Darvocet vs vicodin

Darvocet vs vicodin

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Darvocet vs. Vicodin vs. Xanax?

Basically I wanted to know if I were to take Darvocet, how many would I take to be equivalent to one Vicodin. (All i know about the Darvocet is that it says 5114V on it.) Is there any difference between the two?

Also: is there a difference between the two of those and Xanax?

Okay. You’re lookin’ for ‘The Buzz’ Got it.
Vicodin 5/500 is equivalent to Codeine 30-35 mg
Darvocet N-100 is equivalent to Codeine 32 mg
So one is as narcotically strong as the other and preference is way individual. I actually prefer Darvocet over Vicodin. I’ve noticed how much more it relieves my neck pain and ‘The Buzz’ is better.
A 2 mg Xanax taken with Darvocet (or vicodin) can enhance the euphoric feeling. And Xanax by itself is very nice, as well.

Psychiatric medications vs Other Meds??

I have been on any and every combination of every psychiatric med over the past 10 years. I’ve even had multiple ECT treatments. I have followed doctors instructions and used all the advice put in place. . .
For having done this for so many years. .I am no better than when it began. I can honestly say that I haven’t felt even one day of relief in about 7 years. There hasn’t been a let up. I did not ask for this and so my question is. . .

Why should I be sedated beyond belief on thirteen pills a day ( such as: Lithium, Haldol, MAOI’s) and feel no relief. .When I can take a Vicodin or Darvocet and instantly feel fine. Why isn’t their a quick fix for people who suffer from intense episodes of dark, depression? Why can’t they just prescribe opiate painkillers in very small amounts to take ‘as needed.’ ( dispensing one dose at a time. .not writing a whole script)

I know very well these are addictive. .But if I am suicidal and go to the hospital. .Considering the risk, why not

There are no exceptions made for people with severe mental illnesses who do not get relief from the regular meds. The government is afraid the meds or street drugs will go to others, and that it would send a mixed message. So those who fail to respond to meds get screwed.

I would join a support group if I were you. That does help, getting others to talk to. Try googling “(your state) consumer mental” and see if some groups run by people who have mental illness come up. Otherwise, try nami.org and check out your state.

There are a lot of people who get partial or no relief from meds. you may want to hit up a university medical school. I don’t get a lot of help from my meds either and it is the end of the line for me too, tried all except ECT.

PS I was taking Ativan (like valium, xanax – it’s a benzodiazepine) and it turned out after 10 years of serious behavioral problems, including many suicide attempts, that the ativan was really jacking up my bipolar behavior. So watch if you have meds screwing you up, benadryl and risperdol do it to, I think Abilify may have a reputation. For me, a very low dose of lithium has helped a little bit.

Good luck!

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