Clomid no period

Clomid no period

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First month on clomid. Period came day 33. It only lasted 2 days. Is this normal?

I usually have 3 day cycles. Well as of the last few years. My cycles range 27-32 days generally being 28 days. I had a HSG in July and took my first round of clomid. I took a pg test on day 28 and it was negative. This cycle my flow was more watery. The first day was very heavy but the second day I had already tapered off to spotting by early afternoon. I had virtually no cramping and usually I bloat like a trapped gas feeling. This cycle has definitely been strange. Today I’ve had nothing. I’m suppose to start my clomid again tonight but I’ve been a little concerned because of the change in my cycle. Is this common?

The only thing I’ve been diagnosed with is Unexplained Secondary Infertility. I’ve started a blog about our journey at

Thanks so much

This is totally normal. For women with a cycle shorter than 30 days while not on Clomid tent to see a longer cycle while on it. Also, I had somewhat shorter periods while on Clomid as well. Good luck!!!

Suppose to start clomid tomorrow, will my period stop?

My period is irregular, I had to take provera to start my period and then on day 5 (tomorrow) start clomid. My periods last longer than 5 days normally. Will clomid stop my period? I am concerned that ovulation may be offset if my period runs its normal time. Just want to know if anyone could give me their experiences. (Please no sarcastic remarks)

clomid is not going to stop your period. your period will run its natural course which i hopefully about 7 days. since you take clomid on day 5-10 you should be fines. your ovulation should start after you have finished with the clomid. i think it is around day 13 or so. i have taken for many cycles and have never have had a problem with my period lasting too long and my periods are very irregular. my treatments have finally worked with some other fertility drugs to help it along. we are now pregnant expecting twins. so try not to get frustrated with the process and keep records of every treatment you so. good luck!

Clomid question for late period and no pregnancy?

I just came across yahoo answers so I am hoping someone can help me answer a question.Can clomid make your period be late and not be pregnant or does it mean that you are pregnant but just too early to show up yet. I don’t have insurance just yet – change of jobs so I am not able to go to the doctor just yet. Any ideas?

Clomid can make your period late because it can push your ovulation later (depends on if you were ovulating before etc). It can also mess with your last few days of your cycle with spotting etc before a period comes (which may of course be implantation or first trimester bleeding which adds to the confusion). It can also make your PMS more intense which will make it seem like pregnancy symptoms.

First off, its important to know IF you ovulated at all with Clomid. If you know you did and can pinpoint the date (based on BBT charting or CM tracking etc) then your period should come 14 days after that. If you just had a blood test to confirm it happened, you won’t know what day it happened exactly so you won’t know if you are late yet or not. If you don’t know for sure if you did, or were basing it off cramping, there is a chance it didn’t make you ovulate and you may not get a period on your own. I have heard of women ovulating as late as day 25 with Clomid so you’d need to give it another 2 weeks past that point.

Doctors also give different instructions on when to take it in your cycle (my doc has me taking it days 3-7, the more common time seems to be days 5-9 which would of course then push your period back a little).

Since you are not insured right now, you can go to a clinic like Planned Parenthood where they will probably only give you a pee test (they don’t seem to do bloodwork as easily as other doctors do) but it would be free or at a small cost. You can also buy a pee test yourself but a negative will only leave you wondering more. If you can’t afford to keep buying home tests, then you really should just wait it out.

Remember, it all depends on when and if you ovulated. If the blood test was done on day 21 and showed you ovulated, you should have your period no later than day 35 though you should definitely wait an extra week just to be sure, then test. You can also use some of the online ovulation calculators. You can put in the date you took Clomid and it will give you a window where you should have ovulated, and test 14 days after the last day of that window.

Without any method of tracking though, you may not have ovulated.

Now on day 34 and still no sign of period..clomid users pls HELP!!?

took clomid on days 5-9, had sex on days 15, 17, 19, &21. had majour cramps on day 22. on day 28 had pink spotting and sharp cramps. now almost day 35 and still no period have some mild cramping but nothing really but no other signs of period. took hpt and got a BFN…could i be pregnant?! when should i expect a BFP? why is my period late? clomid users please help!!

hi one of the reasons that ur period might be late is because u sound like ur stressing.Dnt stress because that can cause u harm n even sometimes preventing u from conceiving.Keep on the clomid and give it time because when u least expect it their it’ll be.good luck and lots of baby dust!!

When should i expect my period on clomid?

i am now on CD 33 and still no period. i have been having some cramping my breasts are very sore and swollen but still no period. the reason i am on clomid is because i was not getting my period regularly it would come about every 4 months. also has anyone had luck on getting prego on clomid? please tell your stories.

Are you not taking another medicine with it. I am currently taking it but i am also taking prometrium along with it to start my period, because I have irregular periods due to PCOS. Clomid has nothing to do with regulating your period it is an ovulation drug.

Can clomid correct period or can it be used to reduce heavy flow of ones menstrual flow, the reason for this?

is because i have used clomid for 3 month all in the name of trying to conceive but i discovered that every period after the clomid is not always as before because i used to have a very heavy flow and it last for 5 days at least but since this clomid i have low flow without no clot and for 2 days, i asked my dr he says no problem but i am worried cos i am used to heavy flow, although i like the short one but then i think it is ok, can someone advise me what to do, i ve search the net but no answer to my question.

Comid is just suppose to make you ovulate. It might interfere some with your period but as long as you’re getting a period you are fine.

Do you always get your period while on clomid?

I am day 33 and no period, I did a pg test and it was negative.

while i was on clomid i skipped a whole cycle that was so disappointing started back the next cycle and conceived triplets just be patient clomid worked for me and i hope it will work for you.

Can Clomid 50mg course a late period as a side affect?

My period range from a 27-30 day cyle, I was suppose to get my period between the days of April 25-28, And today is May 4th, Do you think this is one of the clomid side effects? I am waiting for a while before I take a pregnancy test, I think its to early to take one. I was on a regular cycle for 5 months now so am hoping its not and irregular period, am having my fingers cross, both of my breast are real tender, am having light cramps but no period, the cramps comes and go, disorder lower stomach, I had headaches last week. But am mostly asking you do clomid course your period be late or do you think those signs that am having are signs of pregnancy?

It’s and interesting question. Actually someone else had a similar question.

I took Clomid too and did not experience a difference in the length of my cycles – HOWEVER, I tend to have LONG cycles. If you were experiencing fairly regular cycles I say… go get a home pregnancy test. You’re late now by about a week so its a good time to get tested by doing a home test. Your symptoms can be true of a positive pregnancy, or it could be PMS or it could be your body making physiological symptoms as a result of you wanting to become pregnant. I really hope it’s because you’re pregnant. Best of luck to you!!

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