Clomid spotting

Clomid spotting

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Can spotting on clomid be a side effect?

This is my 3rd month on 100mg clomid. AF ended on CD 5 then i started to spot/cramp on CD 10 and im on CD 13 and STILL spotting/cramping slightly. I was wondering if any of u expirience this or know if this can be a side effect? also, do u know if this spotting will keep me from ovulating?

Please see your doctor. The same thing happened to me a few years ago. AF ended, then spotting began a few days later. I didn’t know it, but I was pregnant and when I found out and they did an HCG count, I found out I was miscarrying. HCG count went down and doc said by Monday it will be at zero. (The way she said it was so cold, I’ll never forget it). I haven’t got pregnant again since.

Should i start clomid day i start spotting or day i get my full blown period?

my doctor is starting me on clomid, told me to Take day 5-9, i always spot a little a couple days b4 my period, so, should i start clomid day i start spotting, or day i get my full blown period?

Cycle day 1 is the first day you have a flow, not spotting. So, if you are taking it on 5-9 and you start flowing today (6/19) you would take the Clomid on 6/23.

Also, you didn’t ask for this, but I would take the Clomid at night. I got hot flashes with it, and found that it was easier to sleep through them than deal with them at work.

I just started my first month of clomid and have brown spotting three days before perod due?

Hi I just started my first month on clomid and was wondering if anyone can help? I have had brown spotting for 2 days and am due for my period in three days. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative. What can this be?

I think its a good time now to take a pg test. This could be a sign of pregnancy. Good luck!

Hey clomid chicks im on cd 29 and i started spotting is this normal for taking clomid?

I’m on Clomid 50mg cd3-7 I made it to CD 29, I started spotting brown. What is going on?
I was cramping last night like I was going to get my period.
I called my DR Friday, he said “it’s not really normal, but I’m not to worried about.” I’m starting not to like him .
I’ve never had spotting before during my cycle and my cycles have always been normal 28-30 days long.

Thank you ladies for reading I hope it makes sense any advice would be great:)

spotting brown could be a good sign especially before you expect af. You might be one of the few to get implantation bleeding, which i’ve heard can last a week but usually one day spotting. I hope u get ur bfp

I have just read that spotting after my period while on clomid is a side affect?

have just read that spotting after my period while on clomid is a side affect?
has anyone gone through the same.. i feel so bloated and uncomfortable round my tummy! also feel summat happeig around my ovaries??? Please help..
2 days ago – 1 day left to answer.

I am also goin thru the same thing-2nd round of clomid 50mg-today was my last day of the clomid 4 the month, i also just started metformin abt 2 wks ago and i am crampy and some days bloated and other days I fit my skinney jeans… almost the entire month I have felt some sort of activity going on w/ my ovaries. Doc said that normal??? Just hang in there and lots of luck to u
baby dust to us both*****************

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