Fioricet drug test?

Fioricet drug test?

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how long does it take to get Fioricet out of your system before a drug test?

opiates stay in your system for 4-5 days. I would wait at least a week. if it is by prescription then you should be o.k. anyway.

Denied employment after drug test?

After receiving a job offer and passing the back round, physical test I on bad judgment failed my drug test. I suffer from migraine headaches probably 4-6 times a year “not frequent” and never asked for a prescription from my doctor. My Wife suffers from migraines much more frequent and has a proscription for Fioricet. I had a headache for a couple of days which turned out to be a migraine and she offered me one of her Fioricet s to help get rid of the migraine which I accepted as I have Done in the past “not on a regular basis” not thinking it would show up on my drug test as a narcotic drug. but for one Fioricet with no prescription I am going to loose a great opportunity for my Family. Bad judgment on my part but I am not by far a Drug user.

Your employer has no way of knowing whether you are an abuser, recreational user or just an error in judgment. You could ask for another test and offer to submit to regular testing to prove yourself.

will i be drug tested during the investigation of an accident that i caused?

i take prescribed fioricet for migraines… and i lost the pill bottle, so i just keep them in an unmarked bottle… will i be drug tested when my allstate agent comes and sees the damage to my car, and assesses[sp?] the damage. will i need a doctors note?

no you wont be drugtested,, only if you are taken to the hospital, they will run a tox screen on you,, but the insurance company can’t do anything to you, they know accidents happen and no one can make you get a drug test w/o a court order.

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