How does clomid help if already ovulating

How does clomid help if already ovulating

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Clomid for ovulating women? What are your experiences?

If you took Clomid even though you were already ovulating on your own, what were your experiences? What cycle day did you ovulate on? Did you have success? And if so, how many months did it take to get pregnant?

Thanks for your help!

As far as I know, you ovulate after you have your period. That’s why the doctors usually ask that you take the clomid either on the day of your period or on day 3 of your period.
What clomid actually does, even if you have already ovulated, clomid helps your ovaries send more eggs out, because as you know, women generally ovulate one egg each month, so clomid tricks your body, and tells it to release more than one.
I’m on my second attempt of clomid, no success yet, but everyone is different. Good luck.

I have egg white cervical mucus with clomid 3-7??? does that mean I ovulated that day or before that day?

Ok I start aunt flow dec. 24th I started taking clomid on 27th and took it for 5 days, only 50Mg’s once a day. I had cramping yesterday and I am having it right now too. I went to the bathroom and I have a really stringy clear eggy looking clump of mucus. Does that mean I ovulated at that time or a few days before. Does the mucus come out as you ovulate or does it come out after you have already ovulated??? I had intercourse on the 4th it is now the 8th, and my husband is out of town is there a possibility I will conceive??? I was diagnosed with PCOS I am 21 and me and my husband are trying to conceive asap to at least have one child… I am new to all of this and websites are confusing me even more… If someone knows how to explain the timing and meaning of cervical mucus and well pretty much everything you will be saving my life from worrying and stress trying to understand…. PLEASE HELP US we want a child more then anything….

the mucus is usually an indicator that you are about to ovulate. you can get some afterwards too. the cramping would indicate that your egg release is imminent and will happen any minute or has just happened.

there are some ovulation calendars on and that are quite accurate so long as you know how long your cycle is.

clomid triggers quite immediate ovulation i believe, though i have not ever had it, so i would think you should still be in with a chance.

sperm can live a good few days and will stay active for 48-72 hours after sex especially if good fertile mucus was present.

dont panic try and relax. best of luck for you i am in a similar situation feel free to look at my question


How did clomid change your period and ovulation day?

This question is for those who were already ovulating but were still put on clomid to help them out. I’m ttc for a year now and we did all the required tests and there is nothing wrong with me or my hubby but they still put me on clomid. my question is: how did clomid change your ovulation date and cycle length? I usually ovulate on CD 12-13 and I have a regular 28 day period, so how will clomid affect my ovulation dates, is it going to be more or less now? I heard clomid usually makes ovulation on day 14 if taken 2-6 CD or 3-7CD, is this true? thanks


When do you know yer ovulating??

i have had cramps like i am going to start my period but i am not going too… I am suppose to Ovulate on the 19th but i think i already ovulated but not for sure…how do i know if i have already Ovulated or not..I have been TTC it seems like forever….I have had surgery to put my tubes back together so me and hubby could have a child together…..i have been on Clomid had to go off it for 6 months now I am going back on it in August….I am just trying to get pregnant but it is taking so long and i am getting so darn frustrated about it……any advice please would help me out alot…..thanks bunches…:)

There are several signals your body may give you that you are ovulating or about to ovulate. Many of them have to do with the consistency of your vaginal fluids. There is a plethera of info on the web. You can search for NFP or natural family planning on the web because these sites have a great wealth of information that will teach you the details and tricks for understanding YOUR ovulation whether you are using fertility drugs to do it or not. Good luck sweetie. 🙂

Question about PCOS//clomid?

OK we’ve been TTC for 2 yrs no luck.. so my gyno thinks i have PCOS–we are doing more test later this month– but My question is this.. if i have been getting regular periods–every 30-31 days–Am I still ovulating?? and would i still need clomid to induce ovulation?? I’m just confused b/c even if I do have PCOS I still get pos OPK’s every month.. so am I ovulating or not? and how would Clomid help me IF I AM ovulating already? It makes me think there is something else wrong like a blocked tube or something?? any one w/any info regarding this please help..

You can get a positive opk and NOT ovulate. Bascially opks check for LH which induces ovulation (usually). But your body can gear up to ovulate, and not ovulate or ovulate an immature folllicle that can not result in a pregnancy. Clomid forces your body to ovulate. If you take Clomid, make sure your Dr schedules an ultrasound to chekc your follicles. If they don’t see any or they aren’t big enought they will probably up your dosage of Clomid for the next cycle.

You can get a test called hcg to see if your tubes are blocked. Also, you should have your partner’s sperm tested. It’s relatively cheap and that could be your only problem. If he has a low count of motility, he can take vitamins, cut out caffine and alcohol and wear boxers (no hot things near his crotch, like a laptop or hot showers). GL!

Sperm count normal, hsg normal, hormone tests pregnancy why?

TTC 1.5 years, we are both 33. My periods are regular and I ovulate on day 15 to the tee. My Dr. is planning on starting me on Clomid and on the shots. How will these help me if I already ovulate and everything so far is normal? What are we doing wrong?

1. maybe your mucus kills sperm. this can happen because of clomid too.
2. are you sure you’re ovulating? i needed ovitrelle with that, sometimes the follicles ovulate when too big and then they aren’t so good anymore.
3. maybe you need progesterone pills after ovulation, to hold the pregnancy…
here it’s called endometrin, maybe where you live too.
4. maybe your fallopian tubes are blocked.

Help please, I think I ovulated early?

I was not suposed to ovulate until Friday or Saturday however i’ve had my EWCM and my watery CM and BACK to EWCM and today i’ve been bone dry….I finished my third round of clomid and I think I ovulated earlier than expected, I didn’t have OPK test this month and i’m not a temp. charting person because of my aniema it’s always low. However if i already ovulated how long before I can HPT? I’m still doing every other day BD until middle of next week to be sure we didn’t miss anything

clomid can mess up a bit the timing of your ovulation so it’s possible you ovulated early, try taking opk’s to be sure, but in the meantime just BD every other day like you’re doing….take your hpt a couple of days before your period is due, you can also ask doctors online for free, try
good luck!

Experienced opk strip users?

ok, so this is my first month using the strips. i have been using the midstream digitals but found them way too expensive. i am still learning how to read them and was hoping someone could help decifer them! my test line was very light compared to the control line. now i think i ovulated yesterday. i received my test strips late in the mail so i didn’t get to use them before i expected ovulation. If you have already ovulated, will you get a faint test line or no line at all? what does the faint line mean? will i maybe still ovulate yet? i am on clomid have been for four months. i am not ovulated at the normal 10-12 days after my last pill. last month i ovulated on day 33 so i don’t really know when i will ovulate. today is day 26 of my cycle and i have been having 42-45 day cycles (my doc is doing tests as we speak to try and contol it better). just looking for some guidance from experienced opk strip users…thank you for your answers!

If you see a line on your stick then your test is detecting a LH surge. Once a surge is detected you ovulate with in the next 12-24 hours.
Good Luck and lots of baby dust.

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