Levallorphan in pregnancy and breastfeeding


Risk Factor: D
Class: Central nervous system drugs/ Narcotic antagonists

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Fetal Risk Summary
Breast Feeding Summary

Fetal Risk Summary

Levallorphan is a narcotic antagonist that is used to reverse respiratory depression from narcotic overdose. It has been used in combination with alphaprodine or meperidine during labor to reduce neonatal depression (1,2,3,4,5 and 6). Although some benefits were initially claimed, caution in the use of levallorphan during labor has been advised for the following reasons (7): a.

statistically significant reduction in neonatal depression has not been demonstrated; b.

the antagonist also reduces analgesia; c.

the antagonist may increase neonatal depression if an improper narcotic-narcotic antagonist ratio is used.

As indicated above, levallorphan may cause respiratory depression in the absence of narcotics or if a critical ratio is exceeded (7). Because of these considerations, the use in pregnancy of levallorphan either alone or in combination therapy should be discouraged. If a narcotic antagonist is indicated, other agents that do not cause respiratory depression, such as naloxone, are preferred.

Breast Feeding Summary

No data are available.



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