Cymbalta and abilify

Cymbalta and abilify

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Has anybody here taken Cymbalta or abilify? Have you experienced any side effects?

I’ve been getting nightmares. I’m taking both medicines, cymbalta in the morning and abilify at night. Do you think any of these could be producing the nightmares? Other than the nightmare I haven’t really experienced any other side effects.

i took cymbalta and had extremely dry eyes. couldn’t take it for more than a week.

Does anyone take a combo of Seroquel, Abilify, and Cymbalta for bi-polar disorder?

I’ve been on Seroquel and Cymbalta for a while and just added Abilify, been experiencing odd side effect.

always mention content-not brand name!doc who prescribed is best for discussion…pl avoid web.

Can I take Abilify along with Cymbalta?

I am currently taking Cymbalta for clinical depression. After more research, I think I may have Manic Depressive Disorder I (type 1) by comparing my ‘issues’ with the described symptoms. I plan to ask my doctor about Abilify but would like to know from the user community if they have taken both at the same time. Please advise! I need help!

You can take Abilify and Cymbalta at the same time, as they do not interact. However, if you do have Bipolar Disorder, the combination could make you manic.

Your doctor will select your medication for you. It’s more likely, if they know what they’re doing anyway, that they will prescribe an anticonvulsant or lithium to stabilize your mood.

How effective is 10 mg. of Abilify combined with 60 mg. Cymbalta?

I was taking just 5 mg. of Abilify with the Cymbalta with no results.

Hi, low doses of Abilify (such as 5 mg) act more like an anti-depressant. It hits on the serotonin receptors rather than the dopamine receptors. It really depends what your diagnosis is. If you are bipolar or schizophrenic/schizoaffective, I’d def recommend an increase on the Abilify. If you are using it as adjunctive treatment to help with depression, then I would not increase. I would most likely discontinue. And as for the Cymbalta: 60 mg is a therapeutic dose, I would not change that.

Is anyone else on Valium, Cymbalta, Abilify and Lamictal?

How are you feeling? I am on a couple others as well, but these are the main ones. I just started the Cymbalta and Valium tonight. What should I expect?

I’m on Gabapentin (anxiety), Clonazepam/Klonopin (anxiety-longer acting form of valium), Lamictal (for bipolar & depression), Seroquel (mood stabilizer), Paxil (anxiety & depression) and I am being weined off of Tegretol.
I am feeling better with the Lamictal. The others work together well my psychiatrist figures. I tell her everything.
I wouldn’t take the valium unless you have to. It is addictive. Klonopin is less addictive. Valium is a quick fix.
I don’t know what your diagnosis is.
I have a yahoo group that is a good support system. It is called mentalillnesses. The group could help you better there.
Take notes to bring to your doctor and talk to your pharmacist for now. Try to exercise and get the natural feel good chemical of the endorphins to work for you. It is amazing!
Feelings pass, let them. Try not to dwell on them. Do things you used to enjoy, force yourself if you have to. Eat well – healthy…stay away from caffeine. Treat yourself well…

Do you think the medicine: cymbalta, abilify can prevent me from getting pregnant?

I was taking Cymabalta for a while and also tried Abilofy. My doc strongly suggestedd me getting off all meds if i was ttc. especially the abilify. since cymabalta is so new on the market there isn’t enough research as to how it affects ttc, but i do know that my doc has halfed my script of wellbutrin b/c i’m ttc. being on any type of those meds is not good. once i conceive i will discontiue all meds. overall thats the best thing to do. I hope this helps.

baby dust to you!

can you take abilify while taking cymbalta, lamical and wellbutrin?

I am thinking of talking to my Dr about it, just wondered if there any pharmacist or Drs, Nurses, etc out there?
don’t say go to your Dr, I’m planning on itl

in short, yes, they dont hold any absolute contraindications.
Of course, on that mix, expect to feel like an emotionally blunted zombie.

I started taking Abilify 2mg. along with my Cymbalta and I am amazed at how much better I feel.?

To any one who is struggling with being on your depression medicine and not getting enough relief, talk to your doctor and ask him to add this along with your medicine. Has anyone else had success like this? Just wondering.

I got switched from Lexapro (a SSRI) to Paxil (a different SSRI) at the beginning of last summer, and the difference was AMAZING. No meds had ever made any difference to me until I got put on Paxil. It was the most wonderful feeling. I finally felt like I was turning into who I should be. I also felt validated, like it was proof that my depression wasn’t my fault, it really was a chemical issue all along.

Unfortunately, that feeling lasted about a month and never came back, no matter how many times we increased the dose. Now I’m back to square one, trying different meds and feeling as crappy as ever. Maybe I’ll look into Abilify; it’s one of the few I haven’t been on yet…

How can I be up to 90mg Cymbalta, 600mg Trileptal and recently added 5mg of Abilify for Bipolar & I feel worse

I am getting very discouraged. After taking nothing but 40mg of Paxil for 9 years, how can I be on so much medication and not getting better.

My thoughts are rambled, detached and disorganized.

any words of encouragement?

You are on too many medications and the doseage of the cymbalta is quite high. I would find a new doctor

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