Clomid pregnancy

Clomid pregnancy

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Clomid pregnancy?

i took clomid last month im 3 days late could i be pregnant?

My doctor said that Clomid does make your cycle longer. I took one round of Clomid and when I was 3 days late I took a HPT-First Response and I’m now 10 weeks pregnant with twins! My breasts were incredibly sore and I had very large puffy veins all over them and this is what convinced me to take the test. So, good luck and hopefully it is positive for you!


i stop taking clomid, can you get pregnant after taking clomid?

Clomid just helps you to ovulate if you don’t on your own. Some women take it if they don’t ovulate on a regular basis. If this is your case, you can still get pregnant as long as you ovulate. However, if your body isn’t ovulating at all on it’s own, or if you ovulate too late in your cycle, you will not get pregnant without the help of Clomid or some other fertility aide. If you don’t like Clomid, there is another drug called Femera that works the same way, but without the side effects.

Clomid/ Pregnancy?

I finished my cycle of clomid. My doctor gave a follow up appt for February 2, 2007. I went to see him on January 5, 2007, that’s when he prescribed clomid. I ovulate on my own and my periods are regular. I had a hysterosalpingiogram in 2004 and it came out normal, but I have not been able to conceive.

Can anyboy suggest anything?

well he may have prescribed clomid because it will make you produce more eggs better chance of getting pregnant, has your husband been checked??? very important and don’t fall for the line that well he has enough sperm we can work with. I went through so many tests. too many to go into but it all came down to my husband having a twisted spermodic cord a very simple surgery compared to the tests women go through after 20 plus years of trying to conceive 3 months after this surgery I was pregnant.

How many of you were irregular with periods and became regular after the use of clomid & pregnancy?

I was very irregular, sometimes I got my period after 6 months and sometimes 3 or 2 months. I am now pregnant with the help of clomid. My doc. said I might become regular after this pregnancy. ( I really don’t want to become regular!) Anyways who syaed irregular and who became regular…serious and true answers only..thanks a ton!

I didnt mess myself up with hormone therapy because my periods were so irregular. I tried BC for them, and it made me sick. I hate pills. Blech.

I got pregnant using the pull out method with my husband (lol, with irregular periods even.. what a fluke!), at the same time there was some family issues that caused a huge amount of stress, and I miscarried.

But yes, as a result of that pregnancy my periods became regular at 38-40 day cycles.

Second pregnancy on clomid how long did it take to get pregnant?

I did clomid with my first pregnancy and it took 4 rounds we got pregnant the 1st cycle but miscarried and then pregnant again on the 4th cycle and had our son…I’m just now starting my 1st round of clomid in hopes of a second baby and I was wondering how long it took other women on their second ttc journey with clomid…I’m on 50 mg which I was also on with my first pregnancy.

I am in my two week wait now. This is my first month taking Clomid period. I am taking 100mg, with 2000mg of Metformin because I have PCOS. Good luck to you…. BABYDUST!!!

Can the side effects of clomid resemble pregnancy symptoms?

I have recently started clomid . I am now 8 dpo and I feel horrible. I am constantly nauseous with light cramping and lower back pain. My breasts are swollen and nipples extremely sensitive. I have other symptoms that make me believe I could be pregnant but I don’t want to confuse these symptoms with the side effects of the clomid.

hi unfortunately the side effects are very similar to pms and pregnancy, i was convinced i was pregnant 1st cycle, however i got pregnant on 2nd cycle and i tested 10 dpo and got a faint positive on a first response test, so you could always do an early test to put your mind at rest, good luck x

Does no symptoms of clomid increase pregnancy?

I took Clomid 2 weeks ago and I had no side effects. This does mean that i tolerated the pill well but I’m wondering, does it actually mean that i have a more chance of getting pregnant after having good ovulation and sex?

Side effects don’t happen to everyone. Consider yourself lucky. You still have the same chances of getting pregnant. Good luck.

Can clomid cause a false negative on a home pregnancy test?

Hi. I just took my first set of clomid on cycle days 6 – 10. My regular cycles were usually 28 to 29 days. This month, not sure if because of the clomid, or because maybe i could be pregnant, no signs of a period until yesterday, cycle day 33. All I have gotten is very slight spotting and it seems to have gone away. Home pregnancy tests show negative results. I’ve read that spotting can be an early sign of pregnancy. So my question is: Can I be pregnant but Clomid is causing a false negative home pregnancy test? Thanks.

Q: Can fertility medications such as Clomid, Serophene, Gonal-F, Follistim, Humegon, Pergonal, Repronex or Fertinex cause false positive results on HPTs?

A: The only fertility medication that can cause a false positive on a home pregnancy test is one that includes hCG…

Is it too early to use a pregnancy test after taking clomid?

finish taking clomid on day 7 took a pregnancy test on day 18, got a negative result, i was wondering if it was too early to test, and if so what day should i have tested?

u would usaully ovulate on day 14, it takes 7-10 days for implantation to occure, then a few days for the hormones to get high enough to come up on a test….. i always used early response hpt as they detect the hormone when it reaches 12.5ml/u where as some of the others dont pick up till 25-50ml/u or even 80ml/u i think u can look all the hpt up on peeonastick?? i think……
i took clomid last 2 preg, ov on day 14 both time, and got a very very faint positive on 11dpo so 3 days before my period was due, i think u tested to early wait till 4 days bfore ur due then start testing….. i use to hav some of the internet cheapies when we were trying because i am obsessed with testing, sometimes as early as 7dpo, then i would use early response when i though it might show…… all 5 pregnancys i hav gotton a bfp 10-11dpo with early response…..
good luck
was ttc18 months 4Xm/c currently 14 weeks prego with n0#1

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