Doctors that will prescribe vicodin

Doctors that will prescribe vicodin

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What will my doctor prescribe me for back pain?

I just had my second baby and its been 3 months since I gave birth. My back pain (lower) is getting worse by the day…its unbearable. My dr prescribes me vicodin for my period since that is very severe and its also helped my back. I am going to the dr tommorow to see what we can do for my back…will she prescribe me something stronger than vicodin? I have tried lots of tylenol. ibprofen, everything…hot and cold therapy

Depends on how much pain you have and how effective pain meds are on you.. probably hydrocodon (I guess its really the same as what you have taken)..

Try Ice therapy, it has worked well with others and has been recommended by physical therapist….

Tylenol and meds like that will not do anything, and it is bad for you to take a higher dosages of those often.

Why will a doctor prescribe Tylenol 3, but not Vicodin?

I went to an Urgent Care recently because I have a HORRIBLY infected tooth with gum and toothache (I can’t see my dentist until Monday and this was a Thursday) at the advice of the dentist. I was given an antibiotic and Tylenol 3. When I took the 3’s my neck swelled, I had horrible burning rash and itching. When I called to let them know I apparently had an allergic reaction, they asked the Physicians Assistant that I saw what he can do. He said they won’t prescribe anything else, take Motrin (even though I explained to him at the appointment that it did not work) and if it gets bad go to the ER! (Who are HORRIBLE in my area, rude and think pain = drug seeker). I’m starting to take this personally as I have gastrointestinal problems as well, and lost insurance due to divorce and could no longer see my PCM. I was advised to go to Urgent Care to get my daily meds that include vicodin that I have taken for 1.5 years (I brought PROOF) and THAT doctor gave me a medication that I’m allergic to, and hung up on me when I asked that he change the meds. I’m starting to take this personally!!! I am not a drug seeker- I have daily pain. What’s the deal and what can I do??

I really can’t tell you exactly why they are treating you like a junkie in your case but the same thing happens to me and my wife sometimes. In their minds they think you could have kept taking the Tylenol 3 and wanted additional pain meds on top of the T3’s. Doctor’s are on high alert especially because of an article written and distributed to doctors that warned about drug seeking behavior. i know your not drug seeking since you do have legitimate pain but switching meds because one made you ill is typical behavior for people who are actually drug seekers. Because of the actions of a few, many people in pain are made to suffer. Doctors don’t like when you ask for a name brand like Vicodin. It is better to describe your pain, tell them your allergic to codeine and then allow them to make the decision which will 9/10 times be hydrocodone. If they remove the option of opiates all together then you may be prescribed an opioid which would be just as effective. I hope the best for you but in my case I have held back and stashed away pain meds so that when I’m in severe pain I don’t have to worry about these nervous doctors with their stingy prescription pads.

How can I get the doctor to prescribe Vicodin?

Before you say anything..NO I am not a druggie looking for a high. I have knee pain that you wouldn’t believe. I have been taking 4 ibuprofen at a time 2x’s a day for about 2 weeks. It helped at first, but I guess my body got immune to it.

My previous doctor prescribed me vicodin when my back when out about 6 years ago. I also had Vicodin given to me (by my neuro) after a lumbar puncture about 2 years ago. In both cases, it helped me tremendously…that is why I think Vicodin will help my knee pain. I don’t know if I should just come out and ask b/c I don’t want the doctor to think I am a druggie looking for a high. I rarely go to my current primary doctor and haven’t ever asked for narcotics.

What would you do?

I personally believe honesty is the best policy. I get back spasms. I went to the doctor and straight up said hey, I’m in pain, a lot of it, and yeah I tried advil and tylonol, and all it did was waste my money, can you give me anything that will actually make the pain tolerable? And now I get 90 10mg norcos a month. Blow that vicodin away! Lol.

I’ve had 5 prescriptions in the last month for the same thing vicodin will I get in trouble?

Dentists only prescribe vicodin which hasn’t been working and they only provide it at 15tablets. My personal physician wrote me a script for 30 pills today. But, I just filled a prescription for 15pills yesterday. Then 15 pills 2 days before that and then 2weeks before that I had tylenol 3 filled.I’m scared because my doctor just said he thinks i’m getting to many narcotics each month. But, I KNOW its legitimate i’m not going all over the state i’m being seen at clinics and go to dr on a first come first serve basis. So, i’m scared if I try to get my prescription there gonna arrest me or something. Also the doctor made me pee in a cup although I didnt give him permission to take a drug test. I know it looks bad but im not an addict I have endometriosis and several infected impacted teeth. Will I be looked at under some California system for getting to many narcotics in a short period of time? Or is this left on the doctors who prescribed them?

Its called doctor shopping and yes, you can get in trouble. Are you filling the prescriptions at the same pharmacy? Your pharmacist can call the police if he/she suspects abuse.

I do understand that you are in extreme pain and not an addict, but you might ask your primary doctor to refer you to a pain specialist to manage everything. Also, if each of your doctors are working together to manage the pain (ie your gyn for the endometriosis is aware that the dentist is prescribing meds and your gp is also aware…and there is communication between each doctor..) then its not illegal.

Also, its really important (as you know) to get the endometriosis taken care of- quickly. If you don’t have insurance, you need to find a free clinic. Endometriosis is not only painful, its dangerous. The infected, impacted teeth must be terribly painful too. You just really need someone to help you take care of the issues causing the pain so you won’t need the Vicodin.

Good luck…I hope the pain eases soon.

What symptoms do u have to have in order for your doctor to prescribe u narcotic painkillers?

Like what can u tell your doctor that will make him prescribe u narcotic painkillers like vicodin

you can tell him anything you want, but if his examination doesn’t verify what you are saying, he isn’t going to give them to you. Pain is reflected in things like blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood panels. You can’t fake those kiddo.

How to find a doctor who will prescribe oxycontin?

I live in Connecticut, and I have had migraine headaches for the past 8 years. Usually they would get so bad I would end up in the ER on a duiladid IV drip. I have been to a neurologist and he has tried me on every kind of Triptans , NSAIDs, Beta-Blockers, Anticonvulsants, Calcium Channel Blockers, Tricyclic antidepressants, Vicodin, Percocet, Tylox, Benzodiazepines, etc. One day my friend, who also suffers from migraines gave me an oxycontin. It was the first and only medication that provided relief, it was like a miracle drug. I understand it has high abuse potential, etc etc of that I am already aware. My neurologist refuses to prescribe the medication Oxycontin. I have tried going to pain clinics and since the drug is so restricted I am unable to have it prescribed to me. No one understands how these debilitating migraines have ruined my quality of life. I miss work, cannot play with my kids, or take care of my home. I deserve a better quality of life and if this medication is what it takes I will do anything to stop the pain and live a normal life. Where can I find a doctor who will prescribe them to me or a LEGITIMATE online pharmacy where I can order them. I am no drug addict I am simply someone who deals with chronic pain and I just can’t deal with it any longer. I am not looking for anyones OPINIONS or ALTERNATIVES just the answer to my question. Thank you for your help, I am in desperate need of relief.

I don’t know how you’re going to go finding a doctor who’ll prescribe oxy for migraines. I’ve been on oxycontin for over 3 years now and not once has it ever helped with a headache , in fact sometimes it seems to make them worse. If you google around , you’ll find heaps of people with similar stories. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but I think you’ll have a hard time finding a doctor who believes oxy can help with migraines. If it does work for you , all I can do is wish you the best of luck getting hold of some.
If the migraines are frequent , perhaps it would be worth moving to a state where the prescribing laws are more relaxed. I tried many doctors before I found one who would prescribe me pain relief that actually worked..

Are you not supposed to be on Vicodin for very long?

My doctor only gave me a prescription of 24 tablets of Vicodin with 3 refills allowed. You are allowed to take 6 tablets a day (one tablet every four hours), so “technically” my doctor only prescribed me enough Vicodin to last me 16 days. I do not take all the Vicodin that I’m allowed to take, but I do take a lot of it. I’m not so sure how well the Vicodin helps with my pain, but the Vicodin does help me sleep and “escape” my predicament for awhile. I can’t afford $200 to go back to the doctor who prescribed me the Vicodin. I might run out of Vicodin before I am able to get an appointment at UCLA (and “hopefully” finally find out what is wrong with me). Am I going to have withdrawal symtoms from not taking my Vicodin? Do you think that the new doctors I see at the low cost/free UCLA clinic will prescribe me more Vicodin when I tell the doctors that I have been taking Vicodin for a month?

It sounds like you’re well on your way to getting addicted. I myself was borderline addicted to those pills, always taking them for the smallest amount of pain and helping me sleep.
The best thing to do is to lower the amount you’re taking and ween yourself off before you start really going through hardcore withdrawal symptoms. Cutting yourself off completely can either work in a good way or a bad way. The doctors from the lower budget clinic will have to make a decision to whether you actually need the pills.

What kind of painkillers are prescribed to someone after an appendectomy? A 15 year old girl specifically?

I’d really like to know the name of a medication that is described to someone after an appendectomy. I’ve read that Vicodin can be prescribed, but some say that’s too strong. What’s a legitimate painkiller a doctor will prescribe to a 15 year old girl who just had an appendectomy?

It really depends on the physician.

A Vicodin is certainly not too strong for someone of that age and appropriate for post surgical procedures.
You may also receive Darvocet, Percocet or similar narcotics or even something as mild as Ibuprofen.

If you have a low pain tolerance, you may request a specific medication; and if the initial medication is ineffective you may contact your physician for something stronger.

Good luck!

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