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Levitra, Cilias? is there a major difference between these two?

I do plan on seeing a doctor…but I’d like to get professional advice from doctors out there.

Also, does taking Propecia with Levitra or Cilias a health-hazard?

And what are some of the side-effects from taking Levitra and Cilias?

Thanks to all the doctors out there.

One may work better then the other for you. Experimenting with different ones will tell you. There should be no problem with Propecia, and each one has different reactions with enhancement pills. You may feel like you have a blood rush in your face with eye pressure, and sinus stuffiness. Some experience blue halos in their vision. I haven’t really found one that works as i have had an injury. I did experience the reactions i speak of with Viagra when i tried it, along with a queezy stomach. Hve the doctor give you a sample to try , and don’t quit with the first bad reaction. Good Luck! I take Cialis daily to see if it will make a difference. So far nothing. I had a little fullness with the levitra. But i also have an implant.