How to get pregnant on clomid

How to get pregnant on clomid

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How many cycles did it take for you to pregnant on clomid and IUI?

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years. I am healthy and I ovulate normal, but we just found out my husband have low sperm count. So the doctor have me on clomid and in a few days I go get the IUI treatment in 3 days. How long did it take you all?

We had to resort to IUI as well, due to my husband’s low sperm count. We have done 2 and both were unsuccessful. Our first IUI we had a post wash sperm count of 8mil, 2nd one we had 9mil. Most clinics require 5mil for an IUI, some require 10, and I have heard of couples having success with IUI with a post wash count as low as 4mil. So as long as the post wash count is in the mil’s and not thousands, you will be in with a good chance. Keep in mind that besides my husband’s low count, he has motility issues as well, which did play a part in the failed IUI’s. So it depends on your husband’s diagnosis as well. Our last IUI was a few months ago, so we’ve taken a few months to heal and are gradually easing ourselves into our 3rd.

Have your husband see a urologist for his low count. My husband’s urologist put him on Clomid in hopes of raising his count. Men can take Clomid too, and are prescribed it for sperm issues. He also has my husband on another product called Proxeed, which is known to improve the count and help his little ones swim.

Good luck this upcoming IUI! Kick your feet up during your tww. I didn’t do any heavy lifting and made sure I had plenty of rest the following 2 weeks after my IUI’s. Fingers crossed, sending you tons of baby dust 🙂

How long did it take you to get pregnant on Clomid?

I have PCOS and will be starting treatment to get pregnant soon. I know Clomid is the first thing they try and my mom actually got pregnant with me and my brother on it. If you got pregnant on it, how long did it take?

it takes on average 3 cycles of Clomid to get pregnant, but sometimes it can be the first 🙂 also ask your doctor about Clomid and Metformin together as they’ve been found to be more effective for PCOS patinets, you can learn more about this PCOS and Clomid and ask doctors online for free and find others who have been through this experience and gotten pregnant, try

good luck!!

How long did it take you to get pregnant on clomid?

We have been trying for two years. We have had two miscarriages and about 3 uneventful clomid cycles in the last several months. Any advice?

The first time I took Clomid, I got pregnant the very first cycle. Unfortunately I had a miscarriage. After that my OB also gave me estrogen to take the 5 days immediately following the Clomid and then progesterone from day 16 of my cycle until I started my period or until the end of my first trimester if I got pregnant. I tried that for 5 months, gradually increasing the Clomid dosage. After 5 months, my OB also gave me HCG injections on days 14 and 21 of my cycle (in addition to the above). After 2 months I suggested I could possibly have PCOS, so my OB did a laparoscopy. He discovered I had a mild case of endometriosis and removed it. He also did a biopsy of my uterus lining and found out I had a luteal phase defect. This means my uterus lining doesn’t get thick enough for an egg to implant properly. Progesterone helps thicken the lining, but since I had already been taking it for 7 months, it obviously wasn’t enough. Therefore, my doctor increased the dosage of progesterone and I got pregnant the very next month. BTW – I was up to 200mg./day of Clomid.

A friend of mine just had her second miscarriage. She wasn’t on any fertility meds, but her OB has discussed putting her on progesterone. Also, my niece doesn’t have a problem getting pregnant, but can’t carry a pregnancy, so she was given progesterone as well.

I am in my 2nd month ttc baby #2. I am doing the same regimine this time as well. My OB is always up on the latest research, which I believe has really helped. Maybe you should seek a fertility specialist if your OB hasn’t done anything more than Clomid for you. Best of luck!

What were your symptoms the month you got pregnant on clomid?

I am on my 4th round of clomid. My day 21 progesterone was 31.31. I am on day 22 and my doc thinks I O’d on day 15 based on my chart (the computer thinks it was day 18). Usually by now my boobs are swollen and kill me. I have absolutely no breast tenderness.

How many rounds of clomid did it take you to get preggo?
What were your symptoms in the tww?
How was it different than the other rounds of clomid if at all?

I took Clomid for 5 cycles — 50mg for 4 cycles and 100mg for my fifth cycle. I got pregnant on my fifth cycle.

The month that I got pregnant, the biggest thing I noticed was that I had cramps for a week or so before AF was due. That was unusual for me. Also, my face broke out horribly right before I was due to start. I would normally have a zit or two, but this was much worse than that.

How long does it take to get pregnant using clomid with PCOS?

I am on my first cycle of Clomid after I found out a month ago that I have PCOS! My husband and I want to stay positive but IM scared the Clomid wont work!

To answer your QUESTION, success with Clomid happens within 6 cycles, with the average pregnancy occuring within the first 3 cycles. So if it doesn’t work for you on the first try, don’t give up. However, if you find that after a couple of cycles you’re not ovulating with Clomid, then move on to something else. Repeated use of Clomid doesn’t increase your chances of succes, especially if you don’t ovulate with it.

Try to go into it optimistic. There’s no reason to think why you won’t be one of the lucky ones.

Good luck!

How many have gotten pregnant on Clomid?

Hey ladies… I was just wondering how many ladies have gotten pregnant while on Clomid? How many months did you take it and what was your dosage?

This is my first month and I took 1 pill on CD 3-7. (50 mg). Today is CD 20 for me and tomorrow I go into the doctor to get bloodwork taken to see if I ovulated!

Thanks girls!!

hi there i took clomid for three cycles
i was taken 50mg from cd 5-9
it worked the third month for me
im 13wks +3days
good look and i hope it works for you hun xxxxx

Anyone women out there trying to get pregnant on clomid?

I am 32, no kids (1 miscarriage back in late 2003—in 9th week no heartbeat) and I desperately want to try again to have a baby. I’m on prometrium now to help regulate my period. I really need some advice. I am thinking of taking clomid in hopes of trying to conceive this summer. Any moms out there had any luck with clomid? How long did you take it before you got prego? Thanks so much.

i am ttc myself and my doc.. proscribed me
1. clomid 50 mg (to get me PGS)
2. metformin 500 mg (to double my chances on pregnancy)
3. prevera 10 mg (to induce a period)

and i am suppost to start next month in march but im am on metformin already i started metformin as soon as i got out of the doc.. office that day. and i start prevera this month on the 21st then when i start my period i will take clomid CD 5-9 so wish me luck hope i get pregnant the first month i take clomid. i wish u luck and baby dust to both b-cuz were going to be needing it this months to come keep me updated let us know what happens. i’ll keep u girlz updated…

How long or how many months did it take to get pregnant from clomid?

I had my period on 2-14 started my 1st time on clomid days 3-7. Less then a week after day 7 I am constipated, my nipples are sooooo sore and darker. If I had a regular period (which I don’t. generally 38-60 days) day 28 would be 3-13.
I don’t really expect much right now I just am really curious about the clomid.
Sorry I have been babbling a lot this week.

It took me about 6 months to get pregnant, but a friend got pregnant the first month. Good luck, relax, and have fun

Does anyone know how likely it is to get pregnant off clomid once you know it is working?

I went to the doctor today on day 11 of my cycle to check if the clomid had worked. They said it worked and i had many folicules so to continue with sex every other day. What is the likelyhood i will concieve?

As long as you’re ovulating, there is a 20% chance each cycle that you’ll become pregnant when you have sex at the right time. Good luck!

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