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Clomid pcos

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Any success stories on clomid PCOS ladies?

I’m on day 2. Been on clomid 50mg last few months & in three days i’ll be taking 100mg from days 5-9 for the next 2 cycles. Just wondering if there are any success stories with clomid for ladies with pcos. Beginning to think clomid’s not for me. . .

i also have pcos but am just starting my first try with clomid however my friend with pcos went on clomid and metaformin and concieved a beautiful baby boy last year on her second cycle so it is possible good luck xx

How long does it take to get pregnant using clomid with PCOS?

I am on my first cycle of Clomid after I found out a month ago that I have PCOS! My husband and I want to stay positive but IM scared the Clomid wont work!

To answer your QUESTION, success with Clomid happens within 6 cycles, with the average pregnancy occuring within the first 3 cycles. So if it doesn’t work for you on the first try, don’t give up. However, if you find that after a couple of cycles you’re not ovulating with Clomid, then move on to something else. Repeated use of Clomid doesn’t increase your chances of succes, especially if you don’t ovulate with it.

Try to go into it optimistic. There’s no reason to think why you won’t be one of the lucky ones.

Good luck!

Any one get pregnant on their first round of clomid with PCOS?

I am on my first round of clomid and have polycystic ovarian syndrome. I was wondering if anybody with PCOS got pregnant on their first round of clomid. If not how many rounds did it take. I was on birth control for six months and got pregnant the first month off but had a miscarriage. So Im hoping that since I got pregnant once…..I will agian.

We did get pregnant the first time on Clomid after the first round but I had medroxyprogesterone to stimulate a period and then the Clomid. The Clomid caused me to get pregnant but the drug also caused the egg to fail to develop and I had a blighted ovum. But, thankfully, with PCOS, once my body knew “what it was like to be pregnant” I did not have any trouble after that conceiving my two sons. I even got pregnant on birth control!

What is clomid and does it work for someone with PCOS?

Ok I have PCOS and my doctor has told me when I am ready to become pregnant they willput me on clomid. What is it and what does it do? Have anyone ever been on clomid with PCOS and was it successful. I am not quite ready for a baby yet but in the next fews years I will be and I am getting worried that I will not be able to give my boyfriend a child….

Clomid is a medication that is commonly used in fertility treatment. It is generally one of the first medications prescribed for patients who do not ovulate regularly (which is the result of having PCOS). It stimulates the follicles to produce eggs.

I have been diagnosed with PCOS after 1 year of trying to fall pregant with no luck. In order for me to ovulate I need to take clomid and I am about to start my first round. I started my period today and will take the clomid from day 5-9. I should then ovulate on day 14 and hopefully it will result in me falling pregnant!

Talk to your dr once you are ready to start a family. It is nothing to stress about. Good luck!

I have PCOS & have been taking clomid with my Clear Blue Monitor?

Through previous posts I have learned that clomid & PCOS does affect the readings of the Clear Blue Easy Fertility monitor… I’m just a little concerned though since I am on Day 23 of testing and have shown “High Fertility” since Day 8… Could I be pregnant? Is it normal for the clomid to have this affect on the monitor for such an extended period fo time?

Yes, that is exactly what happens. The clomid increases your estrogen levels and estrogen is one of the hormones the CB monitor tests for. Are you also charting your basal body temps to verify ovulation?

How do you know when you are ovulating with PCOS and Clomid?

I started taking 1st round of clomid CD3-CD7 and was wondering how do I know when I am O, since I have PCOS OPT are always Pos. Any Suggestions?

(FYI – I am now on CD8)

I have pcos and started clomid last month and I kept track of my basal temperature. Do you know about that? You take your temperature each morning first thing when you wake up, and when you ovulate, your temperature will spike up about 0.5 degrees or more, and thats how y ou know that you did ovulate. I kept track of it last month and saw that I ovulated on day 17 with the clomid. And now I’m on my second month of clomid and I haven’t ovulated yet but I’m keeping track of my temps so I’ll know when I do.

PCOS- Used Clomid How Long After Sex Can U Tell If UR Pregnant?

March 17th I took clomid 50mg 2x daily. March 21st was my fifth day, so me and my husband had sex 2x once at noon and once at night. Also once the next day, we have been trying for 1 year to concieve naturally. With out any success we turned to an infertility doctor. After lots of test I was diagnosed border line PCOS. I never came on my minstral naturally. I always took prometrium and then I would come on. I was told that I was not releasing any eggs, and clomid would help release eggs. So, of course we tried it!! That was our first time using clomid. When can I test and see if we are finally blessed with a bundle of pure joy?

Talk to your doctor about having a 21 day progesterone level drawn to insure that you are ovulating. My doctor suggested having intercourse everyother day for 7 days starting on day 11 (11-13-15-17). This helps have a constant supply of healthy sperm available when the egg is released. Ovulation usually is around day 14 (5 days after the last dose of Clomid), but having intercourse over 7 days would account for a longer or shorter cycle. sperm can live >48 hours, this is why everyother day is adequete.

I dont ovulate but dont have pcos, Clomid question here?

What are the chances of me having multiples when I start taking clomid, I dont have pcos I just dont ovulate, I wouldnt mind twins but what are your experiences? Thank you.

Over 90% of Clomid-induced pregnancies result in single deliveries. Less than 10% of Clomid-induced pregnancies result in the delivery of multiples, and nearly all are twins.
This is independent of having PCOS or not.

Clomid and PCOS. What are my chances of conceiving?

I am on 50mg of clomid days 3-7 (I’m on day 6 today). I am also on 500mg metformin 2x day (1000 mg/day altogether.) I am also on prenatal tablets.

I have insulin resistance and PCOS. I’m not ovulating on my own and need Provera to jumpstart my cycles each month.

Anyone else in a similar situation have any success getting pregnant?

Thanks in advance!

i have PCOS and endometriosis and i have taken clomid about 6 months back i stopped after 3 months of taking it. i was not ovulating every month actuaqlly i only ovulate 5 times a year and now i am 6 weeks pregnant after 2 years of trying so clomid didnt work for me but dont get stressed if it dont work for you after all like i said i stopped taken it 6 months ago and i am pregnant now i strongly believe now that its only in gods hands and if he feels you are ready then you will get pregnant with or without a doctors help.

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