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Generic vicodin

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Why does generic vicodin upset my stomach and regular vicodin does not?

I had knee surgery a few days ago and the generic vicodin (switched from regular vicodin by the pharmacy) severely upset my stomach. I returned to the pharmacy and replaced the prescription with regular vicodin and everything was o.k. The pharmacy told me the difference was the codine in the generic. Is this true?

the generic is the same thing…

some people have different reactions to generic tho

im surprised they return your script, at my pharmacy it is illegal to take medicine back and put it on the shelf because no one knows what happens to the medicine once it leaves the pharmacy

What’s the usual dosage of generic vicodin?

I am filling out an application and I need to know the correct name for the generic vicodin. Hydrocodon? and the usual dosage for it. It said to take one or two every four to six hours can anyone help?

Hydrocodone is the generic name. And if it says 1 or 2 every 4-6 hours, you’re likely taking the 5/500 dosage.

How long will it take for Watson 349 (generic vicodin) to kick in?

I just consumed a whole meal so will that make me feel it faster?

no the fuller your stomach is the slower it will get into your bloodstream. if your just taking it for pain though this shouldnt be a problem. it should take anywhere from 15 to 25 mins to start working even on a full stomach

Is it dangerous to mix generic vicodin with regular or any other differen’t vicodin?

Since they have all differen’t types of vicodin. One supposidly has asprin in it and one has the chemical in tylenol or something? Is something like asprin and tylenol dangerous to mix? Or is it all the same? I ask because I keep getting differen’t brands of vicodin from my pharmacy.

it really is about the same. the “vicodin” brand is the one that did the research, so they have to charge more, to pay for that research. they might have a few different ingredients, but overall, they’re the same. just don’t take to many… 🙂

Are they both forms of generic Vicodin, just one a smaller dose?

I have two pills. One: 5 mg hydrocodone/ 500 ng acetominophen ( generic Vicodin). The other: 5 mg hydrocodone/ 325 mg acetominophen, but they don’t call this one generic Vicodin. Why not? Aren’t they basically the same, except one a smaller dose? Is the mg difference the only difference? And when looking for a stronger Vicodin, which chemical do you want it to contain more of?

no….the pills you have are compounds….both have 5mg. of hydrocodone….the difference is the amount of acetaminophen which is the generic name for Tylenol……..basically vicodin comes in 3 strengths….5mg,7.5mg,& 10mg……although the 10mg. is usualy a time release tablet…….generics follow the same rule with variances on the quantity of acetominophen.

How much difference is there between generic Vicodin & “brand name” Vicodin? I NEED RESPONSES ASAP?

I pick up my RX tomorrow AM, hence the urgency on this; I need to let the drugstore know my preference! 500 mg. is the pill dosage. The pharmacist was very vague when I asked; he said “Oh, the brand (non-generic) is about twice as strong”. That just doesn’t sound right to me. Your help is urgently needed and my thanks in advance!

They are same ingredients and same strength. One is a higher-profit item for the druggist – guess which one.

I just had Vicodin for some dental work and read its label. It is acetaminophen with codeine in it. No recently-discovered miracle ingredients that took years for a pharmaceutical company to develop are in there.

How Many Watson 387 (generic Vicodin) 7.5/750 Can Someone Take at One Time?

I hear of some taking up to 5 at one time. Isn’t the max 4g (4000mg) APAP and 60mg hydrocodone a day?

Yes, what you have heard is right! People misunderstand how dangerous acetaminophen can be. Too much can shut the liver down in a minute! Advise that person that taking that many at a time can be very serious.

Two really are not recommended in this dosage, but I have seen it done, but keep in mind the max dase/day…

What is generic vicodin?

What is Generic Vicodin? is it the same thing as regular vicodin? I have this prescription that says hydrocodone/acetaminophen tab 750 mg. but my docter said it is generic, I dont understand that, is there any differnce?

They are the same thing. It is sort of like the difference between ibuprofen and motrin, tylenol and acetaminophen, naprosyn and naproxen.
-Naprosyn tablet:
o375 mg (100 ea): $142.98
o500 mg (30 ea): $59.99
– Naproxin (generic)
o250 g (90 ea): $16.00
o375 g (90 ea): $17.00
o500 mg (60 ea): $17.99
o500mg walmart $4.00 30 day supply
The generic is cheaper and generally does the same thing. There can be a variance between the generic and original, I think 5% or so, as I remember. Thyroid medication you don’t want to generally substitute, but many others you can.

I sign for the name brand and then sign the line for substitution permitted so the pharmacist can fill a cheaper, generic brand. On the patient instruction sheet, I include the name brand and generic and if it is available at the Wal-mart discount. Vicodin is not on their list.

Another example for NSAIDS:
o7.5 mg (30 ea): $112.19
o15 mg (30 ea): $167.17
-meloxicam (generic)
o7.5 mg (30 ea): $16.36
o15 mg (90 ea): $17.00
o$4 at Wal-mart
vs Celebrex that does not have a generic, so you have to pay full price:
o100 mg (30 ea): $75.99
o200 mg (30 ea): $120.91
o400 mg (30 ea): $176.00
ono walmart


Manufacturer: Abbott Laboratories DEA/FDA: Schedule III
Approximate Retail Price

•5-500 mg (30 ea): $45.99
Lortab 5/500

Manufacturer: UCB Pharma, Inc. DEA/FDA: Schedule III
Approximate Retail Price
•5-500 mg (30 ea): $40.65
vs generic

Manufacturer: generic DEA/FDA: Schedule III
Approximate Retail Price
•5-500 mg (30 ea): $11.99

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