How long for clomid after depo

How long for clomid after depo

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How are your experiences with TTC after Depo Provera?

Hello I am 23 Happily Married I have been TTC now exactly a year since my last depo injection and still no luck! I wish I’ve never even takin this shot, I was younger and not told much about it at all and didn’t know better about the fact you really should research anything you take but anyway I am having a hard time getting pregnant. I am one of those unknown infertility because everything seems fine for the most part I don’t know if I am ovulating yet or not but I do get periods again so does that mean I’ve gotta be ovulating? This month I have taken 100mg of Clomid, Estrodial to make the lining thicker to hold a fertilized egg and i went to the dr yesturday on cycle day 13 the ultrasound showed good lining, a few small follicles on left side and omg one HUGEEEE follicle on the right side and when I say HUGE I mean Huge lol I’ve never seen it this big so does that mean better chances? Well my DR decided I can get the HCG Trigger shot which i was very excited about does that mean most deff chance i will release an egg? Then also gave me Crinone 8% Progesterone Gel which is said to make sure your body keeps the fertilized egg and makes your lining stay thick and you can even use the cream a few weeks while your pregnant to make sure there is no chances of M/C. So if any of you ladies worry about M/C you should mention this cream and find out more info about it. I would like to know some experiences you’ve had or heard open to anything about how long it took to get prego after depo and some experiences on this.. I guess I am on the two week wait right now… BLA sux I know and I am very inpatient too! haha. For some reason since we have started TTC I’ve felt that this month would be it and it’s weird right now I feel even after how long it’s taken that it will deff be this month!! Wish me Luck it’s deff hard to go through this and you want to just give up but no matter what I won’t and I encourage you ladies not too either it will happen when God intends it to happen just keep praying and keep POSITIVE! Baby dust to all and Good Luck and have some fun with the hubby while TTC! 😉

Hello even if you have your period it doesn’t mean that your ovulate but since your doctor has you on claimed it’s because your not ovulating. I toke the shot once and decided not to take it again instead I took the pill for two months to try and regulate myself and one month later I was pregnant with my
now 2yr old boy. So luckily I had no real problem conceiving!!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU HOPE YOU HAVE AN EASY TIME TTC and remember to have fun in the process and not stress about it.

Advice for getting pregnant after using Depo-Provera?

i fisrt started using depo-provera at the age of 16.. 10 years later i stopped….my last shot was in feb ( 2007 ) im still waiting for my menstural cycle to return and have been doing regular tests ( all negative ) in the small hope that i might have concieved… ive had no ‘spotting’ or any signs that my body maybe returning to normal and im starting to panic a bit. can this injection make you infertile? is there anyhting i can do to encourage my mensus to return? im desperate to start a family since getting married in june. ive heard that clomid might be an option… would appriciate any advice or experiences like how long did it take you to get pregnant….

I would say when it’s been a year that you’ve been off depo then go in for some help. Your body needed the year off from hormones.

The doctor will be able to give you medications to bring on your period and then stimulate ovulation. Maybe after a few cycles of having it done by medication your own body will kick in, or you may even get pregnant with the meds.

But either way, it was good that you’ve given your body a year’s rest from hormones.

Good luck.

How long should I give it before trying clomid or other fertility drugs?

I was diagnosed with PCOS and endometriosis at 15, now I’m 21 and trying to have a baby with my hubby of 2 years. We have been trying for about 7 months now with no success. I was on depo shot for 2 years and had my last one in june of 2009. I had no periods for 3 years straight, but then 5 months ago i had periods that went like this: first two months period went from 30th or 31st of month to 4th of next month, and was light. After that last 3 months the periods were about 6 to 7 weeks apart and lighter than before, sometimes barely spotting. I take pregnancy tests once a month because of my periods being unreliable, and I’m not pregnant. Anyways, my doctor said when I’m ready we can talk about trying something like clomid, that the 1 year rule does not apply to me because of my PCOS. I can’t be sure if I ovulate every month, but I do know that I ovulate at least every other month, because in those months I have painful ovulation in one side of my pelvis. Basal body temp. isn’t reliable for me because of irregular cycles. Anyways my question is how long should I wait to try the clomid? My biggest concern is the chances of twins, as well as the chance of developing hostile cervical mucus, so I’m hesitant. I guess I just don’t wanna waste time if it’s doubtful to happen naturally for me. By the way I am currently taking metformin 1500mg 3x per day as well as a prenatal vitamin and DH supplement. Advice?

It’s up to you and it depends on how much of a rush you are in. You are young and you have a lot of time before time is of the essence. I personally don’t understand women’s desire to have children when they are so young. Don’t you want time to relax and enjoy yourself before tying both you and your husband down? Establish a career? Get your own house (if you don’t have one) and get used to the mortgage payments? Get settled? Put money into a savings account? Unless you are financially indepedent having a child this early can cause a strain in your marriage. I’m not saying you should prevent it (I would, but that’s me), if it happens naturally then that is great, but intentionally seeking fertility assistance at age 21 just seems ridiculous. I personally feel unless there are specific reasons, infertilty treatment should not be given to couples until at least their mid to late 20’s. PCOS would not be an exception. There are many women who give birth without fertility treatment who have PCOS.

How effective is clomid?

I had the depo shot once and after that I didn’t use any other form of birth control. It has been well over 2years since my last dose was due and my husband and i have been ttc since then. I finished my first round of clomid and am on day 15 of my cycle and have been experiencing twinges of pains in my side for a few days now (they are sharp but last only a few seconds). We have had sex each day (per doctors instructions) since day 10…..i am hoping that this will be the month!! also how long after ovulation does it take for implantation? anything i can do to increase the chances?

I was on Clomid for 6 cycles and am pregnant with my first child. So it “worked” for me.

Things you do need to know about Clomid is that it can cause you to ovulate later or earlier than normal. It can also make you gain weight and cause mood swings. Also, it can cause Ovarian cysts when used too much.

As far as implantation, it can take from 3-5 days. But I wouldn’t start testing until you know for sure that you are late on your period. Just because sometims you get your hopes up and then are let down, and out of money if your period starts after the test.

What procedures do i need to go through before being prescribed clomid from a gp?

I had my last depo injection in sept 2005. I went straight onto the pill for 3 months. Since stopping the pill in feb 2006 I’ve had 1 period in July. I then had acupuncture a month ago as i hadn’t had a period since July. The day after acupuncture I got a period but don’t know whether it has helped with my cycles or fertility. Don’t know how long its gonna take to get my body back to normal to be able to conceive?

after going to my gp it took me 6 months to be put on to clomid after certain tests were carried out and can say i took my clomid in feburary and got pregnant on the first cycle of using clomid baby was due in november but i had a baby girl 14 days ago.
so clomid works for me anyway
good luck in the future

Just finished my 2nd round of clomid 50mg??

I have just (Friday) finished my 2nd round of clomid 50mg, the hospital cancelled my app for 8/2/08 and put me back until the 29/2/08. that will mean when we do go back that a have been on clomid for 3 month’s without even knowing whether or not the tablets are making me ovulate?? how long are you allowed to keep taking clomid, and what is the highest dose you can take?? i am a 33yr old woman who was on the depo for many years, when i first came of it i fell preg after 5 month’s but sadly miscarried. We have now been tryin for 16 month’s with no luck at all, is there any chance that i am on to a low dose?? please help me and my hubby want to start a family.

I am in a similar position to you, same dose of Clomid and new to the drug. I did have a blood test after my first round of Clomid (3/1/08) but was not contacted after this to say whether I had ovulated or not. I then rang the hospital myself 2 weeks later (after already starting my 2nd round) to be told that I shouldn’t have carried on without speaking to them!! As it was I had ovulated and was told to carry on. My next appointment is in May 08, this will be almost 6 months after being given Clomid, and I have not been given any further guidance on what to do – plus have heard about hyper sensitive stimulation and am worried that they are not checking for this in the meantime.
Keep trying and please keep in touch on your progress.

I think i may of added my last question in wrong place! so i will try now ere? need some advice on conceiving?

i have already got to sons age 10 and 7,im age 28 and been trying for another baby for the last 16 months! no joy at all! i was on the the depo injection for a year before and they say it can take longer after that but wasn’t expecting it to take this long! will my doc give me clomid yet or does any one no how long before he will? i had blood tests which say i am ovulating? any answers will help im sure or share ur story with me if its similar? just be nice to hear from some one!

Your doc may or may not give you clomid yet…it’s really up to the doctor you see. S/he may tell you to wait longer as it can take 2 or more years for depo to come out of your system. They may also suggest using BCPs for a while to ‘regulate your cycle’ which works for some and is disastrous for others.

Take it from someone in your position, but much further along, time is the only thing that can really help here. Depo should never be given to women who think they may want a/another baby in the future as it doesn’t quite work the way ‘they’ say it does! I had my last injection in May 2005 and I’m still working on #2! Yes, that’s 4 years of no contraceptives and no baby. I was on it for 9 months, so one less shot than you. I’m also 28 and have 1DD who was conceived without trying, so I know I had not problems prior to depo.

Are you have periods? Do you know if you’re ovulating? If you’re having pretty regular bleeds and don’t know if you’re Oing, are you charting? Have you tried BBT? I’d do this for at least one or two cycles before seeing the doctor so you are better armed, especially if you’re not Oing and having bleeds. If you are not having any cycles at all or if they are very drawn out or very long bleeds (i had some that were 3 weeks long and know some who have bleed for months at a time!), then I’d go straight to the doctor…there really isn’t much they can (or at least will) do, but at least you’ll know where you stand, hopefully. You could start taking AGNUS CASTUS (aka Chasteberry or Vitex) as it may help regulate your periods if they’re still wonky. Also, if you’re cycling and not Oing, you could try a month or two of taking SOYA ISOFLAVONES the same way you’d take clomid (for around 4 or 5 days early in the cycle, from CD3 or CD5…start with lowest dosage first!). It may or may not help but shouldn’t make things any worse for you at this point.

Question on clomid having a hard time to conceive?

Hi i was on the depo shot messed up my whole cycle back in 2002
i was then put on provera to bring down my period i am ttc i have a 9 year old daughter she is getting lonely bugging me for a sister

my new boyfriend has no kids yet he is 40 years old my boyfriends sperm count is a little low Dr says he can still have kids What is good for low sperm count?next year we will make 5 years that my boyfriend and i have been together dr put me on clomid which i started taking monday my last pill is this friday

when my boyfriend and i have sex he jumps right up and pulls out after sex How can i stop him from pulling out?

by him doing this it will take me even longer to conceive
lately he’s been really tired like he has no energy or strength
he works 6-7 days a week from 10am-7:30pm book store

is there anything on the market to help?

im a little confused.. the fact that he pulls out makes me wonder if he actually knows about you ttc.. but then you guys went to have his sperm count done so he must know about ttc? if he does know.. you should tell him that after he “finishes” he should stay inside for a couple seconds just to make sure you get everything.. and for you, you need to lay down flat for 10-15 mins after so that you can defy gravity and help the little guys swim through easier. goodluck

oh, since you are taking clomid (2nd cycle for me) your cervical mucous will dry up and make swimming conditions harder for his limited sperm to get through your cervix.. you should take robitusson (sorry if its spelled wrong), its the cough medicine.. it will loosen up your mucous and make it easier for sperm to live. also, keep in mind, although the more you do it the higher your chances, if you do it on the right days only once or twice, your chances are higher than having sex everyday on nonfertile days.. so maybe if hes sooo tired all the time.. you should give him a break during the days you arent fertile. you can track ovulation by opk, or bbt method. have sex 2 days before ovulation and on ovulation, then one day after ovulation to make sure.

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