Nitroprusside in pregnancy and breastfeeding


Risk Factor: C
Class: Cardiovascular drugs/ Antihypertensives/ Other antihypertensives

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Fetal Risk Summary
Breast Feeding Summary

Fetal Risk Summary

No reports linking the use of sodium nitroprusside with congenital defects have been located. Nitroprusside has been used in pregnancy to produce deliberate hypotension during aneurysm surgery or to treat severe hypertension (1,2,3,4,6,7 and 8). Transient fetal bradycardia was the only adverse effect noted (1). One advantage of nitroprusside is the very rapid onset of action and the return to pretreatment blood pressure levels when the drug is stopped (8). Balanced against this is the potential accumulation of cyanide in the fetus.

Nitroprusside crosses the placenta and produces fetal cyanide concentrations higher than maternal levels in animals (9). This effect has not been studied in humans. A 1984 article reviewed the potential fetal toxicity of nitroprusside (6). Avoidance of prolonged use and the monitoring of serum pH, plasma cyanide, red blood cell cyanide, and methemoglobin levels in the mother were recommended. Standard doses of nitroprusside apparently do not pose a major risk of excessive accumulation of cyanide in the fetal liver (6).

Breast Feeding Summary

No data are available.



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