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Are there any Co-ed (male and female) strip clubs in California?

I am going on my honeymoon to CA in a few weeks and was wondering if there are any strip clubs that have male and female dancers? It doesnt even have to be anything super classy, lol.

Perhaps in San Francisco, but not in Los Angeles.

EDIT: I think your husband has had enough of strippers, don’t you? I’m just going from your own question. Sounds like he already has a “friend” providing him that entertainment.

Is it okay to highlight my hair after I shampoo-ed ittt?

I shampoo-ed my hair at liiike 2:45 and I wanna highlight my hair with this blonde highlight crap that like strips ur hair color at like 7:15-ish so its like 3 and a half hours after I shampood. So is it gonna mess up my hair or something. Help please ? xoxo thanksss 🙂

no, it wont mess up. i have done it too. they just “say” color sticks better to unwashed hair. but i have taken a shower in the morning, come home from school and dyed my hair. it will be fine. 🙂

Are some cases of ED indirectly subsequent because of your partner?

If a man can get stimulation by looking elsewhere (vids, mags, strip clubs etc.) but has problems with his partner, it’s not that he has ED. Obviously, there is not much attraction to stimulate him or his partner has let his/her looks go significantly. Is this common in those with ED aside from those that can’t regardless of what stimulates him?

I would think that it may have something to do with the condition of the relationship and how he feels about the other person. Some people…although attractive on the outside, could have internal things that are unattractive to the other person, therefore causing less of an attraction. That’s all I could come up with anyway lol

is there big big trouble for the patriots since the judiciary committee is probing into thier cheating ways??

looks like people are going to start talking and blow the whistle on the new england cheaters…

sounds like an investigation going back almost 10 years is about to start!!

i love it!!

hopefully astericks are applied to every previous season that they are caught cheating and strip-ed of thier so called”perfect season” record

let the investigations begin!!

only time will tell, its gonna be tough since theirs no evidence. But i’m sure all the teams fans who have gotten hammered by a superior football team will love this.

news report on co ed scaling building and striping and falling to death?

thursday news report of co eds scaling a wall of a building and stripping off clothing and the accidentially falling and getting killed in u.s.


Unless they died before they fell off the wall I doubt they were smiling when they hit the ground.

What happened to Ed Byrnes of 77 sunset strip?

At 73, he’s probably retired. Did you know he was the very first host of Wheel of Fortune? Only did the pilot and was fired.

How do i make a temporary tattoo last longer?

I bought some ed hardy ones and i want them to last as long as possible! I’ve heard putting hairspray on it helps but doesnt that strip it? What about baby powder? And vaseline? please help!

lol. haha. only thing i can think of is not taking a shower i member when i was a kid i use have some. . or other option is to get the real thing. that way it just can’t be removed.

Why wait till kids are teeangers to teach them sex ed… horse and bolted comes to mind?

Why wait till kids are teeangers to teach them sex ed… horse and bolted comes to mind.

Either too embarrased or think they know it all when actually know jack poop. 1 week in the teenger and pregnancy section will prove that

Or they are asking the questions after they’ve done it unfortunely in most cases after its too late for morning after pills.

So given that a kids brain is like a sponge, often beleive whatever an adult takes in and better behaved and wont be embarrased etc.

teach the lot BEFORE they reach puberty and do regular tests to make sure they know it all with lots of practice with condoms

(think like so you could strip a rifle in the dark in 30 secs) not quite the same but no messing up condom use when you need it.)

Works fine in Holland… by early teenge they progressed to things like trips to ann summers shops to discuss the various products and videos showing what happens were cartoon like and realistic as to what its like for teenagers..

i believe in being honest and open about subjects like this. if my son asks me a question, i try to give him an honest answer, albeit a very simplified version. (he’s still pretty young) if u act like u are embarrassed or like they are somehow wrong for wanting to know about these things, then u risk passing on your insecurities to your child. not sure that a child needs to know how to put on a condom before they become a teenager though. i do believe in letting children have their childhoods. kids grow up all too early these days.

Do you hate or dislike any of the comic strips? If so, which one(s) and why? ?

I read “The Dallas Morning News” (Dallas, Tx.)…so I’m going by what strips are in that paper.

Now, I’m not including political cartoons…just the “comic” cartoons.

I like some of the strips…but others, I either don’t like or hate…which include Zits, Heart of the City, Get Fuzzy, Baldo, Curtis, Crankshaft,
Funky Winkerbean, Pearls Before Swine…and perhaps some other ones.

In “Zits”, Jeremy is a total disrespectful smart-mouthed little punk, in “Curtis”, he never seems to get a break…it seems as if everything and everyone is against him..with a few exceptions…his dad is an abusive creep, for instance; in “Crankshaft”, “Ed” is a total grouch..an unkind old jerk, who never seems to have a kind word for anyone; in “Baldo”, this cartoon is makes all white (anglo) people look very bad…either rednecks, lazy people, racist, etc..it’s always the Mexican-Americans who are the victims of the whites; in “Get Fuzzy”, the idiot guy who’s the main character lets his horrible cat, “Bucky”, get away with anything…the cat’s terrible, he’s rude..he’s just rotten;
in “Pearls Before Swine”, this comic strip is very violent…the characters are always hitting each other or cussing; in “Heart of the City”, “Heart” is a little brat and her mom’s a witch…”Heart’s” dad is not in her life…that stinks; and finally, the comic strip that I hate the most, by far…”Funky Winkerbean”….this “comic strip” is a total insult to the comic strip industry; they talk about stuff on there that have no business being in a comic strip (teen pregnancy, the death penalty, racism, disease/sickness, etc., etc.); I absolutely loathe this strip.

So, there you have it. These are the comic strips that I hate.

So, what about you?

I never found Family Circus funny at all. Actually, it makes me want to puke with their sappy “humour.”