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i’ve just started using differin a few days ago and now my face looks really red and it’s VERY peely. it’s so gross! is this supposed to happen? or should i stop using it?? does differin even work?

If differin is anything like retin-a-micro, then your face will need to peel. To help get ride of existing acne and help get rid of old acne marks, your face needs to have a high turnover of cells. (sluff off the old, to stimulate new healthy cells) part of the tradgedy of acne is that the cells are sticking together in your pores and on top of your skin, making it impossible for your skin to do its natural thing (loose the old and grow the new) Im on retin-a-micro…..it peels and was very red the first 2 weeks…..I realized i was using just a tad too much and backed off a bit and i am 10000000% better, still little bit of flaking, but thats supposed to happen. remember, just a tad too much will kill your skin.

How did Differin work on your existing blackheads?

I just got differin from my dermatologist, I used it before years ago but I think it was the gel that time, and I probably used too much. Anyway, right now it’s mostly blackheads that I have. She said that using the differin regularly will get rid of the existing ones. I find it hard to believe since they are so hard to get out, even by squeezing. But did blackheads for you disappear?

I used it when I was a teenager, and it helped both my blackheads and my acne. I still used an exfoliator with it to help with the blackheads. Don’t squeeze – it’ll just cause scarring.

How do you reduce skin peeling while using Differin?

I’ve been using Differin for a while, and the skin where I put it is peeling a bit. It’s annoying me a LOT. How can I get rid of the skin peeling?

You can try using differin every other day and buying a regular facial clenser or an acne medication from a shoprite or something like that for the other days. Also, i believe there are two different strengths of differin – check with your dermatologist to see if you’re on the stronger one, he or she could write you a prescription for the more gentle type. Until you see your dermatologist though, try just using the differin every other day and getting a moisturizer (be careful not to let it clog your pores though, that’s the danger there unfortunately.)

How long before getting my upper lip waxed do I have to stop using Differin?

I have an appointment for a wax on Friday (today is Sunday). If I don’t use Differin on my upper lip between now and then, will it be okay? Can I still use the Differin on other parts of my face and just skip the upper lip?

My doctor told me a month before waxing. I don’t do my lip but I wax my Brows. He said the Retinol-A in the Differin gel will give you a reaction like a red, burning rash and my take some skin when waxed.
Twice, 2 different times I forgot and got my Brows waxed. Well, that’s what happened too! Red, burning rash and missing skin. It hurt a lot! And I looked bad! Like I scrapped-up my brows. They both were very scabbed over!
So, I would cancel your appointment and wait for a couple more weeks!

How long does it take differin cream to start working?

I’ve been using it at night for 4 weeks, and my acne has gotten much much worse from when i started! its horrible!
i also just started using 10% benzoyl peroxide the past 2 weeks, morning and night, and thats when the breakouts have gotten worse- should i stop using the benzoyl and just stick with differin?
and how long did it take for you to clear up all your acne with differin?

Differin takes a long time to work fully. I’ve been using it alone for like 3 months and I’m just getting past the initial breakout.

If your dermatologist only gave you differin to use then I suggest thats what you do. You just really have to be patient even though I know its frustrating. The benzoyl peroxide is probably too strong for your skin

Whats the difference between these 2 kinds of differin?

What’s the difference between Differin: gel and cream.

No difference at all..

Is it normal for my skin around my mouth to get dry and flaky after using Differin for three days?

My skin is oily on the forehead and dryish on my ch inn. My cheeks are clear of acne and my nose has blackheads so my doctor prescribed an acne medication, Differin. Now the skin around my mouth is dry and flaky, especially under my lip on my chin. The dry spots are extremely itchy constantly. Does that mean it’s working or is this baddd?

Your lips are the most suseptable to become cracking, dry, flaky, When you take medication like Differin, what it does is it dehydrates your skin which causes that. if anything i wouldn’t worry to much about it and if it itches bad, a little moisturizer is not going to turn you into a pizza, no offense. But yeah, that’s my opinion. If it bother’s you further, consult your doctor..

How long will my skin be sensitive to the sun after using differin?

I’m going to stop using differin after using it for about 7 months. I know differin thins out your skin and makes it sensitive to the sun, when will my skin stop being sensitive to the sun and when will it start to get back to being thicker like it was before using differin?

use lemon on u r skin it is good for u ……….

Are there any all natural skin care products that work similarly to Differin?

I’m looking for an all natural (no chemicals, parabens, preservatives) acne product that works the same /similarly to Differn. I’m ont Differin right now and it works okay but I’m looking to switch to all natural products.

**I researched/experimented for a long time and found this safe, natural cure was a truly effective way to quickly and permanently rid face of pimples, black and white heads, etc. It also reduces large pores and and completely gets rid of scars. See the happy answer from “Jasmin” below ##

Vigorous massage using essential oils works wonders – sweet almond, grape seed and, particularly rosewood, have been used by skin specialists to treat and cure acne. They do not clog, and they actually diminish skin’s over production of oil. Rosewood should be diluted with grapeseed
So as not to pull/stretch skin, first tighten by opening mouth 3/4″ and pull lips firrmly back against teeth. Do a forward and back massage – not circular – using tips and front of fingers and sometimes palms – depending where on face you apply. For quickest results do for 15 to 20 min daily (Doesn’t have to be all in one session). Skin will start to clear and pores will reduce in as little as 2 to 3 days and see better results day by day. Scars take longer but can also be completely got rid of overtime.
My severe skin conditions started healing simply by stopping using skin harming products. I now only use a pure natural bar(tablet) soap with no coloring, no perfumes, no additives of any kind. Many moisturizers are harmful. Oils are perfect and safe, natural moisturizers. They do not leave face oily. Do not remove – splash with water and dab dry with tissues.

## My advice? LISTEN TO MUKUNDA M!!! He knows what he’s talking about. I directly emailed him because he’s gotten so many Best Answers for skincare topics. I’ve been doing the oil treatment for a little more than 3 weeks and I can’t tell you how absolutely fantastic the results are. Seriously. You will not be disappointed”
SOURCE(S): 20+ years research, self experimentation – safe, natural treatments/cures for skin conditions, skin enhancement and anti aging/rejuvenation treatments

When is differin suppose to start to work?

I have been on differin for 8 weeks now and my face is still braking out. The brake outs are different now being that they are a little bit smaller. I can see little white bumps under my skin? Are those pimples being brought up? I feel like this initial brakeout is lasting to long? How long is it suppose to last?

Differin (adapalene) can take weeks or months to work.

It is recommended for mild acne and on its own, is relatively successfull at treating the causes of acne; however, used in conjunction with another medication, clindamycin, it appears to be more effective, but the risk of side-effects does increase.

Applying adapalene 3 to 5 minutes prior to application of clindamycin enhances the penetration of clindamycin into the skin, which may enhance the overall effectiveness of the treatment as compared to clindamycin alone.

You might find that an oral anti-biotic such as minocin will be more effective in your case.

Alternatively, you might want to try Pronexin, which, in many cases, clears-up 80 – 90% of acne within 7 days; this treatment has a very loyal fan base because of this.

If you notice little or no improvement in a month to two months’ time, talk to your doctor about changing to one of the treatments above.

Take care.