How to take clomid

How to take clomid

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How are you suppose to take Provera and Clomid?

Ok…so yesterday they prescribed Provera and Clomid….(50mg)…and I am planning on strarting tommorrow…I’m just not exactly sure how I should be taking them….The nurse drew a little chart for me and this is what I understand…I start Provera and on the 5-9 day I’m suppose to take Clomid and 12-18 day I should have sex…is that the way it suppose to be…..and How long will I be on the provera for?

Your doctor should have gave you instruction on how to take Provera and clomid. My doctor told me to take the provera for 5 days and wait for my period and then five days after the first day I started I was to start with clomid. You should be on Provera for 5 days and then on clomid for five days

How did your doctor tell you to take clomid?

I’m doing some research on clomid for infertility. Its for a paper I’m working on. Can you please share what instructions your doctor gave you when you first began taking clomid? I know you’re suppose to take it on certain days of the cycle, but I’ve heard conflicting stories about when you’re suppose to have intercourse. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Im fixing to start my second round in 2 days of clomid. I take clomid from cycle day 5-9. And told me to absoultly no sex cycle day 10-12 and all the intercoarse i want cycle day 13-15. I take clomid cause of a hormonal inbalance during ovulation (type of PCOS) just in case you want to know the side affects i’ve had was hot flashes, headaches, and moody. During ovualtion is made ovulation cramps so much stronger than usual. (i couldnt walk when the cramps were going on, the were sharp and painful) My doctor said taking clomid can increase your chance of ovarian cancer, and over stimilation of the ovaries.

How long does clomid take to work?

I am looking into taking clomid so I can get peg . But my question is how long before it take works?
Or could I try something else inseated of clomid ? and what are the side effects of taking clomid ?

i took clomid for 3 cycles and got pregnant my third. but it made me ovulate all three, so mine started working right away it just took 3 cycles to get pregnant. but most i think get pregnant there 2 or maybe even the 1st.. Try it its really good. not to many side effects, dizziness, mood swings, cramping, light headed, blurd vision, and some others but there not bad the only one i really get is the mood swings. but nothing bad.oh and some ppl take femara. i dont know how good it is but i heard its really good to… Good luck hope this helps and tons of baby dust

What Dosage of Clomid and on What Cycle Days Do You Take it to Increase Your Chances of Having Twins?

I really want the twin experience and I understand that Clomid increases the chances of having twins. Can you please tell me what dosage (how many milligrams) of Clomid you have to take to up your chances of having twins? Also, what cycle days are better to take Clomid? Thanks so much!!

They will not give you clomid to increase your chances of having twins. Beside clomid would be the least effective fertility drug to give you twins as it have the lowest rate of multiple birth.

Fertility drugs are for people who are infertile, not people who want twins.

When to do I take Robitussin after taking Clomid?

I have been put on Clomid 100mg for this month. I will take it cycle days 2-6. I will also be trying to take Robitussin to help with my thick cervical mucus. I just wanted to know when do. I start taking the Robitussin and for how long? Also, where can you get the plain kind from? I don’t think I have seen it anywhere. Does it have to be Robitussin or can I take a store brand?

Im also on Clomid and I started taking Robitussin on CD 10 because I know I usually ovulate around CD 14-16. Ive been taking two tablespoons a day so hopefully it works. Get the plain Robitussin, generic is fine. Good luck and tons of baby dust!

How long did it take for you to become pregnant with taking clomid?

I start taking 50mg of clomid on days 3-7 of my cycle. Just wondering how long it took all of you and what dose you were at. Also anything to help cm. I am extremly dry the way it is and I heard that clomid can make that worse.



How long did it take to get pregnant using clomid?

I am taking clomid to help me get pregnant due to PCOS. I was just wanting some feedback from anyone else who has taken it. How many rounds did you have to do? And what were your side effects? I have had the most painful constipation as a side effect, has anyone else experienced that?

I don’t have PCOS-I have unexplained secondary infertility. I took Clomid for 4 months, but during month four it quit working for me. Doc said some women become “immune” to it. I switched to Femara and got pregnant cycle 1.

I also know someone who got pregnant first cycle on Clomid, with PCOS, and she got twins.

Soooo….everyone is different, I guess.

Good luck-baby dust!

How long did it take you to get pregnant taking clomid?

I have just started taking Clomid and was wondering how long it took most people to become pregant?

I took three rounds of clomid, the final of the three I also took Puragon injections too. I responded to the first round, but did not respond to the second. My doctor decided that clomid was not enough, so he added the injections of puragon.
Good luck – the third time was a charm for me; I am 11 weeks 3 days pregnant right now!

How long does it usually take on Clomid?

I have been taking Clomid, now this is my 4th cycle. I was wondering how long it actually takes to get pregnant with it. I know that from everything that I read in medical documents it states 3-6 cycles you can get pregnant, but I was wondering what actual women experienced. My nerves are just shot and we want a child more than anything, we are trying to conceive our first.

My RE felt that statistically, it would work within 3 cycles . . . that being said, we tried Clomid for 4 cycles and then moved onto injectible fertility meds.

Be sure to discuss this with your doctor . . . I think that always knowing what would come next in the realm of fertility treatments helped me to continue to move forward until we got our BFP.

Good luck & loads of baby dust!!!

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