 men with moderate-to-severe BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy) found no improvement with 320 mg saw palmetto daily for 1 year versus placebo.

For enlarged prostate, a dose of 320 milligrams daily by mouth, in one dose or two divided doses, of an extract standardized to contain 85 to 95% fatty acids and sterols, has been used in numerous studies. (Another source says 80% to 90% liposterolic content.)

Rectal saw palmetto (640 milligrams once daily) extract has also been used for benign prostatic hypertrophy.

Traditional or other suggested doses that are less studied include: 1 to 2 grams of ground, dried, or whole berries daily; 2 to 4 milliliters of tincture (1:4) three times daily; 1 to 2 milliliters fluid extract of berry pulp (1:1) three times daily; or tea (2 teaspoons dried berry with 24 ounces water, simmered slowly until liquid is reduced by half) taken as 4 ounces three times daily. Teas prepared from saw palmetto berries are potentially not as effective because the active ingredients may not dissolve in water. Some experts believe that a preparation called lipidosterolic extract of Serenoa repens (LSESR) may cause fewer side effects.

As with many other herbs, the quality of commercial saw palmetto products may vary widely. For this reason, it is best to purchase a saw palmetto product that has been evaluated by an independent lab, such as Consumer Labs ( Some products are also certified by the USP.……

Can Saw Palmetto make you have a false positive pregnancy test?

I have been taking saw palmetto for 3 days, and have had pregnancy symptoms for almost 2 months. I had a few negative tests, then today i had a positive at the doctor. Could the saw palmetto make me have a false positive?

I don’t think so… and I don’t know why people think that the doctor’s pee tests are more reliable than one you’d take at home. It’s all the same. The only difference I can think of would be that they know how to administer them properly (less chance of error) because of all the experience they have with that sort of thing.The more reliable one would be the blood test. I don’t think that Saw Palmetto would make HCG appear in your system unless you were actually pregnant. Congratulations!

What is Saw Palmetto called in General. I found its a herb/fruit on one of the articles?

Saw Palmetto – Found it is one of the herbs/fruits in a medical article. But could not find what exactly is it called in Common language and where can I get it from.

Its Saw Palmetto only

Its botanical name is Sabal serrulata and has long been utilized by the Seminole Indians as a tonic to promote strength. The main constituents include glycerides, steroids, flavonoids, and volatile oil.

It is suited to the individual who experiences a frequent urge to urinate at night, experiences difficulty passing urine, and senses a feeling of coldness in the sexual organs. It is sometimes also used in lower potencies for urinary incontinence in older men.

Saw palmetto enhances the actions of other herbs – thus, it helps support the prostate gland’s healthy hormone balance necessary for optimal sexual function.

For more details check out the below mentioned pages to find out exact usage of Saw palmetto in herbal products.

Can you use Saw Palmetto for horses with similar symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia?

There is a horse at my barn who urinates up to 12 times before noon, and we have noticed that his case resembles prostate issues. Saw Palmetto was recommended by a doctor for prostate, so why not for a horse?

What is recommended for humans may not be recommended for animals. You need to talk to a vet to get the answers you need.

Is Saw Palmetto helpful for stopping the problem of dripping after urination?

My understanding is that Saw Palmetto is helpful for strengthening the urinary system. I have a problem of overrunning/dripping of urine after going to the bathroom. Any other suggested natural helps? What would be an appropriate dose for a male adult of 170 lbs?

It won’t hurt to try it, but if you are middle-aged a little dripping is common with a narrowing urethra or bladder weakening over the years. Nothing too serious. Ask your doctor.

Remember: “No matter how you shake or dance, the last drop always falls in your pants.”

Where can I buy a saw palmetto oil in UK to use as a topical treatment for hair loss?

Saw Palmetto is traditionally used as a topical treatment to help improve skin and scalp conditions and combat hair loss by reviving the follicles.

Hmm, does it really work?? I know that rogaine and propecia work, also hair transplant (FUE) is a good option. Can you update your anwer and tell if saw palmetto has really been a good dht blocker and stopped your hair loss?? I could try it, tried just all the stuuf below so far.

1) Hair transplant (FUE technology) creates really natural hairline, no scars, the best way to go if you have enough donor hair and money of course.

2. Propecia (Finasteride) and Minoxidil are the only ones approved by FDA and proven to work in most men so far.

But before you consider to start propecia you must really study about the side effects. It can mess your hormones real bad if you are not
lucky, so you must choose, hair or these side effects. Quite a big perecent have these side effects, more than Merck – the company that holds
Propecia trademark is saying. see
Generic Propecia (finasteride) is also ok. I use it with same results, and unfortunately same sides(a bit dry feeling in the scalp) as brand propecia. Have tried lots of herbal c..p before it and laser combs, so far the only thing that prevents my hairloss, not much regrowth, but has stopped my hairloss completely.
I buy from this pharmacy for the last 2 years – . It is under $1 per pill as I buy the 90 pills. (89$ for 90)

Is there a differnce in saw palmetto for men and women?

I just bought some saw palmetto and after I got home realized the back says “this product is intended for use by men and not intended for use by women”. Does all saw palmetto say that? Should I get something else? I’ve heard of lots of other women taking saw palmetto, so I was curious.

It is different. For men, it helps prevent prostate diseases, and hair loss.
For women, the effect is different, helping the urethra to ease inflammation and, therefore, decreasing pain and increasing sexual desire.

Where can I find saw palmetto and how is it applied?

I was reading on wikipedia that saw palmetto is good for hair loss but I have no idea where it is sold or how you are supposed to apply it? I noticed my hair is thinning and I want to prevent it. Thanks in advance.

in pill or caqsule form…at any drugstore or even Walmart. I know people who take it for prostate health.

Is it safe for women to use saw palmetto?

I’ve read labels on several saw palmetto bottles which warn women saying that it is a herb meant for men.

It would depend on a few things like your current health and if you are on any other medications. Here is the medline link that covers the subject:…

So i’ve read that women taking saw palmetto can lower their androgen levels and it will increase estrogen?

But i read that this is for women with high testosterone levels.

Can anything bad happen if a women with “normal” testosterone and estrogen levels takes saw palmetto?

Saw Palmetto helps balance out hormones in women with high(er) testosterone levels. It is typically useful for women with PCOS. It helps stop unwanted hair growth and can help with acne and balding. I have PCOS and started taking Saw Palmetto today 🙂

I heard it was beneficial in 160mg

My friend had “normal” levels and was the one who gave the supplement to me because she said it didn’t do anything for her… We’ll see if it helps PCOS!

If you don’t want to change or alter your hormone levels you should prob not take this supplement- I would suggest a Hair, Skin, and Nails one if you want the hair and skin benefits.

Good luck! xx