Clomid when should we have intercourse

Clomid when should we have intercourse

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Taking clomid, when should i have intercourse this month?

OK, i took clomid for two months without getting pregnant, (did the blood test the first month and doc said it definitely worked in making me ovulate) my gyno advised to have intercourse on days 13-17 which we did both months, either every day or every second day. got my period today so need to start the clomid again on sunday… i know nobody here is necessarily a medical expert, but i can’t see my gyno for another two weeks, so just wondering if anyone has experience of this and what they did…. intercourse every second day for the whole month? Ovulation predictor kit? thanks for your feedback 🙂

I have had 3 cycles of Clomid (50mg days 2-6)… conceived my daughter on cycle one and this baby on cycle two. I didn’t ovulate (using OPKs and ultrasound) until Cycle Days 17, 19 and 20. So you may be missing the mark only having intercourse up to day 17. I would try a few more days of “insurance sex” just in case. I know OPKs are crazy $$ in Australia… Coles seem to have the cheapest… but they really are worth it even for 1-2 months so you get an idea of your cylce. I went to Sydney IVF and they said unless there is a male sperm problem then “just go for it!” ie intercourse every day. With this baby we had sex both two days before a positive OPK, the day of and the day after. Don’t worry though.. from what I read “the average” cycle to fall pregnant on Clomid is either 3 or 4. Good Luck! Ooops, also, I agree with an earlier suggestion.. go to lu… and get your OPKs there (they have a special at the moment!) and get some preseed too – it’s fantastic stuff if Clomid dries up you CM.

When should we have intercourse since I finished my Clomid from D3-D7 and today is Day 8?

My doctor did a scan and found 3 5*5, 2 6*6 follicles in my right ovary and 5 4*4 and 1 5*5 follicles in my left ovary.
She asked me to come back on D13 for the next scan and then would let me know about the days when we can have intercourse.
But I read everywhere that ovulation is possible from D11 onwards. So in case I go back to the doc on Day13, will I have missed a chance?
Please advise.

better to seek medical help rather then others advise. they know the best of your condition, Take care and best of luck

A question about clomid and intercourse?

I just started taking clomid on Sept. 4th I take my last pill on Sept.8th and it’s been like a week with no intercourse and I just wanted to know if it would be ok to have intercourse on the days your still taking clomid or should we wait for six more days thats when I should start to ovulate? Would it be fine to do it today and then no more intercourse untill Sept.11th ?

You could and should have sex starting now.

The best way to try is to have sex every other day between days 9 -22 .. you will be covered if you O early or a little later and sperm will live in your body anywhere from 3 days to 1 week. If your partner abstains from any ejaculation that day in between it will help build up his sperm count again. Lay still for at least 10-15 mins after sex and don’t get too hung up on the specific day of ovulation. Trying every other day will ensure that you will have sperm available for when the egg drops.

If you are using OPK’s to catch ovulation it is OK to have sex again without abstaining his count will be lower, but there will some good sperm in the batch and you want to catch it. But as I said, you will have plenty of sperm waiting around for the egg if you are having sex every other day.

Lots of luck and baby dust! Keep us posted.

Clomid and Intercourse?

I am on my third day of taking Clomid. This would be my 7th day of my cycle. My doctor prescribed for me to take 50 mg of Clomid starting on cycle day 5 for five days. This is my first cycle using it. She said to time intercourse for every other day, but she didn’t say when to start and I didn’t think to ask at the time. So basically if anyone else has used Clomid when did you time intercourse to achieve conception? Should we start the day after my last pill because that would be cycle day 11? I am also charting my temperatures but they are a little all over the place and this cycles chart already looks nothing like the previous months. Could this be do to the Clomid? Also should I use opk along with taking my temp while on Clomid? My doctor didn’t suggest using them.

I’m 4 weeks pregnant and it took me only one cycle of clomid. I took clomid on day 5 – 10 then check for ovulation on day 12 – 18. I used Clearblue ovulation kit and the doc. said to have sex every other day but i had sex everyday just to make sure that I had intercourse on my ovulation date. I ovulated on day 15, it’s different for everyone but mine was on day 15. Try Clearblue ovulation kit, it should work for you, good luck!!!

When should we time intercourse?

Hey everyone I usually get a positive on my OPK on days 12&13. I am on clomid and I am wanting to get pregnant, but I dont know how to time intercourse appropriately because I dont know exactly when I ovulate. Anyways, tomorrow is day 12, so my husband and I had intercourse today, but is it okay to do it on both days 12 and 13?

Hi Mindy. Sure it will be fineand double your chances. If you go to this website: and click on ovulation calendar it will help you accurately predict the days of ovulation. Check it out I used it with all three of my children and got pregnant everytime!! Good luck!!! 🙂

A few questions about clomid, glucophage, and provera?

Being diagnosed with PCOS, I Haven’t been able to conceive. I found a doctor that put me on glucophage, provera, and Clomid. Has anyone else been on these medications successfully? If so soon did you conceive? I am also wondering how soon after i take my clomid and we have intercourse should i take a preg test before i start the cycle again? Does anyone know the chance of multiples from using clomid to concieve? and how much greater is it when there are multiples in both my husband and my side of the family?

I do not have PCOS but I did use Clomid to get pregnant. I used 1 cycle and had an HCG shot (forces eggs produced by Clomid to release helping to time intercourse), then had sex and ended up getting pregnant. I took the Clomid, went back to doctor where they did an u/s to see how many eggs (there were 4), they gave me the shot, I was told to wait 1 day before intercourse, had sex over the following 2 days, and I went back for a blood test about 5 days before my missed period — and it showed up positive. The initial u/s showed 2 sacs but only 1 was viable and I am now 29 weeks pregnant with a little girl. Chances of multiples from Clomid are about double. Usually multiples in families dont’ make much difference.

Good luck.

When do you start taking clomid? The third day of your period?

[Me] well the wife has elected to chance clomid. We have one child — took two years. First a miss-carriage then success.

Then after reading about those mommies who had success from Clomid:

How plausible is it for the wife to take Clomid (50mg) on day three of her period, and is five days of Clomid the norm for most mommies (3-7 cycle)?

After concluding our 3-7 cycle, therein, how many days afterwards should we have intercourse, (i.e what is the optimal day after she has finished the last Clomid tablet?)

I am on clomid 100 mg. and i take 5-9. But it depends on the doc on which days to take it. From some research i have been doing its between 5-14 days after the last pill. However I’m not positive and every women is different. Try getting ovulation tests to find out~

Good Luck

Ovulation, Clomid and OPK question? Helpppp!?

I am on my third round of clomid. My first positive OPK came on day CD16 then on 17, 18 so far are all positive. We had intercourse CD13,15,16,17. Now, most likely I will keep getting positive opk’s due to the clomid. Should I go by the first positive opk or do we keep BDing. This clomid is sooo confusing! Also are OPK’s reliable when taking clomid? Thank You!

well i have pcos and i’m on clomid i really dont trust those opk at all and dont bother with them now as they can give wrong readings for people who are on clomid or has pcos

the best thing to do is do it everyother day from cycle day 10 – 20 that way you wont miss any chance there is – thats what we do and many other women on clomid do

good luck xx

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