No prescription vicodin

No prescription vicodin

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I was recently caught selling my prescription vicodin to a undercover cop who I met online. What will happen?

I don’t have any felonies, convictions or misdemeanors. I have never been in trouble and met a guy on CL who asked did I party I said no but I have vicodin. I met him and was arrested. I have court in 1 month. I am nervous as hell. It was a stupid mistake!!!!! I can’t take a felony being that I am in education and work with children. Does anyone have some advice. I have heard that public defenders don’t have your best interest of concern. This took place in LA county. Please any advice would help.

Sounds like you are hosed. Try to get a plea down to a class A misdemeanor that you can plead no contest to.

Pharmacy refused to fill my Vicodin prescription for root canal?

I had a rough root canal today. I tried a new dentist who did a good job (it’s not his fault my dying nerve did not cooperate). When I left the dentist gave me one prescription for an antibiotic and one presciption for 20 Vicodin.

I went to the closest pharmacy to get the prescriptions filled, telling them I have no health insurance and will be paying cash.

The pharmacist filled the antibiotic and refused to fill the Vicodin. She wrote on the prescription too soon to refill and gave me the script back.

I asked her how it could be too soon to refill since I just had the root canal and the script was written that day by a dentist I had never seen before and I am paying cash? She replied she made a call and that was what she was told. She just kept repeating Vicodin is a controlled substance and she refused to elaborate nor did she offer a consult for the one script they filled.

I have the script with her handwriting on it and want to go another pharmacy and get it filled, but I want to know–will the next pharmacist fill it or will the handwriting make them suspicious? I would like to be in less pain, but I don’t need any legal trouble either.

So, if you work in a pharmacy, would you fill this legitimate prescription or would you call the police?

Please help! 10 points to best answer!

Thank you!!

have you had vicodin filled elsewhere recently?

vicodin is a controlled substance (because it can become very addictive) and therefore all the scripts are shared in a computer system between pharmacies.

i used to work for a dentist and weekly we would get faxes from pharmacies that would have lists of peoples names and all the rx they were getting filled from us and some other drs. you would be surprised how many people have 5-6 drs prescribing them vicodin at once (for teeth, back pain, foot pain, headaches, ect.)

Not saying this is what is happening to you but you can call your dentist and ask then to contact the pharmacy…maybe they can get out of them why they wont fill it. I highly doubt another pharmacy will fill something that has “too soon to refill” written on it.

you can also ask your dentist if there are non-controlled meds that you can take that will have a good effect on the pain if you cant find a pharmacy to fill it.

Hope your feeling better, i know how much root canals hurt 😛

Should I get a prescription for Vicodin?

I am an avid motocross racer, and with the territory comes injuries. I suffered a wrist injury 3 years ago that still bugs me. I also am suffering from a knee injury and back pain. The back pain is the worst and on a good day only bugs me slightly. On a bad day it hurts when I bend to tie my shoes. I have found out that all my injuries are muscle related [no fractures,etc]
I was prescribed 500mg Naproxen but it did little for me at all. I thought perhaps a low dose Vicodin prescription to take As Needed would help to make the pain go away when it re-occurs. I am also currently on Fluvoxamine [ Luvox ] for my OCD.

Ask your psychiatrist for the Vicodin prescription. He or she will also be able to tell you whether it will interact with the Luvox you’re taking.

How do I refill a prescription?

My wife just got out of the hospital and they gave her a prescription of Vicodin. She is almost out but there is 1 refill on the bottle.

Can I just refill it with the bottle? I think the nurse took all the paperwork. Do I have to go back to the pharmacy at the hospital or will anywhere fill it? Does my wife have to crawl (literally) out of bed, or can I get it for her?

Sorry, I have no experience with prescriptions. I live in CA if that matters.

You call the pharmacy where it was filled and there is a number on it that says Rx and then a number. You tell the pharmacy you need to refill the prescription. Sometimes you can just call the pharmacy and it is all automated, it will ask if you want to refill a prescription and if you do just follow the prompts. You have to refill it where you first filled it unless you want to change pharmacies. Another pharmacy will refill it but you have to take the bottle to the pharmacy you want to refill it and they will get your records where you first filled it from the other pharmacy so it’s easier just to refill it where you first filled it. And yes, you can pick up your wife’s prescription, no problem.

If ALL prescription medications were allowed to become OTC,would we really see a major increase in drug abuse?

First off, a certain percentage of the population will always abuse some sort of drug legal or illegal. The controlled prescription drugs, (Vicodin, Oxycontin, Xanax, Valium etc), if these drugs were available at the local Wallgreens but without a prescription, would we then have a nation of drug addicts? It seems to me that, yes, initially we would see an increase in problems, but because of the now OTC status of these drugs, we would not see the major criminal aspects involved with obtaining the illegal variety, because people would now have a steady supply, and not need to go on the streets. Now obviously this is similar to just legalizing all curentlly illegal drugs,(cocaine, METH etc.), but these drugs have no acceptable medical value,and are very dangerous, so they shouldn’t be legalized. But the medications that DO have medical value, could perhaps be available OTC, and maybe this would cut down on the abuse of the illegal variety. What do you think?

we would see a large increase in abuse…. of the narcotics that you can leglly get by prescription now.

We would also see a lot of people self-prescribing the wrong medications and killing themselves by accident.

Let the Doctor tell you which drug you need to cure your illness. (unless its obvious such as mild indigestion)

Does anyone know of a good online pharmacy to order Vicodin without a doctors prescription ?

No I’m not addicted, I just would like an easier way to obtain some when I need them for very painful cancerous endometriosis, I am due to have surgery soon, but my doctor is not prescribing any pain killers to any of his patients anymore due to the DEA and Insurance regulations, any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank You

Endometriosis and Natural Progesterone

While the cause of endometriosis is unknown we do know that it is an estrogen driven disease. And the body’s natural anti-estrogen is progesterone.

Controlling the Symptoms of Endometriosis with Progesterone
We know that when a woman falls pregnant, often endometriosis will disappear, only to return again after pregnancy. There is some very strong correlation between the two. This suggests that the sex hormones are involved and that high progesterone levels produced in pregnancy play an important part in controlling this disease.

That’s why progesterone is recommended from days 8 to 26 (just before menstruation) or whenever your normal menstrual cycle ends, breaking from cream briefly to refresh receptor sites. This mimics a pseudo-pregnancy state, and facilitates healing.

Higher than normal doses are required which appear to be well tolerated. Levels around about 60~80mg/day are usually required for pain management. You know you are taking too high a dose if you begin to feel sleepy after applying cream.

Most women will find that they can reduce their dosage of progesterone after 7-12 months, however, attempts to go below 40mg/day progesterone often allows symptoms to creep back in.

Keep in mind that a delayed diagnosis of endometriosis after numerous years of medication and synthetic hormone cocktails often leads to liver dysfunction, adrenal exhaustion, and chronic pain / fatigue which can compromise the uptake of progesterone.

No one is suggesting progesterone cures endometriosis but we certainly know, based on empirical evidence, that it appears to play a major role in controlling its distressing symptoms. We know that women who stopped progesterone felt great for a few months and then suddenly, after progesterone stores had washed from the body, the disease would flare back up.

Most women with endometriosis remain on progesterone cream for maintenance and pain control, and adjust their dose when necessary, increasing when indicated such as in times of stress.

You can buy Vicodin via…

Question about legalities concerning a parent handing in hookah/prescription drugs?

okay, so i have a friend whose dad is extremely protective; my friend is a good person she just experimented this summer with a lot of stupid stuff – so she had a bag that her parents found, containing a hookah, a bowl, hookah tobacco, and some prescription vicodin (Expired) under MY name. would they contact my house about this? honestly i dont think the police can even do anything except destroy everything but the only thing i’m worried about is the prescription.technically, there wasn’t anything bad except the bowl, but other wise there were no illegal drugs in that bag. what will happen to her?

Its a federal crime to give prescription drugs to anybody not listed on the prescription. You could get into a lot of trouble.

Where can i order REAL 100% vicodin or hydrocodone online with no prescription?

would just like to know of a place online that i can order my pain medication. ive been on it now for a year and a half from my doc, and now he wants me to get off but its hard, and i would like to have more. so if you can help me find a place online that i can order some vicodin or hydrocodone, the real 100% stuff with no prescription, please help.

you gotta google it but it’s way expensive. maybe you should explain to your doctor that you’re hooked on it and to find alternative ways to get you off the stuff!
Good luck!

If you been on a prescription such as vicodin 4 a long time?

an you are no longer taking them, can you have worse aches and pains

Yes, you can. Becoming dependent on pain meds can make your pain feel worse than it should if you suddenly stop. The symptoms of withdraw usually include an increase in pain, and even nausea. Once the drugs are out of your system though, things will return to normal. If you have been taking pain meds a long time, it is best to discuss stopping them with your doctor, so they can help you through the detox process. Coming off a dependency of pain meds can be very difficult and painful on your own. I suggest seeking medical advice if this is what you are trying to accomplish. If so, you’ll be glad you did. Stay safe, and good luck.

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