Football xanax?

Football xanax?

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Is there a green Xanax that is shaped like the blue and peach football shaped ones?

It breaks evenly into two pieces just like the blue and peach ones. It has something engraved on one side but I can’t make out the letters. It is light green in color.

Type “pill identifier” into google

anyone know how long the blue football xanax last for?

a friend of mine was perscribed them and they told her to take them at night, but alot of times she doesnt go to bed till late and doesnt want to be all dopey in the morning. the pharmacist told her it just varies from person to person, which I do understand but I am looking for a ball park figure. I know people who have taken them for the buzz and they seem dopey for quite awhile on them. she just doesnt want to be buzzy taking her kid to school in the morning. (she is a stay at home mom so she can come back and go to sleep if she needed to but just getting up and driving her to school is kind of worrying her) her doctor just told her to try to go to bed earlier (duh!!!, we all could have figured that out I know but she’s a night owl like me and that never works well) thanks for the help

I could take 1or 2 and get 2 hrs sleep an be fine ( NOT RECOMMENDED ). But then I have friend that takes 1 goes to sleep and is groggy 1/2 the day.It’s not something you can predict. Try 1/2 And go to bed early and see what the effects are, then work from there. Your best bet is to talk to your pharmacist….. *

what are the letters and numbers on the .25 miligram xanax pill that looks like a football?

Do an online search for the PDR or a nurse’s handbook of medications. Not long ago I saw one that should help you out.

Usually, the PDR has pictures of each of the pills listed, and most follow the practice. Some cheaper versions have descriptions, but still work.

I would have to look it up, and mine are slightly older versions. Some change over time, and some are made in different areas under different names, so there can be changes. Also, you need to know if it IS Xanax or a generic/name brand (I can’t recall if that is a name brand or not).

I hate to add a warning, but until you know 100%, do NOT take it. If you cannot find the info, ask a pharmacist to be safe.

What are the circle light blue xanax (same light blue color as oval 1mg footballs)?

I found a blue xanax but its not oval like the footballs its actually a circle one do you know how many MG those are or are they just like generic footballs?

Yeah it’s just like the blue xanax bars. i actually just got on this. 😛 Alprazolam 1mg

I want to take a half of a pill of Mylan, the generic form of Xanax..?

i have half a pill i want to take to feel good, but i am a naturally paranoid person and keep freaking out about the effect its going to have on me… i have taken the blue football xanax before and it just chilled me out, will the Mylan be no different???

Mylan is a pharmaceutical company I believe. However, I’ve taken the generic xanax for panic attack and there is no difference between that and the original.

Only take benzodiazepines with a prescription and if you really need it. They can become addictive.

Can you overdose on xanax and alcohol and die?

My best friend just died recently. People think she overdosed on xanax. When I talked to her that evening she said she had one football (1mg) pill and some whiskey. She never woke up the next day. What happened? I can’t sleep at night not knowing why she is gone..

Xanax and alcohol are a very bad combination. I’ve dealt with a good friend taking them while consuming alcohol… she would blackout and drive, she had $1,000s of dollars stolen from her, and also had items stolen from her apartment. It’s a very scary combination.

No one but a coriner can really determine the cause of death… Although, from researching what a leathal combination xanax and alchohol can be it wouldn’t suprise me if it unforantely was the reason she passed away. Though, I do have to say my friend has taken a whole bottle of pills with alcohol and fornately it didn’t take her life. There might have been some underlying causes.

I will pray for you and your friend. I am so very sorry to hear about your loss, but just know that you’re best friend is looking down and watching over you. I know it’s hard, but rather than dwelling on what might have happened try to focus on the great memories you shared… it’ll help you move forward, but she’ll still be close to you.

Will xanax or bud come up on a drug test?

Ok. well i blazed and took 7 xanax footballs 2 days ago and i got a drug test for probation tomorrow. ive been taking goldenseal, cranberry pills, and drinking water…im also going to run and sweat it out hopefully..think i will pass??

Sorry but no. It takes longer than that to get that many outta your system. You cant sweat out xannex BTW. Your pretty much screwed dude. Tell your PO that it’s gonna come up dirty, mabey he’she will be leniant and sign you up for a recovery program insted of jail time. But it’s doubltful.

does xanax come in round pink pills or are they all football-shaped?

in the U.S. the .25 are green 1mg is blue all football shaped. but like if i could order from canada theres a chance they would be shaped different, but you can’t order drugs like that from there. Although I do know some of my other meds from there does not look like what I get here.

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