Order xanax?

Order xanax?

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Can someone order xanax or valium with an online prescription from overseas, to America, with it being legal?

I’m not wanting to import xanax without a prescription. I’m not wanting to get caught having it and get a felony. I’m curious if it is legal to purchase xanax from online. Some websites have doctors who can prescribe it online, if you tell them your symptoms. Please no yelling “drug addict”, because it really helps with anxiety.

A prescription from an online physician is inherently an illegal prescription.
It is always illegal to import any medications. Customs will press charges for a controlled medication, if caught.

Does anyone know a trusted site to order xanax without a prescription?

I am unable to attain insurance at my job, but I feel I need something for social anxiety.

You can’t get insurance with your job, but what does that have to do with getting a prescription? If a site’s selling xanax w/o one, it can’t be trusted. Plus, xanax is only for very short-term, and withdrawal is almost always worse than the problem itself. If it’s social anxiety, you need longer term treatment. Unless you just want xanax, in which case you’re either an addict or a dealer.

What is the best website to order Xanax?

I don’t have insurance so please help!

If you have a presctiption from your doctor, it a very inexpensive med at a pharmacy if you specify generic. Call all of your local pharmacies and ask what they charge. There can be a vast difference between store for the same product. Most pharmacy web sites are very very inflated prices. Without insuance I pay about $30 a month for my ‘script. If you don’t have a prescription from your doctor please don’t take this med. It is very addictive and should not be used without a physicians direction. Good luck.

where is the best place to order xanax online?

for medical reasons only,a place that dont hassle that much

Maybe next to the rehab clinic website.

How long do you have to take Xanax in order to experience withdrawal?

I took 1MG friday, saturday and .5MG sunday.
Today I felt nervous and trembling.

You would definatly not withdrawal from that.

If you take 2mg everyday for 2 weeks, you will most likely withdraw then.

Benzo addiction happens very fast

Does anyone one know where I can order generic xanax .5mg?

Does anyone know where I can order a generic xanax in the .5mg? All I can find is 1mg and up. Also if anyone knows where I can find a good price I would appreciate it. I don’t have health insurance so everytime it comes time to refill my prescription it is a huge blow to my bank account. So this time I was thinking of looking for a pharmacy online whose prices are a little cheaper then CVS or Walgreens. If any one has any suggestions I would appreciate it.

If you have a prescription you can get 28 Alprazolam .5 mg at wallgreens for $12.59 seems pretty cheap to me. That is what I get and hw much it cost me in NJ.

Can you order xanax online my friend says he did but how would oyu know if its real?

you can order anything on-line, however there is a very high percentage of fraudulent drugs on the internet.

where to order xanax????

has any1 ever order any xanax off the internet without a prescription successfully? my aunts friend did it but she wont tell me what the website is… if anyone knows will they send my the website please!

there is a dude named Terrence, down at the park, usually on Thursday nights, he sells xanax, check him out

What can i tell my doctor in order for him to prescribe me xanax?

I have anxiety but i dont get panic attacks can i still get prescribed xanax for that?

Don’t see a MD, see a shrink and tell him you have panic attacks.
With the current world financial problems, he’ll probably give you
just about anything to keep you calm.

Is it legal to order drugs like xanax from Switzerland from a 3rd party pharma that also offers a doctors prec

Legal or not is it OK to order prescription drugs like xanax from a pharmaenergy.com. The drugs are coming with a Doctors prescription and a questionaire for the doctor who is prescribing the drug? I’ve ordered like this once and the meds were just fine. But when I did it again I recieved a letter from Homeland Security stating that is was illegal to order drugs from other countries? Why is it illegal? I felt the drugs were good and not old. According to Home land Security or the DEA we should not trust meds from other countries. To me the letter from the DEA was paranoid and delusional. I can’t find any details regarding if this is really illegal. Does anyone know anything about this????

how do you know it is Switzerland, and not just an address for a chinese company using poisons.

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