Fioricet controlled?

Fioricet controlled?

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Why is Fiorinal considered a controlled substance but fioricet is not conisdered a controlled substance?

That’s a very good question. Remind me to give you a star.
Is it possible that it’s the Fiorinal with Codeine? If not, call a pharmacist. They know all that stuff!
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Why isn’t fioricet a controlled substance?

Fioricet contains tylenol, caffeine, butalbital. Its sister drug, Fiorinal is schedule III. The only difference is fioricet contains tylenol as a component while fiorinal instead has aspirin. This is not a valid reason for the unscheduling of fioricet. Both contain the same habit forming drug, butalbital. Can someone please explain.

I don’t have the answer to your specific question, but I would have to disagree with n-burk. Tylenol is potentially more dangerous than aspirin because a relatively smaller overdose of Tylenol can cause fatal liver damage a lot faster than aspirin can cause any of its side effects.

How come Fiorinal is a Schedule 3 (C-III) controlled substance?

Fiorinal is just aspirin, caffeine, and butalbital, so why is it controlled? I’ve never hear of anyone abusing this before. Fioricet; which is acetaminophen, caffeine, and butalbital; is not a controlled substance. So how come Fiorinal is classified as a controlled substance and Fioricet isn’t?

Thanks for your help, please include referrences.

I think Fioricet is a Class IV–
Good question. I believe the aspirin potentiates the effect of the barbiturate. At least that is what I was told when I asked the same question.

Question about Esgic/Fioricet?

Butalbital, a barbiturate, is a schedule III controlled substance, yet Esgic-plus and Fioricet (NOT the kind with codeine) which contain butalbital are not. Why is this?

All I know is, they help with headaches.

Anyone take Fioricet or Fiorinol longterm to help lose weight &/ or control anger & other unacceptable emotion

Fiorcet is a pain medication.

Are there any migraine meds that don’t counteract with hormonal birth control?

My insurance won’t cover Imitrex, so I have no clue if that one does.
But my doctor gave me Fioricet again, when I got it filled at the pharmacy I was told it will make my birth control ineffective if I take it while having a migraine =/…. What the hell!
I was never told this before.

Migraine is a symptom rather than a disease. There are various triggers, but the usual conduits are the nerves that go from the back of your neck, up the sides of your head and through your temporal lobes. When one of these goes into spasm, you get the classic symptoms of auras, sensitivity to light and one-sided headaches.

Try the hot and cold treatment. Put an ice pack on the back of your neck. (Yes I know it’s not your neck that hurts – humour me). Leave it on for 15 minutes. Take it off for 5, then put it back on for another 10. That should have cured the migraine but left you with the mother of stiff necks. Now put a hot compress on your neck for ten minutes.

This treats most migraines and doesn’t interfere with birth control or circulation, but it doesn’t make the drug companies rich. If it works. your migraines may be caused by a neck injury – see a chiropractor.

Female Hair Loss. My hair was thick and now it has thinned out so much I have bald spots. I’m only 24!?

Growing up my hair was so thick when I braided it, it was the size of my fist. Now, within the past year, it has thinned out so much a braid is only the width of my pinky. Does anyone know what could be causing this to happen? Or what I can do to reverse it? I have been using Mane-and-Tail shampoo and taking Vitamin B supplements but it has been getting worse. When I put my hair in a ponytail I actually can see bald spots. Please help me.

I’m a 24 year old female.
Full Time Student (no health insurance)
Well balanced diet (I cheat only once a week)
Diagnosed with Chronic Migraines.
Currently taking Tri-Sprintec(birth control)
Fioricet and Sumatriptan(for migranes)
No history of hair thinning in my family(not even the men!)

Please help me.

Have you ever been checked for Celiac disease or sprue, as it’s sometimes called? In some cases, like my sister’s, migraines can be a symptom. In my case (I have it), hair loss can be a symptom that you won’t see for a number of years. I had an identical problem. My hair was extremely thick, and I have lost 3/4 of it.

What can happen is that Celiac disease can cause malnutrition because the villi in the large intestine swell and become inflamed due to the immune system attacking the amino acid in wheat and barley called gluten. When the villi swell, they have difficulty absorbing nutrients like the B vitamins and zinc. Supplements usually don’t help because they are usually absorbed in the large intestine, but when the large intestine is compromised, the supplements become useless.

You said you don’t have insurance. The easiest way is to log onto and and check out the no-no list of gluten items. Go %100 gluten free for three months (no cheats or it won’t work). Carefully make a log of how you feel, how you’re sleeping, if your hair loss slows or stops, and (I know this sounds really gross) your poo – how many times, color, smell, consistency. Since Celiac causes problems in the large intestine, this can be a wonderful indicator. After three months, eat some bread. Log any changes in that list.

the only %100 sure fire answer is an endoscopy and biopsy of your large intestine. The experiment I gave you is at best a guess, and won’t hold a lot of weight with most doctors. However, when you are able to see a doctor for this, that log will be invaluable.

I know what this is like because I am 22 and went through this for 20 years before a doctor decided to test for it.

Good luck!

will it react with her other medicine?

my girl friend is taking lexapro and birth control if she takes fioricet will they react in any way?

I see no way that they would interact adversely.

Question for a pharmacist?

butalbital is barbiturate and a schedule III controlled substance (CS), however, Esgic and Fioricet (without codeine) are not scheduled. Why is this?

Even considering the tiny amount of butalbital in the compound, when you look at things such as Tylenol #3 or Fioricet with codeine, they are automatically controlled because of the codeine. Why isn’t the regular Esgic or Fioricet? Usually, any medication with a CS ingredient is automatically a CS, or is that just with narcotics?

When the butalbital is a minor amount and it is combined with other medications, the potential for abuse is lessened. Butalbital may also have a lower abuse potential itself than codeine.

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