Fioricet without prescription?

Fioricet without prescription?

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How to I quickly get 50mg fioricet without my Dr’s intervention at the lowest prices?

Also, how much acetemetiphine is in this prescription. I am lookin for butal/butal with minimal acetemetiphine.

Sorry, it’s a controlled med. You’d have to find a neighborhood pusher to get it without a prescription.

I was given a medication without caffeine, my original prescription did have caffeine?

My medication was changed from fioicet with caffeine, to fioricet without caffiene last month. The pills were brown. Now my medication is blue, and contains the caffeine, and it has tylenol. The bottle says it is the exact same thing as the kind with caffeine. I have no more brown pills. I have a bunch of blue pills now.

I guess I am stuck with the medication with caffeine? I don’t have the old paper work. I did call my doctors nurse and leave a message.

Any idea what happened? I checked the old bottle and it said that it was the same as the old kind.

I take fioricet and I used to take the blue ones (name brand) but now I have white ones. The generic name is BUTAL/APAP-325/CAFF TAB. Mine has caffeine in them, all fioricet does as far as I know. There is also a pill call fiorinal. The only difference is fiorinal has aspirin and fioricet has tylenol, both have caffeine. I have been on them for 16 years. I have severe headaches and sometimes the pills work and sometimes they don’t. I don’t know if you can get them without caffeine or not, never heard that you could. Your pharmacist should have a list of what you took before, ask your pharmacist for the name of what you had before this perscription.

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